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PajamasMedia Leads Coverage of Mideast Theater in WOT

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:00 am - July 22, 2006.
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I know I speak for Dan, Nick & John in saying we are proud to be one of the only gay blogs that were invited to be original members of PajamasMedia.  Once again, Roger, Charles and the gang are leading the way!

Blogger Media At Forefront of the Middle East Coverage War –

Pajamas Media (PJM) is providing special extended coverage of the Middle East War in conjunction with its new initiative called Politics Central. Within the PJM Network of 90 bloggers are several in theater commenting on the war between Hamas, Hezbolla and Israel from a first hand perspective. Pajamas has also been providing a real time and continuous chronology of news events via its global editors and contributors. Within PJM’s new Politics Central initiative, PJM is distributing exclusive podcast interviews that are longer and more in depth than typical cable news organizations are able to provide.

A literal living chronology of the ongoing Israel-Hezbollah War has been created and made available on the Pajamas Media front page ( “This chronology’s intention is to give the public moment-to-moment access to the vicissitudes of the war and ultimately to provide historians with a record of the evolving struggle,” says Pajamas’ CEO Roger L. Simon.

Bravo to our PJM colleagues and especially those brave enough to be blogging from Israel and Lebanon in the new Theater in the War on Terror/World War III.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)