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Are Mexico’s Leftists like American Democrats?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 11:59 pm - September 5, 2006.
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I wonder if leftists in Mexico will soon be defining themselves by their opposition to President-elect Felipe Calderon — just as many American Democrats (and others on the left) define themselves by their hatred of President Bush. Like our president, Calderon won election by the narrowest of margins, “233,831 votes out of 41.6 million cast in the July 2 elections — a margin of 0.56 percent.” Yesterday, Mexico’s Federal Electoral Tribunal unanimously “rejected allegations of systematic fraud” and certified that election.

Despite that ruling, the man Calderon edged out, leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has vowed “to lead a parallel leftist government from the streets.” The Mexican president-election has appealed to all opposition parties to meet and come to an understanding after the close election. Yet, the leftists, like their counterparts north of the Rio Grande, are balking at an appeal to national unity.

Sounding like President Bush, Calderon said “We can have different opinions, but we aren’t enemies.” Still, “thousands of radicalized leftists . . . say they will stop at nothing to undermine his presidency.

This doesn’t sound too different than some of the voices I heard when I decided to listen to Air America while stuck in traffic on I-70 in the mountains just east of Denver. They want to undermine the presidency of the man who, now nearly two years ago, won election (to a four-year term) by a convincing margin, pulling in (unlike Calderon) a majority of the popular vote and increasing — by a substantial amount — the number of votes he had won in the tight election of 2000.

US, Iraqi Forces Capture Insurgents in Weekend Operation



Here is news that Katie Couric will not report on this evening in her debut on the CBS Evening News….

From US Central Command, September 5 2006:

CAMP AL ASAD, Iraq – Iraqi police and soldiers, along with U.S. Marines and soldiers from Regimental Combat Team 7, detained 30 confirmed insurgents and 38 suspected insurgents over the weekend throughout the western Al Anbar Province, Iraq.

RCT-7 is the U.S. military unit responsible for western Anbar Province, an area of more than 30,000 square-miles which stretches from the Jordanian and Syrian borders hundreds of miles east to Hit, a city about 70 miles northwest of Ramadi.  U.S. and Iraqi forces detained the known and suspected insurgents through a series of pre-planned and routine counterinsurgency operations.

Iraqi police identified and detained 18 of the 38 captured suspected insurgents in Rawah, Iraq – a city of about 20,000 along the Euphrates River, about 50 miles east of the Iraqi-Syrian border.

One of the suspects captured by Rawah police officers is wanted for suspected involvement with a vehicle suicide bombing against a U.S. military check point in the region July 29. Several more captured in Rawah are suspected of involvement with a recent attack on a Rawah police officer’s family.  Police officers in Rawah also discovered two improvised explosive devices there Sunday. Iraqi and U.S. soldiers detained one known insurgent and 10 suspected insurgents Sunday in Hit, a city of about 60,000, located approximately 70 miles northwest of Ramadi.

Through a variety of counterinsurgency operations Saturday and Sunday, Iraqi police, Iraqi soldiers, and U.S. Marines captured 27known insurgents and four suspected insurgents in the Haditha Triad, a cluster of three cities – Haditha, Barwanah, and Haqlaniyah – with a combined population of about 90,000. One captured insurgent was part of a four-man insurgent cell operating in Hadithah, another is suspected of having involvement with various small arms attacks against a U.S. base in Barwanah. U.S. Marines captured six more suspected insurgents Saturday in Sa’dah, a town just east of the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Marines also discovered an ordnance cache near the border on Saturday. The cache consisted of 120 mm rockets, 155 mm rockets, and 122 mm rockets.

The central front in the War on Terror remains in Iraq.  God Bless our soldiers for taking the fight to the enemy so we don’t have car bombs blowing up in our streets.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Overweight? Start the Castro Diet Today!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:30 pm - September 5, 2006.
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Well, you know it won’t take Star Magazine very long to come up with this idea, will it?

Castro Tells Cuban Public of Weight Loss – FOX News

Fidel Castro said in a statement Tuesday that he has lost more than 41 4_24_castro_paper01.jpgpounds since he had intestinal surgery but added that the “most critical moment” was behind him.

“Today I am recovering at a satisfactory rhythm,” said the statement published in the Communist Party daily Granma, which was accompanied by new photographs of the 80-year-old Castro.

There’s no truth to the rumor that Castro has designed a new weight-loss exercise regimen with new partner Nicole Richie.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Gays “Offended” By American Flag

(Hat tip: V the K).

This item from Slate (via The Corner) speaks for itself….

Dear Prudie,
My partner and I are having our condominium remodeled. We have worked well with one company and asked them to bid a second phase of the job. The person who showed up to bid the job wore a cap with an angry bald eagle on the front with multiple American flags sewn onto the rest of the cap. When I was obviously startled at the hat, he acknowledged, “Guess I should have worn my company hat.” I replied, “I would be more comfortable if you had because I can’t support much of what the country is doing right now.” This led to his reply, “Just so we all support America.” My partner and I are gay and feel assaulted by the right wing. We are also horrified by the war in Iraq and so many other issues that our patriotism is very low. That hat was a sickening reminder of my childhood in rural America. I feel that perhaps my money should be spent in a more socially conscious fashion, but I don’t relish starting my own campaign of reverse discrimination. Am I making too much of this incident? The company has done a good job for us so far. 
—Uneasy Remodeler

Dear Uneasy,
When did an American flag come to mean, “I want to assault gay people”? You know nothing about this man’s views except that he feels patriotic. Since you are the one who provoked the discussion, do you really want to require that the person building your breakfast nook pass your political litmus test? (And yes, if I were to get a letter saying, “I went to a potential construction job this morning and the owners of the condo were obviously gay. I think homosexuality is abnormal and I hate the idea of gay marriage. I don’t know whether I should go ahead and submit a bid,” I would find that letter just as objectionable.) We are lucky to live in a society in which one doesn’t have to belong to a government-sanctioned party or avow a list of beliefs in order to make a living. I know too many people who say they could never be friends with people who have different political views from theirs, and that’s unfortunate. But the economy will crash if every service person is required to agree with their client’s worldview. Do you know how lucky you are to find a remodeling company that does a good job? Let the guy with the American flag cap get to work.   

Once again, the Gay Borg strike again with their intolerance of the majority of American values.  It is an example of how ridiculous and irrelevant the American gay community has become in the overall debate of issues in our nation.

I guess the uppity-class gays would have been okay had a Muslim contractor shown up with a bomb vest strapped to himself.  THAT would have been tolerant, right?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)