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Coalition Forces Capture Senior Al-Qaeda Leaders In Iraq

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 3:03 pm - August 1, 2006.
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More news from the Iraqi Theatre of WWIII…. while our news media sleeps.

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces successfully targeted and detained two senior al-Qaida in Iraq leaders and three other suspected terrorists during multiple raids in central and northern Iraq on the morning of July 29.

A recent detainee provided information that led the security forces to one of the terrorists, a top leader for the Al Dhuluiyah area.  The targeted individual was reportedly the main planner for the attack against Peshmerga forces at a checkpoint in Al Dhuluiya in May 2006.  Credible intelligence also ties the terrorist leader to other al-Qaida leaders in the area. 

In a separate raid, security forces detained a principal financial and logistical coordinator for al-Qaida in the Mosul area.  He also was reportedly the leader of a terrorist cell responsible for kidnappings and executing vehicle borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) and IED attacks in Mosul.

Ground troops discovered a large weapons cache at another target site.  The cache included several rocket propelled grenades, multiple launchers, explosives and materials for IEDs, small arms, and ordnance.  All of them were destroyed on location.

Coalition forces quickly secured the areas in all of the raids and detained the individuals without incident.  These and other recent assaults are helping Coalition forces get a clearer picture of the enemy network in the region, and they continue to methodically degrade the terrorist network.

Multiple women and children were present at the raid sites. None were harmed and all were returned to their homes once the troops ensured the area was secure.

Gee, sounds like Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda have the same M.O. — hiding behind innocent women and children.  Oh, who am I kidding, AQ flew planes into buildings holding thousands of innocents.  Silly me.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Carter To Replace Castro?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:58 pm - August 1, 2006.
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Not only would the shoe fit, but Jimmy might as well live in a Communist country based on his public statements about his own nation…..

Carter Downplays Castro Succession Rumors –

(2006-08-01) — Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter today downplayed rumors that he’s on “the short list” of potential replacements if surgery fails to restore the health of ailing Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Mr. Carter dismissed as “mere coincidence” that his Op-Ed piece critical of the Bush administration’s foreign policy appeared in The Washington Post the same day that news broke of Mr. Castro’s surgery and temporary transfer of power to his brother Raoul.

But an unnamed source close to the icon of progressive social policy said, “no one in Cuba has the necessary charisma to fill Fidel’s shoes, and no one in the world has demonstrated a greater affinity for Castro’s vision of a progressive social order coupled with a consistent record of working to diminish U.S. power and influence abroad.”

too bad this is only a parody.  For now.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)