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UPDATE: President Kerry to Address Nation Tonight on Terror Attack

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:41 pm - August 16, 2006.
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Alternate Universe Reuters is now reporting that top US officials confirm there was a near simultaneous terror attack on ten US-bound airplanes.  All flights were lost within 20 minutes of each other on their path from the United Kingdom to the United States.

AUReuters reports President Kerry will address the nation in a couple hours once he returns to Washington from the “White House On The Cape” in Nantucket.  In a statement hurriedly released by the White House, Kerry says “if this was a terror attack, I will hunt down and kill the terrorists where ever they are.” 

He also expressed shock at the attack since he has personally been in constant UN-mediated negotiations on the “terror problem” with Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, North Korea, Sunni Iraq, and Syria.

In the wake of these first reports, AUBlogger Andrew Sullivan has sharply criticized President Kerry’s reponse to the War on Terrorists, as it is commonly known in the media.  On his blog, Sullivan posted …..

Kerry made a fundamental mistake after his withdrawal from Iraq in February 2005.   He became obsessed with Bin Laden.  But any fool knows that the terror problem is more than this one man.  Kerry has diverted all of the resources to hunt Bin Laden in caves, while thousands of other terror cells have been formed after the Iraqi withdrawal and civil war. 

All Kerry has done is cut and run out of Iraq and throw money at “First Responders.”  Last I checked, there were no “First Responders” at 35,000 feet!

More as this story develops…..

-Bruce (GayPatriot)


Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:11 pm - August 16, 2006.
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I just heard this news on the Alternate Universe Cable News Network…. I’m not sure what’s happened….

But there are reports coming from multiple airports across the United States this afternoon that several US-bound flights from the United Kingdom have not arrived at their expected times of landing.   Many frightened family members are now flooding United, American and Continental desks at airports in Los Angeles, Boston and New York City.

AUCNN reports that President John Kerry has been escorted away from his summer vacation on Nantucket and will have a statement shortly.  Mrs. Kerry is said to be safe in Paris where she is in the midst of her fifth tour of the French capital this year.

AUCNN also reports that American intelligence officials say that air controllers lost contact around noon today with at least 10 flights originating in Britain this morning bound for US cities.


-Bruce (GayPatriot)