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Chafee’s Victory, Log Cabin & the Club for Growth

I had hoped to do a series of posts on the future of Log Cabin now that Patrick Guerriero has stepped down as the group’s head, but given that he departed on the day of my father’s birthday when the PatriotFamilyWest was gathered to celebrate that most wonderful occasion, politics had to take a back seat to that which matters most.

Now that Patrick is gone, I’m concerned that the interim leaders of the organization are not focused on building bridges to the GOP and conservative organizations. While I share the group’s delight in the victory of the Lincoln Chafee, the most liberal Senate Republican, in yesterday’s Rhode Island Republican, primary I wouldn’t call the Ocean State’s Junior Senator a “mainstream Republican.”

Unlike Joe Lieberman whose votes put him in the middle of the Senate’s Democratic caucus, Chafee’s votes put him far to the left of his GOP colleagues, even to the left of a handful of Democrats. That said, while my views are closer to those of his erstwhile GOP opponent Steve Laffey, if I lived in Rhode Island, I would have voted for Chafee because he has a better chance of holding the seat for my party in one of the most Democratic states in the union.

Chafee’s victory shows that our party does not have a litmus test for membership. While Connecticut Democrats rejected their 2000 Vice-presidential nominee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and Rhode Island Republicans stood behind this Republican who is far from the party’s mainstream.

However, Club for Growth, a conservative advocacy group (which I have supported in the past) which backs GOP candidates “who support limited government and lower taxes” spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to defeat Chafee, largely because of his support for bigger government and increased federal regulation. While I think their money could have been better spent helping pro-growth Republicans in tough races against Democrats, given Chafee’s record, they had good reason to back Laffey.

Given the Club’s commitment to Reaganite fiscal principles, this is one group with which Log Cabin should seek to find common ground. Instead, in their release heralding Chafee’s victory, Log Cabin called its support of Laffey a “vicious effort.”

Rather than the Club’s efforts “vicious,” Log Cabin leaders should reach out to Club President Pat Toomey and make clear they support his efforts to return the GOP to its Reaganite principles, supporting its goals of cutting government spending, reforming Social Security, expanding free trade and enacting regulatory reform. We want to turn Congress’s attention to these issues rather that focus on items which are not in the purview of the federal government.

When Log Cabin’s new leader takes office, he (or she) needs to reach out to mainstream Republican groups like the Club for Growth and steer clear of such left-wing groups like the Human Rights Campaign and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

The Positive Attributes of a Difficult Day

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:04 pm - September 13, 2006.
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I had a rather unusual day which began with, what I call, an Angeleno existential crisis. I had to take my car into the shop for some work. I may at some later time blog on the strange series of circumstances of the day which included dealing with an incompetent lesbian at the rental car agency and drinking a bit too much coffee.

But, once I sat back and put the day in context, I realized that if it really were a bad day, I’m a pretty lucky guy for while nothing seemed to go right, nothing went so wrong that I couldn’t handle it.

Finally, the day confirmed the wisdom of a tea bag* I read at one of the most difficult points of my undergraduate experience, “We often learn what will do by what will not do.”

In the midst of my unusual day, in the most unlikely of circumstances, I discovered that despite my many flaws and the times I have strayed from my path, I still held onto a value, a quality perhaps, which, I believe is essential to my individual nature, indeed perhaps essential to all of us. But, because it’s rather personal anecdote, I hesitate to write about it here.

I expect the meaning of the moment may increase as I gain distance from the events of yesterday. As time passes, I may even see the day in a positive light. And may eventually come to blog about it.

For with the right attitude, even our most difficult moments have some very positive attributes.

-B. Daniel Blatt (AKA GayPatriotWest):

*The Williams cafeteria then carried Salada tea which “had a cute little saying on the paper tag.

Why Does The Left Deny Islamic Fascism?

Beats the hell out of me.  But Mark Steyn sure hits it the nail right on the head.

In theory, if you’d wanted to construct an enemy least likely to appeal to the progressive Left — wife-beating, gay-bashing theocrats would surely be it. But Islamism turned out to be the ne plus ultra of multiculti diversity-celebration — for what more demonstrates the boundlessness of one’s “tolerance” than by tolerating the intolerant. The Europeans’ fetishization of the Palestinians — whereby the more depraved the suicide bombers are the more brutalized they must have been by the Israelis — has, in effect, been globalized.

Anyone who’s mooched about the Muslim world for even brief amounts of time is struck by what David Pryce-Jones calls its “intellectual poverty”: It has a remarkable lack of curiosity about anything beyond its horizons. That hobbled it for centuries in its wars against the west. But our multicultural mindset is its mirror image: For isn’t the principle characteristic of “multiculturalism” its almost total lack of curiosity about other cultures? The multicultis make bliss of ignorance: You don’t need to know anything about Islam, you just have to feel warm and fluffy about it, and slap that “CO-EXIST” bumper sticker on your Subaru.

Oh that’s right…I forgot… even though the Islamists say they must kill gays, and they actually do kill gays, the real threat is President Bush!  Because of those imagined, yet soon-to-be-constructed, gay concentration camps in Montana.  That’s why the American Gay Leftists join in the anti-war protests that embolden the enemies of America!  

Silly me, I keep forgetting…..

-Bruce (GayPatriot)