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Extreme Left Nutjobs on Zarqawi’s death

Posted by Average Gay Joe at 9:01 pm - June 8, 2006.
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It seems that the nutjobs on the Left just can’t handle good news, or is it perhaps that good news for the Iraqis and America is bad news for them? Here’s a sample of reactions from some Democrat nutjobs and what’s been percolating around the internet from the seedier side of liberalism:

From the Washington Times:

Some Democrats, breaking ranks from their leadership, today said the death of terrorist leader Abu Musab Zarqawi in Iraq was a stunt to divert attention from an unpopular and hopeless war.

“This is just to cover Bush’s [rear] so he doesn’t have to answer” for Iraqi civilians being killed by the U.S. military and his own sagging poll numbers, said Rep. Pete Stark, California Democrat. “Iraq is still a mess — get out.”

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, Ohio Democrat, said Zarqawi was a small part of “a growing anti-American insurgency” and that it’s time to get out. “We’re there for all the wrong reasons,” Mr. Kucinich said…

And of course there are the comments from the Kossacks. Here’s a snapshot via NRO:

“Bush’s idea of justice is bombs falling out of the sky?”

“Why is he dead again just now? I wonder if Karl’s getting indicted tomorrow…”

“Those pics of Abu Z look like they just thawed him out just in time for the elections.”

“Zarqawi was quite probably a psy ops job in the first place, so what does that make his “death”? …Keep your eyes on the prize….Haditha.”

“Just in time to hide the fact they’re trying to cut the estate tax for the uber wealthy”

“Yes the timing of Zarqawi’s death does seem too good for Bush to be true. It reeks of distraction politics. “ at 5:46 AM this morning reacting to the news of Zarqawi’s death:

We never know whether these announcements are true or not, but true or not this is a great opportunity for Democrats. We can now insist that we declare victory in Iraq and bring our troops home.

That last line was parroted by Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in her news conference today.



Zarqawi’s Corpse Not Even Cold & MSM Returns to Anti-Bush Bias

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:25 pm - June 8, 2006.
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The terrorist Zarqawi’s corpse isn’t even cold and AOL decides to replace its news story announcing the death of this top terrorist with a headline about the pessimistic views of the father of a man murdered by the now-dispatched Zarqawi. Michael Berg doesn’t
see any good coming from al-Zarqawi’s death.” So much does this man hate Bush that he can’t appreciate the importance of the death of the man responsible for countless murders, including that of his own son.

The U.S. scores a major victory in the war in Iraq, indeed, in the War on Terror and AOL focuses on one angry man’s narrow view. This is the guy who blamed President Bush for the murder of his son and not the man who, in all likelihood, wielded the murder weapon. As our troops score a major victory, certain to dishearten an already increasingly disheartened enemy, AOL highlights a piece about a man with a severe case of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Earlier today, Glenn (AKA Instapundit) linked Tim Graham’s comment:

It’s sad that within minutes of announcing Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s death, the network morning shows were already carrying criticism of the Bush administration. Not only did NBC invite Sen. Joe Biden so he could attack Bush incompetence (funny day for that!)

Glenn quipped:

It’s transparent stuff like this, of course, that gets them accused of spinning war news to make things look worse than they are, and to hurt Bush. Because, you know, that’s what they do, every day. It’s just more noticeable at times like this.


The MSM may not be able to ignore this good news, but they are certainly going to do everything in their power to downplay it.

UPDATE (@ 4:20 EST): AOL has since changed its news lead on its Welcome Page back to an article on the successful U.S. airstrike which took out this terrorist.

UP-UPDATE: At Lifelike Pundits, Aaron offers a tribute to those who helped dispatch this terrorist thug to the darkest circles of hell — and points out that the murderer had been living in Iraq prior to the American liberation of that once Stalinist nation. Read the whole thing!

UP-UP-UPDATE: Over at Real Clear Politics,Tom Bevan finds that the Minneapolis Star-Tribuneseems able to muster only a bare minimum of enthusiasm and unable to focus, even for a single day, on the hugely positive aspects of Zarqawi’s death.” (Via Powerline.)

UP-UP-UP-UPDATE: Hugh has more on the media’s defeatism even in the wake of this significant victory. Not only did we take out the leader of the enemy forces in Iraq (and a leader in the worldwide terrorist movement), but we also captured a treasure trove of intelligence while providing a moral boost to our troops. And encouraged other “insurgents” to cooperate with the U.S. military and provide further tips. The war may not be over, but we’re in a much stronger position than we were five days ago.

Rather than attempt to summarize all the links to the downbeat reports Hugh provides, I’ll just encourage you to read the whole thing!!

CARS — World Premiere Event Experience!

On Friday, May 26, PatriotPartner and I were joined for the evening by our good friends Mark and Cory, to view the World Premiere of the new Disney/Pixar movie Cars at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway. Thirty-thousand other folks sat in the rain-drenched speedway bleachers to be the first to lay eyes on the new animated film. (My review will be posted tomorrow; Cars is released in theaters this Friday, June 9)

The premiere event itself was so interesting that I wanted to reflect on it with some highlights.

We had to wait in the car for about 30 minutes until the violent thunderstorms stopped. Luckily Cory had a very large umbrella because about 20 minutes after we were waiting in front of the speedway, the skies opened up again and the rain came down in torrents. Just as Cory popped the umbrella, a woman jumped underneath it and asked if it was okay if she and her husband, boyfriend, friend joined us. We really didn’t say yes but she jumped in with us anyway.

So here we are… four gay guys in a big old Red State at a NASCAR speedway with a woman who reeked of bourbon and cigarettes huddled with us under our umbrella while her one-legged friend (yes, I’m serious) refused to join her. I increasingly felt a clash of cultures was brewing since it was clear the one-legged guy was very uncomfortable with us as he was being soaked to the core by the monsoon.

So I’m thinking “Man… this figures. Charlotte has been so nice to John and I, and here we invite our friends who are more Blue than Red to join us at the Speedway… and this happens.” I suppose I was letting my own prejudice get in the way, huh?

But then it happened. In the most drunken, loud, Southern female accent you can imagine…. the woman asks “Are you all gaaaaaay?” Poor Cory nearly had a stroke on the spot. She continued, “…. ’cause I watch Will & Grace.” (Oh brother.)

I looked at her and replied, “We are but I really don’t think this is an appropriate place to have this discussion.” Frankly I was more afraid of her being drunk than a holy roller aiming for a biblical fight. I learn when to pick my fights and this wasn’t it. It would have just ruined our night.


Important Symbolism in Zarqawi Reaction by Iraqis

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:28 am - June 8, 2006.
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So far this morning, I’ve seen dancing in the streets by civilians and police alike (as they did when Saddam was captured and his two evil sons were killed)…but I think this account of the announcement by Gen. Casey and Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki is most telling. (h/t – Malcontent)

“Today Zarqawi has been terminated,” Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced at a televised news conference with the top U.S. commander in Iraq, General George Casey, prompting applause and cheering from Iraqi journalists.

“Every time a Zarqawi appears we will kill him,” Maliki said. “We will continue confronting whoever follows his path. It is an open war between us.”

You see folks….. the Iraqi people and their news media want us to WIN in the Iraqi Theatre in the War on Terror.  I wish I could say the same thing about the elected Democrats and their comrades-in-arms in the American news media.  They only cheer and celebrate the bad news

I would imagine PelosiKennedyReidClintonMurtha will have sober faces today and put the best “we are losing” spin on this story that they can.  I can only imagine how many times they will say “Haditha” and “Abu Grahib” today.   How sad and transparently anti-American…..but par for the course.

Things that make you go HMMMMMM…..

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Good News from Iraq the MSM Can’t Ignore — Zarqawi Killed

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:03 am - June 8, 2006.
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I returned home Wednesday night from seeing one of the greatest movies of all time on the big screen — Lawrence of Arabia — to learn that U.S. forces killed al-Qaeda’s leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Let’s see, our forces kill the terrorist leader of the insurgency. Sounds like we’re winning there.

Even AP acknowledged that this is “a major victory in the U.S.-led war in Iraq and the broader war on terror.” While we have clearly made mistakes — and suffered setbacks, it is clear from those who read sources other than the MSM that we are making slow, but steady progress on both fronts, i.e., Iraq and the broader war on terror.

And now the headlines themselves provide evidence of our success. I learned about the death of this terrorist from AOL’s welcome screen. Yahoo! as well as the websites of The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and The Washington Post also featured this good news prominently.

Given this success, perhaps critics of the Administration should reconsider their pessimism about the war — and reevaluate their low opinion of the Secretary of Defense.

Kudos, Donald Rumsfeld. You and the brave men and women fighting in Iraq are responsible for this great success and for dispatching a vile criminal who murdered civilians as publicity stunts designed to influence the world media and undermine our war effort.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

Al-Qaida in Iraq’s al-Zarqawi ‘terminated’

Posted by Average Gay Joe at 4:47 am - June 8, 2006.
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Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al-Qaida-linked militant who led a bloody campaign of suicide bombings, kidnappings and hostage beheadings in Iraq, has been killed in a U.S. air raid north of Baghdad, Iraq’s prime minister said Thursday.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said al-Zarqawi was killed along with seven aides Wednesday evening in a house 30 miles northeast of Baghdad in the volatile province of Diyala.

“Today, al-Zarqawi was terminated,” al-Maliki told a news conference, drawing loud applause from reporters as he was flanked by U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and U.S. Gen. George Casey, the top U.S. commander in Iraq…

So reports MSNBC, among many other news outlets!  Great news to start the day with!!!

God be with the Iraqi people, I hope the death of this murderous thug helps bring to bring them peace!

Ok everybody:  it’s time for the Snoopy Dance!!!

UPDATE:  Here’s the video of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki announcing that Zarqawi had been killed:

[I can’t figure out how to post it here but you can view it on my own weblog, Average Gay Joe]

Hear the clapping and cheering by the Iraqi press?  So easy to take a shot at the MSM, but I’ll refrain.  

Gateway Pundit has a good round-up of links on this, including the Coalition press conference showing the bombs being dropped on Zarqawi’s ‘noggin.  Also check out Queer Conservative who links to some “moonbattery reactions” from radical leftists.