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California Democrats — Still Obsessed with Bush

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:11 pm - October 1, 2006.
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The other night, on FoxNews of all places, I saw a second ad linking our great California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to President Bush. I guess it’s that creative placement of ads which has helped that good man maintain his lead over Phil Angelides, his Democratic rival, in this fall’s gubernatorial contest. An LA Times poll shows the Governor with a “huge lead” (Via Instapundit).

According to the TImes, “If the Nov. 7 election were held today, likely voters would favor the Republican governor over Angelides 50% to 33%.

Even as these attempts to play into the allegedly intensive Bush-hatred in the Golden State continue to fail, California Democrats just can’t let go of their obsession. I wonder why it is they feel it necessary to continuously advertise their hatred of the President of the United States. To be sure, this seems par for the course for Bush-haters, bringing up their hatred of George W. Bush any chance they get, even when it’s not relevant to the conversation at hand — or the election in question.

My Thoughts on Ex-Rep. Foley

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:37 pm - October 1, 2006.
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Ever since I heard about Mark Foley’s resignation from Congress, I have been trying to craft a post. Whatever I try to write, nothing seems to come out right. I find the whole story disturbing and upsetting. And I wonder about this man’s judgment.

Surely, in the wake of the allegations last year against that then-Spokane Mayor Jim West chatted with 17- and 18-year old boys online, any public figure engaged in such online chatter should have been aware that his conversations could become public information. Maybe Ex-Rep Foley took comfort in the fact that after federal officials investigated the charges against the Spokane Republican, “they found insufficient evidence to charge former Mayor Jim West with abusing his office to meet young gay men over the Internet.

Yet, the scandal still tarnished West’s reputation and nearly two-thirds of his fellow citizens voted to recall him from office last December.

It wasn’t merely his family and the people of Florida whom Mr. Foley let down (as he said in statement). He also let down gay people. You can be sure social conservatives will be exploiting this to show how people like us prey on teenagers. And while the greatest number of pedophiles are middle-aged men preying on young girls, the stories which seem to get the most headlines are those of men hitting on teenage boys.

At this season, when we Jews seek to mend our ways and return to God in the coming year, I, aware of my own faults, want to forgive others of theirs. Mr. Foley behaved badly and did the right thing in resigning. He has begun his own process of atonement. Let us hope that the public humiliation he has suffered will cause him to examine his past behavior and behave more responsibly in the future, though no longer as a public figure.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest).