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The Big Question Of Our Time….

From The Corner at NRO.

Who is for aggressive and secret initiatives to monitor terrorist groups and suspects, trace their finances, interrogate captured combatants thoroughly and detain combatants as long as necessary?

Wow, quite a lot of hands today – even in Connecticut. Thank you.

And who is for prohibiting all the above, and revealing as much as possible about what intelligence and covert initiatives we have underway, because the public (and, oh, yes, our enemies, too) have a right to know?

Ned Lamont, thank you. Mr. Sulzberger and Mr. Keller, thank you, as well. The gentlemen and gentlewomen from the ACLU, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Gov. Dean, Mr. Moore, Ms. Sheehan, Mr. Baldwin — loved you on Saturday Night Live! — thank you all so much.

I couldn’t have stated it better myself!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Why Do I Think This Was Tony Snow


A senior administration official came to the press cabin during the flight to Green Bay to reflect on background about the CT primary and other political matters. The official noted that Lamont’s victory reflected the opinions of a tiny fraction of the electorate – about 7 percent. “I have to be careful about not extrapolating too much, but the fact of the matter is that as the election got closer, the race got closer,” the official said. “It went from 13 to 6 to 4 in the last 10 days of the campaign. And I think that’s in part because at the end of the day people look at the consequences of failure and the consequences of victory, the consequences of withdrawal and the consequences of finishing the fight, and they draw very important lessons  about what it means to our country.

“So, if you have Lamont Democrats who say, ‘Bring ’em home, turn away, and it will be all over,’ the American people say, ‘You’re kidding yourself. We’re in war and the only way you walk away from a war is as a victor, defeating the enemy.'”

Asked whether it was appropriate to talk about war in the context of a political campaign, the official replied: “You lost me.” The official added: “The issue’s going to be discussed in the fall. … Are you saying if the Democrats talk about the war, we shouldn’t? … We’ll talk about the war and we will talk about the consequences of the policies advocated by the Democrats.”

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Ben Stein: Bush Is “Hero for the Ages”

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:27 am - August 10, 2006.
Filed under: War On Terror,World War III

Ben Stein has articulated the fight between liberal Western democracies and Islamic fascism in a simple and profound way in this American Spectator column.

When the Israelis capture Arabs in their wars, the captured Arabs are well fed, well housed, and eventually returned to their homes. When the Arabs (specifically the Syrians) have captured Israelis, they castrate them, cut off their male organs, decapitate the Israelis, and stuff their male organs in their mouths and leave the bodies on the field. Sometimes they also defecate on the bodies.

To see George W. Bush stand up for Israel while the left whines about totally meaningless multilateralism — which means asking France to defend Israel, sort of like asking Martin Bormann to defend Israel — is to see clear decency versus a waffling, age-old anti-Semitic sickness.

The line of the fight between civilization and barbarism runs right along the Israel-Lebanon non-border. If it’s not won there, it won’t be long until the front line is right here, and then it will be too late. When George Bush stands up for Israel, he stands up for the whole future of mankind. Yes, he has flaws and has made serious mistakes, but right now, he is a hero for the ages.

In the meantime, American gays wail and beat their chests about how terrible it is in the USA for them at the same time they sip their lattes and dance at their favorite clubs.  Our community is a serious state of denial just the storm clouds of Islamic fascism are gathering around the world, targeting Americans and gays for death.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)