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GayPatriotWest Update!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:54 pm - September 26, 2006.
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Dan emailed to tell me that he is out of blogging-commission for a while.

Shortly after printing my papers for class, my computer crashed and I haven’t been able to reboot.  Given that, I won’t be able to blog until I get it fixed–and have to check my e-mail at the school library.

Best recovery wishes for your computer!!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Return to the Nation’s Capital

Sometimes work travel and blogging synergize for me.  This week is one case. 

I’m on my way to Washington, DC this afternoon for a series of business meetings tomorrow.  And it just so happens I’ll be able to attend a Pajamas Media panel discussion/reception tonight at the National Press Club.   The topic: “How Partisan is Too Partisan?”  Interesting to note that one of the original panelists was David Corn, but I see he is no longer on the list.  I wonder if the disclosure of his role in the Plame-gate timewasting affair is the reason?

I assume we will be able to live-blog the event.  If so, check back here after 6:30PM for updates from the inside!

-Bruce (GayPatriot) 

New York Times Fawns Over Islamists

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:36 am - September 26, 2006.
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I read this disgusting story in the Charlotte Observer’s Sunday paper.  I couldn’t find the link to it there, but this is the same story as published online by the Wilmington Star News.  Prepare to be outraged and on the verge of shock when reading this fawning, apologetic story about our enemies who have declared war on our nation. 

Islamists Calm Capital of Somalia With Restraint – Jeff Gettleman, New York Times News Service

It is hard to imagine that this is Mogadishu, the same Mogadishu of Black Hawk Down, and clan against clan and 15 years of unrelenting anarchy.

But over the past three months, the Islamists in control here have defied international expectations – in many ways. Not only have they done the unthinkable, pacifying one of the most dangerous cities in the world, they also seem to have moderated their message.

Instead of acting like the Taliban and ruthlessly imposing a harsh religious orthodoxy, as many feared, the Islamists seem to be trying to increase public support by softening their views, at least officially, delivering social services and pushing for democratic elections.

Islamic leaders are operating almost in campaign mode, organizing street cleanups, visiting hospitals, overseeing a mini building boom and recruiting elderly policemen to don faded uniforms they have not worn for years and return to work. Beyond that, they sent a letter this week to the U.N. Security Council pledging to support democratic rule.

“The world was so quick to label us,” said Ibrahim Hassan Addou, the foreign minister for the Islamic administration in Mogadishu. “All we are asking is to be judged on our deeds.”

Gee, it almost sounds like a CNN report from pre-2003 Baghdad.  Remember, when CNN covered up the truth in order to “gain access” to the Saddam regime?

Well then let us judge their deeds.  I wonder what Mr. Gettleman thinks of this development from his peace-loving Islamists………

Gunfire kills Somali boy as Islamists seize port – Reuters (h/t – Tammy Bruce)

Islamist fighters in the Somali port of Kismayo opened fire on Monday on residents who were burning tires, throwing stones and chanting to protest against the Islamist takeover of the city hours earlier.

A 13-year-old boy was shot dead while protesting, and two other people were injured as violence raged for several hours in Somalia’s third biggest city, witnesses said.

We have been taken over by extremists, the Islamic courts have taken us by force, and now they are firing at us,” said protester Dahabo Dirie.


Riding in trucks with machine guns, the Islamists guarded main streets and forbade gatherings after the protests eased.

The Mogadishu-based Islamists poured into Kismayo overnight to extend their grip on south-central Somalia and effectively flank the powerless central government on three sides.

Ministers accused the Islamists of mounting the offensive with fighters from Eritrea, Pakistan and Yemen.

There are foreign forces … which attacked Kismayo,” Somali Interior Minister Hussein Mohamed Farah Aideed told al Jazeera network.

Yeah, what nice and cuddly Islamists they are, eh, Mr. Gettleman? 

Never mind that American men and women are doing the same kind of reconstruction work in Iraq and Afghanistan — without the terror and 9th Century-era laws and punishment.  But you will never as glowing a profile of our own American efforts from the MSM.  Nah, the NYT is too busy looking for fluff pieces about a successful Islamic armed takeover of a country. 

Great Britain, France… you are next!  Prepare to be assimilated.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)