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What’s Anti-Anti-Gay Amendment Fundraising Up To?

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 10:11 pm - June 2, 2006.
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It would be great to start this post with a dramatic number, like $50,000,000 or whatnot. Far be it from me, of course I’d not be the first to make an internet post without having the facts straight. Fact is, however, I don’t know how much has been raised by the myriad anti-MPA organizations popping up all over the country these days.

What I do know, though, is that this amendment has about as good a chance of passing as I do scoring Tom Cruise Brad Pitt. The kerfuffle over this whole thing has done more to demonstrate the lack of understanding of Article V of the Constitution than it has to demonstrate who’s evil and who wants to take our “rights” away.

Those hyperventilating over the threat of an amendment to the Constitution defining marriage (as recognized by the government) as between one man and one woman either think the gay community is a bottomless pit of cash or stupid. From what I’ve seen, I’m not sure they’re wrong either way. Let’s run some numbers (those I do know), shall we?

Two-thirds of the Senate is 67 votes. The last time the Senate took up this issue, the eeevil Republicans running the show couldn’t even muster 60 for cloture. Hell, they didn’t even get a simple majority, the vote was 48 yea, 50 nay (The paragons of gay rights, Kerry and Edwards, were busy campaigning…at least Clinton ran home to execute a retarded guy during his election.) Point is: The Senate ain’t gonna pass this thing, no matter how much the 30%-approval-rating-so-I’ve-got-tons-of-political-weight-to-throw-around W hounds them to do so.


HRC’s Priorities: Bash Bush, Bypass Debate

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:41 pm - June 2, 2006.
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As the Senate debate on the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA) looms, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) seems more interested in attacking Republicans than in promoting a conversation likely to increase public awareness (and understanding) of gay and lesbian relationships. As I write this, its website features an unflattering picture of the president next to the words, “VOTE NO!” It seems that HRC is trying to relive its failed 2004 campaign slogan, “George W. Bush, You’re Fired.”

Despite the changeover in leadership since then, HRC’s new leaders also seem to be afflicted with a serious case of B.D.S. (Bush Derangement Syndrome). They’d rather attack the president than debate an issue of concern to our community. If they’re to do more for gay and lesbian Americans than take our money and pass out blue and yellow decals for our cars, they need to focus less on attacking the president personally and more on taking issue (as I have done) with the constitutional amendment he supports.

In a release earlier this week filled with angry slogans and tired rhetoric, HRC President Joe Solmonese called it a “disgrace” for the President to publicly make his case expressing his support for a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Solmonese accuses the presiding of “further divid[ing] this country and put[ting] the far-right extremists’ interests ahead of the American people’s well-being,” If he really wants the president to move on to other issues, Solmonese would instead have issued a more diplomatic release, making a solid case against this amendment.


Gay Bookstore Favorite Supports Anti-Gay Regime

BoifromTroy pointed out last month that our local “gay” bookstore carried works by anti-American author Noam Chomsky, but not the most excellent new book by the lesbian daughter of the Vice President of the United States. Yet, according to Powerline that linguist prefers the anti-gay Islamicist regime “Hamas to the United States and Israel.” Israel is clearly the Middle Eastern nation most tolerant of gay people.

Why would a bookstore which styles itself as a gay establishment carry books by a man who praises anti-gay regimes (and organizations) and not one by a conservative lesbian who criticizes the president for his support of the Federal Marriage Amendment?

Marriage, Monogamy and Blogging

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:01 pm - June 2, 2006.
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One of the great difficulties we bloggers have is that often other obligations intervene, making it difficult to address all the topics we would like in the time we have. Given the Senate debate next Monday on the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA, the renamed Federal Marriage Amendment), I had hoped to do a series of posts this week on gay marriage, in the belief that we should use the occasion of this high-profile debate to promote a serious discussion of this very important issue.

But, given my obligations for my grad program as well as those as president of the LA chapter of my college alumni association, blogging has had to take a back seat. And then when I finally had a moment yesterday to write, I was drained from my previous work that I only had the energy to dash out a few “stream of consciousness” pieces instead of the essays that I would rather write.

It struck me last night that I was remarkably more personal in my lesbian post than I had intended. It also occurred to me that a serious discussion of gay marriage may require all of us to be more personal. After all, it will be the personal stories of individuals in monogamous same-sex unions that will do more to advance the cause of gay marriage than repeating the same old silly nostrums about “marriage equality.”

I’m hoping to devote some time later this afternoon to a few posts on gay marriage and monogamy, but may regrettably have to save some of my thoughts until after the Senate debate. Since I may not be able to blog as much as I would like, I highly recommend, you check out the columns of one of the sharpest (if not the sharpest) advocates of gay marriage — Dale Carpenter. (My position on the issue is only slightly different from that of Dale.)


GayPatriot Mailbag

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 3:51 pm - June 2, 2006.
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A number of you emailed or commented to help me get out of my funk over the past month or so.  I greatly appreciate your words of encouragement.   Here is an email that I found especially uplifting.

I’m sorry to read in your blog that you’ve been “in a funk” lately, so I thought I’d send you a note to let you know how helpful GayPatriot has been to me, and to thank you and Dan for your blog.

I am 47 years old and live in a small in rural Canada, and I teach at a nearby high school. I have been deep in the closet for my entire adult life, and had been trying to lead a “normal” heterosexual life and hiding my real identity, even from myself (fortunately, I never married, despite the opportunity to do so). This all came to an end in January when I saw Brokeback Mountain it was like a dam burst and after a period of severe depression, I came out to some of my immediate family and to my close friends. I feel much better now, although I’m not out at work (the community where I teach is very rural and “traditional” and a lot of people automatically equate gay teachers with pedophiles) or to my parents. I realize that it’s a long process, but I’ve taken the first steps.

One of the main obstacles to my coming out, even to myself, was that I am by nature a conservative, and am a card-carrying member of the Conservative Party of Canada (more or less equivalent to the Republicans in the U.S. and currently the federal governing party here). I follow U.S. politics fanatically, and I admire President Bush (which is not a popular position in Canada, believe me). In my mind, I thought being a conservative and being gay were mutually exclusive; I didn’t feel like I fit in to the “conservative family” here, since there are elements of the federal party which are very hostile to homosexuals. I didn’t feel like I identified with “gay culture” either, which in my mind I equated with flamboyant in-your-face Pride Parades and TV shows Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I just wasn’t like that, so I must not be gay, right? It was a real problem for me.

When I came out, I did a lot of research. I read Bruce Bawer’s A Place At The Table and I discovered websites like Independent Gay Forum and blogs like GayPatriot. I even found a few gay conservative bloggers right here in Canada. Wow! There really are conservative homosexuals out there! I’m not the only one!

Your blog has been a big help, and if it helps pull you out of your funk, I would like you to know that I check your blog daily to experience being part of a bigger community of gay conservatives that helps with the downside of living in rural isolation out here. Keep it up – we need it.

Thanks Eric!! We need you too!!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

**UPDATE: There were some technical problems with this original posting so I’ve reposted it.**

Live From Kabul @ Pajamas Media

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 3:33 pm - June 2, 2006.
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Today, Pajamas Media features a Bill Roggio podcast interview (from Afghanistan), with Richard Fernandez of the Belmont Club as interlocter.

Please spend some time and “listen to the whole thing.”


-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Another Illegal Alien-Induced Hit-N-Run

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:54 am - June 2, 2006.
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There were a rash of these kinds of traffic accidents by Illegal Aliens before we left Northern Virginia (some leading to the death of legal Americans, by the way).  The good news is that it appears North Carolina is tougher on double law-breaking aliens than Virginia is.

A hit-and-run accident at a school bus stop Tuesday morning sent a 7-year-old boy to the hospital and the 26-year-old driver of the car to Charlotte for questioning by federal immigration officials.

Martha Patricia Ortiz Lorenzano, 26, of 87 Woodsdale Place, was charged with felony hit and run, no operator’s license and felony failure to stop for a school bus. She was being held Tuesday night on $200,000 bond in the Cabarrus County jail.

A leader in the local Hispanic community, Goedeke questioned why Ortiz Lorenzano was taken to Charlotte so officials could check her residency status. Her family indicated that she does not have documents showing she is in the country legally.

“Why did the police department have to involve immigration?” asked Goedeke, who is director of the Cabarrus County Hispanic Learning Center.

My question is why shouldn’t the police involve immigration if there is probable cause that a hit-and-run suspect is also an Illegal Alien?

In a related story, last week Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory caught all sorts of hell from the Charlotte Observer for his leadership in enforcing the immigration laws we have now.

You’re in this country illegally, and you have information about a crime in your neighborhood. The right thing is to call the cops and spill the beans. But you know you’ll be asked for a green card you don’t have.

What would you do?

The answer is obvious, and it explains why law enforcement needs the trust of illegal immigrants to effectively police Charlotte, where large numbers of them live. It also explains why Police Chief Darrel Stephens wants that trust enough to have a dust-up with the mayor over a police department policy, and why law enforcement — not politicians — ought to be the ones to make such decisions.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department does not ask victims of crimes about their residency status. Mayor Pat McCrory does not like that policy. He has suggested the City Council — and perhaps the Mayor’s Immigration Task Force — ought to pass judgment on such police department practices. The dispute bubbled up this week after an officer asked about the legal status of an ice cream vendor who was robbed at gunpoint, and Chief Stephens apologized.

The chief is right, and Mr. McCrory needs to back off.

Wrong.  The Mayor is right.  These people wouldn’t be victims of crime in the USA if they were not Illegal Aliens to begin with.  They broke the law first.  It is our leaders’ (local and national) responsibility to enforce the immigration laws on the books no matter who they touch.

A GayPatriot American Hero Award goes to Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory.  Bravo.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)