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Log Cabin Uses Gay Left Watchword to Spin Governor’s Speech

One of the reasons I am eager to see Patrick Guerriero leave Log Cabin is that while he professes to be of the party of Ronald Reagan, even dispensing a Ronald Reagan Award to a number of (largely worthy) Republican politicians, he, by and large, avoided the Gipper’s rhetoric and ideas, preferring the rhetoric of the gay left. Three months ago, I wrote how in “eagerness to be accepted by national gay groups,” Log Cabin uses the same watchword as the gay left, “equality,” over and over (and over) again.

The realization of equality, however, “has been anathema to conservatives and libertarians for generations.” Understanding the natural tension between realizing equality and preserving our freedom, since the founding of our party in the 1850s, Republicans have preferred freedom, liberty, the ability to live our lives as we choose with government interference only to protect our lives, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.

So focused has Log Cabin been on this watchword of the gay left, that it has even spun the Governor’s speech to reflect that agenda, headlining its release Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes Strong Case for Equality at Log Cabin Republicans Dinner in Los Angeles. Now, I’ve read a great deal of coverage of the speech and have even contacted the Governor’s campaign (and Log Cabin) to get a text of his remarks, which they do not (alas) have (though the woman from the campaign (who took my call) was immensely polite, promising to get a transcript to me if one is made).

And while the media coverage suggests that the Governor made a great speech, expressing his love for Log Cabin and his appeal for tolerance of gay people, I could find only one reference to equality in his speech. When he acknowledged disagreements “with activists on critical issues,” the Golden State’s good Governor did pledge to “respect them and foster a spirit of ‘respect, equality and inclusion’ in California.” Hardly a strong case of equality.

The Governor, however, did make a strong case for tolerance. “While we may not agree on every issue,” this good man said, “we are united in the values of love, understanding and tolerance.” He emphasized this point in the speech: “we need a higher level of understanding, not a lower one. And we need an understanding of tolerance that is stronger, not weaker.”

Despite these strong statements, Log Cabin’s release chose not to give its release on the event a more accurate title, like, say, “Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes Strong Case for Tolerance at Log Cabin Republicans Dinner” perhaps because some gay leaders frown on that notion. After the speech Geoff Kors, executive director of the left-wing Equality California, pooh-poohed the Governor’s speech, saying “Our community doesn’t want to be tolerated. We want to be equal.”

Given the anti-Republican nature of Geoff’s group, he clearly does not speak for me. So, when he references the community that does not want to be tolerated, he must then be referring to other left-wing gay activists like himself. And I will do what I can to give him what he wants. I will do my best not to tolerate gay left-wing activists.


Holiday Weekend Open Thread–Best Movie Villian Redux

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:37 pm - July 3, 2006.
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Just over a year ago, I did an open thread, asking “which character, in your mind, is the best movie villain (or movie villains) of all time?” When we moved to WordPress, we lost all our comments to that post, so, after seeing Superman Returns last night which I thoroughly enjoyed despite is flaws, I ask again, which character do you think is the best movie villain.

That post comes to mind because I delighted in Kevin Spacey‘s performance as the deliciously diabolical Lex Luthor. Just as in Se7en and The Usual Suspects, he proves he can play the villain in a variety of different circumstances. Spacey is certain to join Edward G. Robinson as one of the great actors capable of playing a compelling (and often creepy) bad guy in a great many movies. The dark geniuses of the silver screen.

Despite Kevin Spacey’s brilliance in all the above roles, I always thought Jack Nicholson‘s whimsically maniacal portrayal of the Joker in Tim Burton‘s 1989 Batman made Jack’s Joker the best movie villain of all time, but maybe I’ll change my mind after seeing Meryl Streep tonight in The Devil Wears Prada.

UPDATE; Just got back from The Devil Wears Prada and while Meryl Streep doesn’t play a classic movie villainess, her performance alone is worth the price of the ticket to see the flick.

Bits & Pieces

I hope everyone is enjoying a long holiday weekend.  Our trip to the Calgary Stampede and the Dude Ranch Vacation begins this Thursday.  Before then I hope to post my review of Superman Returns which we saw last night.  (Hint, I was right!)

Until then, here are some “bits & pieces”.

  • There’s a new website keeping track of the latest anti-American diatribes and money-making from Cindy Sheehan.
  • My new favorite TV show:  Treasure Hunters on NBC. (TiVO Alert — It is on tonight at 9pm Eastern).  It is a reality show that takes elements of the movies National Treasure and DaVinci Code, and puts contestants in a real life treasure hunt combined with great elements of American history.  Love it!
  • Support the Troops (for real) this July 4th.  Donate to a cause that helps our soldiers in battle or at home.  Here’s a new one I’ve been made aware of:  Soldier Ride 2006.

    Each year Soldier Ride sponsors a cross-country cycling event to aid in the rehabilitation of the brave men and women who return home with injuries incurred in the current military conflicts abroad. Participation in our cycling events provides these wounded warriors a foundation for the development of a positive self-image and outlook on life, which speeds the rehabilitation and recovery process.  Soldier Ride provides each of the brave men and women who participate in our ride with the adaptive equipment they need to cycle, even when missing one or more limbs.

    The theme of our 2006 cross-country ride is “America Still Remembers.”

  • ThatGayConservative has moved back to Blogger.  Pray for him 🙂
  • Finally, please do your part to honor the first victims/heroes in the War on Terror.  The Pentagon Memorial is under construction.  Please donate! (This one’s for you, Joe!)

-Bruce (GayPatriot)