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Bush-haters Use “Truth” as Euphemism for Their Animosity

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:58 pm - June 17, 2006.
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It seems that two of the primary articles of faith of the Bush-hating left are that “Bush Lied!” and that Joe Wilson is a noble, courageous truth-teller. And while there have been signs lately that some on the left are backing away from this one-time Kerry campaign official, that dishonest Democrat still receives hefty fees to speak at college campuses.

Outside of the right-wing fringes, I wonder if any conservative similarly discredited has ever won the accolades of mainstream Republicans while being paid excessive amounts to speak around the country. Because Wilson has been at the forefront of those alleging that “Bush Lied” in leading the nation to war in Iraq, many on the left celebrate the man, despite the fact that a bipartisan Senate Intelligence Panel discredited him.

Similarly, that panel and two others (Robb-Silberman here and the Butler Report in Great Britain) found no evidence to substantiate the claim that “Bush Lied!” Those conclusions, however, don’t matter to Bush-haters, they’re going to go on believing that the president is the dishonest demon defined by their ideology. Because, as I’ve said before, hating Bush means never having to prove your point.

These people aren’t interested in the truth, but in badmouthing the President of the United States, his top advisors and their supporters. Yet, even though they rarely rely on facts* in making their allegations, they claim they’re the voices of truth.

The most delicious irony of this past week is that a left-wing web-site which calls itself truthout found itself in an odd position when a month after “reporting” that Karl Rove was about to be indicted, Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald informed the president’s top political aide that he won’t be charged in the CIA leak case.

It seems that in the Orwellian world of the Bush-haters, truth is a euphemism for animosity against the Bush Administration.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

*O.K., sometimes they do use facts, but they pull them out of context, à la Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11 such that they misrepresent the actual situation they’re describing.

Brad Paisley — Welcome To Charlotte!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:37 am - June 17, 2006.
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For the second time this year, PatriotPartner and I will be attending the awesome Brad Paisley concert.   Back in April we drove to Knoxville, but tonight Brad comes to us!

Sara Evans is opening….which has me almost excited as hearing Brad again.  Sara and Billy Currington opened for Brad in Knoxville.

It is nice to enjoy our new hometown of Charlotte in the ways that we have.  Maybe Washington, DC has more things to do…. but in Charlotte you can actually get there without sitting in traffic for an hour to go 5 miles.

Welcome Brad & Sara!  We will see you tonight!!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)