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Report from PJM Event at National Press Club

Howdy from our nation’s capital!  I couldn’t live blog last night, so I figured I’d put this report up for Wednesday morning.

Unfortunately, my travel from Charlotte started out poorly as the first flight was cancelled and the next one arrived too late for me to fully enjoy the Pajamas Media reception. 

As I came into the room at the National Press Club, the first person I saw (and met) was none other than Jeff Gannon.  I also spotted our favorite Conservative Blogger Diva — the lovely and vixen-ish Pamela from Atlas Shrugs!  I sat right behind her but never got a chance to say hi.  Sorry Pamela!

Other than the panelists, Jeff and Pamela were the only bloggers I recognized (and I was checking name tags the whole time).  Moral of this part of the story:  I need to read more of the blogs affiliated with Pajamas Media!

I did get there in time to grab a seat for the panel discussion:  “How Partisan is Too Partisan?”  Moderated by Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds, the panel featured Michael Barone (one of my Americn political history heros), long time journalist Clifford May, Jane Hall from FOX News, Mark Blumenthal – aka The Mystery Pollster, Tom Bevan of, and Paul Mirengoff from Powerline.

The panel discussion was very good focusing on the pros and cons of a highly partisan atmosphere in America.  I tend to agree with Michael Barone (who as always cited voter turnout statistics like some people who know baseball stats) who pointed out that turnout in the 1996 Clinton re-election was its lowest in a generation.  But the 2004 highly partisan election resulted in a 16% increase in votes for Kerry versus Gore 2000, and a 23% increase in votes for Bush 2004 versus Bush 2000 (now that is a stat I’d never heard before!)

The panel debated partisanship and bias within the blogging community and also the mainstream media outlets.  Jane Hall was pretty defensive of the MSM while Cliff May and Paul Mirengoff trashed the traditional media.

Pajamas Media also has a survey going on their site to “name” those of us that have “blended” political views.  As Glenn Reynolds said last night — “You can’t label me when I yearn for a world of legally married gay couples with assault weapons in their closets.”

Which makes me wonder — what do you all think?  How partisan is too partisan?  And do you think media outlets that have a obvious bias (*cough* New York Times *cough*) should fully disclose their political leanings?

What say y’all?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Clinton Kills Santa!

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Oh man, this is hysterical!!!  I think we know what Jay Leno thinks of Clinton’s performance.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)