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Why I’m not (yet) Pessimistic about Resolution 1701

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 10:53 pm - August 18, 2006.
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It seems that while our writing styles are different, on almost every major issue, Bruce and I agree. Sometimes I will consider a news item or interesting quotation as the subject of potential blog and then, before I have started to write the post, will find that he has already blogged on the topic. In just the past month, he “scooped” me on Ben Stein’s praise of the president, Lanny Davis’s thoughts on Liberal McCarthyism and Tony Snow’s “Smackdown” of Cindy Sheehan.

We differ, however, on UN Resolution 1701 which Bruce calls “our version of ‘Peace in Our Time’.” And it seems our differences reflect those of conservatives pundits and bloggers. While a majority share Bruce’s view of this flawed resolution, a handful share my view, including Captain Ed and Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom.

I learned today that while not cautiously optimistic about the resolution as is Goldstein*, one of my favorite columnists pretty much echoes my views, though expresses his thoughts far better than I have mine. In his column today, Charles Krauthammer contends that Israel will be able to “take care of itself.” He fears, however, that Lebanese democracy, “the high point . . . of the Bush doctrine” will be lost.”

Like me, Krauthammer believes that in this war, the sudden end to hostilities deprived Israel of victory:

The first Israel-Hezbollah war ended in a tie, and in this kind of warfare, tie goes to the terrorist. Yet there is no doubt that had Israel been permitted to proceed with the expanded offensive it began two days before the cease-fire, Israel would eventually have destroyed Hezbollah in the south, albeit at great cost to itself, Lebanon and Israel’s patron, the United States. Which is why the war was called off.

Fortunately, the Israel army learns from its mistakes and adapts its tactics and equipment to address problems in past engagements. The army is already investigating problems in the war and will not be caught flat-footed in the next battle as they were in the most recent one.


LaShawn & Gays

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:08 pm - August 18, 2006.
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It never ceases to amaze me how some of our critics have to remind us how much they hate President Bush in the comments section to the blog, even in posts where we don’t even mention him. Yet, they’re not the only ones to bring up their animosities at the drop of a hat.

Certain social conservatives seem so obsessed with homosexuality than any time sexual perversion comes up, they relate it to homosexuality. Even when such sexual perversion involves one individual’s fascination with an individual (or group) of the opposite sex.

With the media all abuzz over the arrest of a suspect in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, a young girl, The Malcontent‘s Robbie notes that LaShawn Barber, a conservative blogger, commented that he looked like “a homosexual pedophie.” I’m not quite sure what a homosexual pedophile looks like, but what we do know about the suspect’s behavior (at least what he claims is his behavior) is that he prefers young girls.

LaShawn certainly has the right to say whatever she thinks, but her assumption causes me to question her judgment. That she would assume a pervert who preys on little girls looks “homosexual” says a lot about her attitude toward gay people.

Liberal Moonbat Provides Missing Link to Islamic Terror

Well, the American Libs are now only about one half-step away from not only condoning and supporting appeasement of Islamic fascism, but actually executing the same tactics to the same end:  terror in America.  (Via Best of the Web.)

Security Scare at Logan – Boston Globe

A 59-year-old Vermont woman’s behavior aboard a trans-Atlantic flight triggered a massive security response yesterday, with Air Force F-15 jets escorting the plane to Logan Airport, where federal agents seized the woman, authorities interrogated passengers, and police dogs sniffed through luggage for explosives.

The woman, identified by two local security officials as Catherine C. Mayo, will probably be charged today with interfering with a flight crew, authorities said. Mayo’s former husband said she had “emotional issues” and had been on her way home from vacationing in Pakistan.

Best of the Web reports on what Mayo’s emotional issues really are…. she is a MadLiberal.

“She showed a lighter and was like, ‘They let me bring this on the plane. I’m a journalist, and I’m going to try to sneak stuff on the plane,’ ” passenger Matthew Bolton said.

That account was unconfirmed by authorities, but NewsCenter 5 learned there was a Catherine Mayo from Vermont who wrote for the Daily Times of Pakistan in 2003. The woman who was arrested is a U.S. citizen, authorities said.

Here’s a sample of her writing……

I think the US people have forgotten that President Bush didn’t win the election. He only got the job because they couldn’t decide what to do with pregnant chads in Florida. . . . When President Bush announced that God was telling him to bomb Iraq, my stomach turned over. He has no right to include God in his State of the Union address. It is forbidden by law; the church and state are completely separate in the United States. No politically elected person can use religion for his own ends.

The government of the US has changed in the last few months, and the citizens of the country haven’t noticed yet. It has become an oligarchy. Its leaders rule with a wave of their hands, laughing into their sleeves. They can create any truth they want, and then create proof that it is real. They are accountable to no one. . . .

The people of the US don’t have power anymore. That’s what the Muslim world needs to understand. When President Bush says that he is God, the ordinary people go out and shovel the snow out of their driveways. There is nothing else they can do.

From what we see on some of the blogs, some of the email we get, and even the work of some major newspaper columnists, we’d say quite a few people these days have “emotional issues” that center on politics. Thank goodness most of them manage to control themselves while on airplanes.

I dare say that there are some GayPatriot commenters suffering the same “emotional issues” and had better maintain control of themselves at least if you are flying on a plane with me.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Resolute US Leadership Missing in WWIII

Gerard Baker has a hard-hitting and “about time” column today on the increasing failure of Bush Administration to live up to its promises of strong, resolute leadership in World War III.  (h/t – The Corner at NRO

Let’s see. You invaded Iraq because you argued you would be able to bring about a peaceful, democratic society in the heart of the Arab world, a step vital to the eradication of modern terrorism. Many of us supported the project because we believed the stakes were so high that you would not stint in committing the resources necessary to achieve it.

But you tried to do it on the cheap. If many of us miscalculated the scale of the threat Iraq posed, there was no excuse for the woeful lack of preparation by your Administration for the task of pacifying the country.

The outcome? A broken nation on the verge of civil war, prey to the avarice of tyrannical regional neighbours, violently immolating itself and nurturing new generations of terrorists.

Well, you supported and perhaps even encouraged Israel to invade Lebanon last month, after repeated provocations by terrorists. The aim — a good one in principle — was to crush Hezbollah, weaken its Syrian and Iranian sponsors and put Lebanon on a path to long-term, terror-free stability. But when the largely aerial campaign predictably failed and equally predictably led to the world’s media reaching their one-sided conclusion about Israel’s “aggression” , you quickly backtracked. You encouraged Israel to accept a ceasefire that amounts to the country’s most serious defeat in its 57-year history.

The result? A strengthened Hezbollah and a new Arab hero, Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah; a reprieve for the beleaguered Assad regime in Damascus and a further fillip to Iranian ambitions; a strategic setback for Israel and the condemnation of Lebanon tragically to replay the turmoil of the 1980s.

How’m I doin’? You rightly identified Iran as the gravest threat to the West’s long-term security and you pledged to bend US policy to ensure that it did not gain the regional hegemony that would allow it to blackmail the world into acquiescence of its hateful ideology. Above all, Iran would be stopped from getting the bomb.

The result? The despised regime in Tehran has emerged as the true hegemonic power in the region, leeching on the battered bodies politic of Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, elevating its brand of Shia fundamentalism into position as the dominant force in the Islamic world and continuing on its path towards nuclear status.

The events of September 11, taken together with the other, steadily escalating acts of terrorism committed against the West in the past 30 years, required a radical new departure for the international system. Preventing the lunatics from blowing us all to the hereafter was going to require that the US, the only country with the power to stop it, break a bit of crockery.

But the US could take the risk of alienating the world and discarding international law only if its leadership was going to be effective. Instead its leadership has been desultory and uncertain and tragically ineffective.

But I don’t truly see how the failings in the Middle East could have been avoided by Washington’s being nicer to foreigners. What’s been missing is resolute leadership.  It is hard for me to recall a time when the world was such a scary place. No one should rejoice at America’s weakness. The world is scarier still because of it. 

Glenn Beck made similar statements yesterday when discussing the ridiculous UN/Israel/US appeasement of Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah with the recent “ceasefire.”  As Glenn said, “Israel has had the wishy-washy American spine implanted into it and that has made the world a scarier place.”  He’s right — we cannot fight World War III by being concerned about political correctness niceities.  Our enemies are not, but they are fighting to win.

Our slide to the policies of appeasement and delay, instead of crushing force and demands of unconditional surrender, are actually making the world a much more dangerous place.  UN Resolution 1701 is our version of “Peace In Our Time”, circa 1938.  The only question is who plays Chamberlain this time:  Bush, Rice, Ohlmert or Annan?   All of the above is my guess.

But here is the real scary part.  There is a good possibility that the Party of Islamic Appeasement will gain control of one or two Houses of the US Congress in November.  As Newt said to Sean Hannity yesterday, this is not a political election…. this is an historic election for America. 

We could be facing a complete collapse of American resolve and a party dedicated to defending America after it is attacked, not protecting America by taking the fight to the enemies of freedom.  Folks, in World War III and that would truly be a major victory for the forces of evil who want to spread Islamic fascism throughout the globe.

These are truly scary times.  It could have been a lot different if America and Americans had a stiff spine.  We are letting down the Greatest Generation as well as those who come after us.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Hollywood Liberals Against Democracy And For Terrorism?

Great post by Dan on the brave Hollywood types actually standing up for freedom and against fascist tyranny.  They are making Ronald Reagan proud.

My question is, where is Barbra Streisand on this?  Alec Baldwin…. are you there?  Norman Lear?  Sean Penn…. hello?

I think there is much to glean by seeing who is NOT on the list as much as those brave enough to stand up for America in Hollywood.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)