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It’s All Bush’s Fault…Part 3,568

This is Bush’s Fault…

Oil prices sank more than a dollar Wednesday to their lowest level in more than three months as robust U.S. inventories at the end of the summer driving season dulled bullish sentiment.

U.S. light crude for October delivery tumbled $1.10 to settle at $67.50 on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Earlier in the session, the front-month contract touched as low as $67.45, the lowest since May 22.

So is this….

Gas prices are continuing to drop. AAA Carolinas pegs the current average in Charlotte at $2.84. (The statewide average is $2.76, and it’s down to $2.63 across the S.C. border.) That’s still higher than drivers might like, but it’s well below the prices from most of the summer.

And this…

US employers added 128,000 jobs last month [August] while the unemployment rate fell a notch to 4.7 pct, the Labor Department said.

In July, the number of jobs added was revised to 121,000 from 113,000.

And since Bush is in control of the Worldwide Oil MegaCompany… this must be his fault, too.

An oil discovery by Chevron Corp. has bolstered prospects that petroleum companies will be able to tap giant reserves that lie far beneath the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil analysts and company executives said newly released test results from a well 175 miles off the coast of Louisiana indicate that the oil industry will be able to recover well more than 3 billion barrels, and perhaps as much as 15 billion barrels, of oil from a geological area known as the lower tertiary trend, making it the biggest addition to U.S. petroleum reserves in decades.

The upper end of the estimate could boost U.S. reserves by 50 percent.

“This looks to be the biggest discovery in the United States in a generation, really since the discovery of Prudhoe Bay 38 years ago,” said Daniel Yergin, chairman of the consulting firm Cambridge Energy Research Associates Inc.

Man, how can the dumbest President ever also be the most calculating and manipulative President ever?  Kind of like how can we have global warming when glaciers are melting AND growing?!?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Left Continues to Smear Rove even after “Wilson Payback” Theory Falls Apart

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:47 am - September 7, 2006.
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As the investigation of l’affaire Plame draws to a close, we learn that Karl Rove was not orchestrating a campaign to punish Joe Wilson by “outing” his wife, despite assurances from the left the president’s top political aide was doing just that (i.e., the “Wilson Payback” Theory). The left spun a story, which some MSM outlets repeated, based not on facts, but on their own convictions about Rove’s Machiavellian machinations.

Some still hold to this theory even after the facts have come out, facts which show that Rove himself never initiated a call to reporters to tell them about Mrs. Wilson. And show that he only referred to her in passing, in response to queries from reporters, spending less than two minutes dicussing this story. When speaking to the media, he never once mentioned her name.

As we compare the left’s allegations against Rove to the facts of the matter, it’s time to reexamine another liberal mantra about the man the president called the “architect” of his re-elecdtion victory, one which Administration critics, particularly on the gay left (and even in Log Cabin) repeat so many times that people assume it to be true. Just as many assumed he orchestrated a campaign against Mr. Wilson.

Earlier this week in the Huffington Post, Bush-critic James Moore repeated another such mantra:

Rove and his lieutenant Ken Mehlman*, who ran the Republican National Committee, had targeted eleven swing states as locales to play out the wedge issue of gay marriage. Although they would work closely with the GOP state operations, Rove and Mehlman denied any coordination or involvement. They were, as they often are, lying.

First, that last line, shows his bias. I’m not aware of any Rove lies, especially since the president’s first election in 2000. So many believe that the president and his top aides are liars that they repeat that line as if it were gospel, a “truth” they need not back up with facts.

While I have often heard it said that Rove orchestrated the various state referenda defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman to play on the public’s fear of same-sex marriage, I have yet to read a single piece providing any evidence that Rove (& Mehlman) did as much. (If you have such evidence**, please provide the link, but until I find a credible source backing up this claim, I will continue to hold that this has as much veracity as the claim that Rove spearheaded a campaign to smear Joe Wilson.)