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Did Katrina Save Lives?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:50 am - August 29, 2006.
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Paul at Wizbang has an excellent and comprehensive look at the cover-up, then admittance, by the US Corps of Engineers that the hurricane didn’t cause the flooding in New Orleans.   There is even video proving his case!

The structural flaws of the levees themselves caused the flooding.  The storm just hastened the inevitable collapse of the walls the kept back the water.  The approach of Katrina and the evacuation of many (if not all) of the city resulted in tens-of-thousands of people living through the breach versus had the inevitable levee breach occurred suddenly with no warning — which Paul suggests was going to happen at some point anyway.

In the months since Katrina, we’ve learned that the storm was a Category 1 by the time she hit New Orleans. No “Super Hurricane,” just an average storm. We’ve also learned that the New Orleans Hurricane Protection System was not overwhelmed by Katrina, it collapsed. Causing the Corps of Engineers admit they flooded New Orleans not Katrina… An admission that got scant little media coverage. The Great Flood of New Orleans was not a natural disaster but a man made one.

The reason the Corps finally had to admit responsibility was that the floodwall that failed -flooding 70% of the city- basically collapsed under its own weight. It was undeniable. The Corps tried for months to claim the water came over the top of the floodwall and washed it away from the backside. (Which would make it Congress’s fault) Everyone who has seen the break or looked at the surge data knew this was a lie; that the wall suffered a catastrophic failure before the water reached the top. Almost a year later, the Corps admitted that the floodwall suffered from multiple fatal design flaws and failed prematurely.

If you think you know why New Orleans flooded, think again.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)