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Human Rights Campaign Involved in Gay GOP Witchhunt


David Corn, who said he would never publish the names on “The List”, seems to be outing by dribbles now.  He has already named a name, proving he is a hypocrite. 

But in a stab to the heart of every gay and lesbian who gives a dime to the shameless money-grubbers, Corn drops this bombshell from a post earlier today:

I’ve received several requests for The List (see below), but I haven’t passed it on. And a few emails have come in with the same sort of query: is So-and-So who works for Senator So-and-So on the list? I haven’t answered such questions. But a reporter told me that The List is in other hands. He was told by an official at the Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights lobby, that it had a copy. The HRC official refused to talk about it, though.

According to our critics here, the liberal party line is that it is Republicans outing gay Republican staffers on Capitol Hill.  But as of now there have only been three entities claiming to actually have “The List.”

  • Liberal Gay Outing Activists Who Have Been Compiling The List For Years
  • Liberal columnist David Corn
  • Liberal gay rights organization Human Rights Campaign
  • I don’t see a Republican among them.  The only Republicans talking about the list are terrified GOP staffers, again according to Corn…

    A source sent me the following note:

    Your blog [about The List] caused quite a stir, David — a lobbyist…had a couple of terrified calls from gay GOP Hill staffers wondering if they were on the list you mentioned…and whether there was going to be a right-wing lynch mob coming for them.

    Well,I’ve been sent an updated version of The List. I’m not leading any lynch mob (obviously).

    You most certainly are, David.  You are stoking the fires of this witchhunt.  How dare you claim innocence?

    But the big story here folks is that the Gay McCarthyism is being stoked by none other than the largest GAY RIGHTS organization in America — the Human Rights Campaign.

    Somebody has some explaining to do.  I thought the HRC was supposed to PROTECT our rights?

    **UPDATE** – The Hypocrite Rights Campaign sheds crocodile tears over gays being demonized while at the same time holding in their cold hands the infamous “List” being used to rout out gay staffers that don’t tout the liberal party line.  Outrageous.  I’m not sure how Joe Solmonese sleeps at night.

    -Bruce (GayPatriot)

    Family Of “First Page” Issues Statement

    Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:10 pm - October 5, 2006.
    Filed under: FoleyGate

    The Big Tent has the exclusive….

    We would like to express our support for our congressman, Rodney Alexander, whose office sponsored our son’s position as a House page. As far as we know, Congressman Alexander’s conduct in this matter has been beyond reproach. He has tried his best to do what we have asked him to do from the very beginning: Namely, to protect the privacy of our son and family from the intense media scrutiny we are now having to endure.

    In the fall of 2005, as soon as Congressman Alexander became aware of the e-mails received by our son, he called us. He explained that his office had been made aware of these e-mails by our son and that while he thought the e-mails were overly friendly, he did not think, nor did we think, that they were offensive enough to warrant an investigation.

    Rather, we asked him to see that Congressman Foley stop e-mailing or contacting our son and to otherwise drop the matter in order to avoid a media frenzy. He did so. If we had any other knowledge or evidence of potential impropriety, we would have asked for the matter to be treated differently. For instance, we were not aware of the instant messages that have come to light in the past few days.

    These instant messages, which have only recently surfaced as a result of the news of the ambiguous e-mails received by our son, are separate matters.

    As a young man with integrity who had the courage to question the intention of the e-mails, we respect and honor our son as a hero. Despite his courageous actions, he is becoming a victim due to the harassment by some of the media. Please honor our request that we be left alone. There is nothing more that we can contribute to this ongoing matter. He is not the story, and we feel this intense media scrutiny could endanger our son and family.

    We have no intention of discussing this further. Thank you.

    -Bruce (GayPatriot)

    CA Appeals Court Upholds Gay Marriage Ban — BREAKING NEWS

    At least there is something more to talk about then sexual harassment by powerful politicians and young staffers. That’s so 1997.

    Calif. Appeals Court Upholds Gay Marriage Ban – (San Fran) (h/t – StopTheACLU)

    A state appeals court upheld California’s ban on same-sex marriage Thursday, dealing a critical defeat to a movement hungry for a win after high courts in two other states, New York and Washington, upheld similar bans.

    In reversing the March 2005 ruling of a San Francisco trial judge, the 1st District Court of Appeal agreed with the state’s attorney general, who argued it is up to the Legislature, not the courts, to change the traditional definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

    “We conclude California’s historical definition of marriage does not deprive individuals of a vested fundamental right or discriminate against a suspect class,” the court said in a 2-1 decision. “The time may come when California chooses to expand the definition of marriage to encompass same-sex unions. That change must come from democratic processes, however, not by judicial fiat.”

    Well, well, well. Isn’t this what we’ve been saying here for a longgggg time?

    *looking around* I don’t see any lawyers, just common-sense, logical folks ’round here!

    -Bruce (GayPatriot)

    UPDATE (from GPW): I may have more to say on this later. I think this is good news. Opponents of gay marriage failed to muster enough signatures to get a gay marriage-ban on the fall ballot. Had the courts imposed gay marriage here, it might have given them the impetus they needed not only to get the ban on the ballot, but to get it passed as well. What this means is that there’s going to be no backlash in the Golden State.

    Now it’s time to win the hearts and minds of the citizens of California, by making the case for gay marriage to them, rather than to a handful of judges.


    **World Exclusive**
    **Must Credit the DRUDGE REPORT**
    According to two people close to former congressional page Jordan Edmund, the now famous lurid AOL Instant Message exchanges that led to the resignation of Mark Foley were part of an online prank that by mistake got into the hands of enemy political operatives, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal.

    According to one Oklahoma source who knows the former page very well, Edmund, a conservative Republican, goaded Foley to type embarrassing comments that were then shared with a small group of young Hill politicos. The prank went awry when the saved IM sessions got into the hands of political operatives favorable to Democrats. This source, an ally of Edmund, also adamantly proclaims that the former page is not a homosexual. The prank scenario was confirmed by a second associate of Edmund.

    The news come on the heels that former FBI Chief Louis Freeh has been named to investigate the mess.



    It is about time.  While there are crickets chirping on the Outing Witchhunt over at Log Cabin (Republicans) and the Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force at least a semblance of a spine to stand up to the sexual McCarthyites preying on GOP Congressional staffers.

    National Gay and Lesbian Task Force calls upon Democrats, Republicans and straight allies to stand up for gay AmericansThe National Gay and Lesbian Task Force today condemned emerging attempts to shift responsibility for the Foley scandal by blaming gay Republican congressional staffers for supposedly covering up prior reports of predatory behavior by former Rep. Mark Foley.

    Discussions of a supposed network of closeted gay Republicans working on Capitol Hill have swept the blogs and been raised on MSNBC and CBS. There are allegations, for example, that gay former Foley aide Kirk Fordham, the recently resigned chief of staff for Tom Reynolds (R-NY), worked to play down complaints about Foley’s behavior.

    Fordham has said that more than three years ago he had “more than one conversation with senior staff at the highest level of the House of Representatives asking them to intervene.”

    Statement from Matt Foreman, Executive Director National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

    The GOP has only one response when it’s in trouble — ‘blame the gays.’ First, they floated the excuse that past complaints about Foley weren’t pursued because Republicans didn’t want to look like they were ‘gay bashing.’ Then, they dispatched henchmen like Tony Perkins and Pat Buchanan to offer the blood libel that gay men are prone to pedophilia.

    Now — in another signal of desperation — it is clear they plan to poison the debate further with allusions to a shadowy network of closeted gay Republicans who closed ranks to protect Foley.

    “The parallels to McCarthyism are chilling. Here it is gays, not communists, ‘operating at the highest levels of government.’

    “There is no doubt that allegations of Foley’s misconduct were brought directly to the attention of the Republican leadership of the House. They chose to look the other way. They alone are to blame.

    “While many Democrats may be taking real pleasure in watching the GOP twist and turn, it’s long past time for them –– and other leaders –– to denounce these shameful, gay-baiting, responsibility-evading tactics.”

    Now this blog has never been friendly to Foreman or the NGLTF, and I’m not surprised at their predictably liberal-take on the witchhunt.  It is especially disappointing given the fact that they know “The List” was compiled and has been used by Gay Liberals for years now.  But at least they are asking their Democrat masters to help stop this witchhunt.

    Meantime at Log…. they are still praising the election win of Lincoln Chafee.   If a gay Republican group was going to have any influence on any topic… now would be the time!

    -Bruce (GayPatriot)

    McCORNthyism 2006

    Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:00 am - October 5, 2006.
    Filed under: General

    John Podhoretz hits its the nail right on the head this morning.

    David Corn, 2006: “[The list] includes nine chiefs of staffs, two press secretaries, and two directors of communications—is that (if it’s acucurate) it shows that some of the religious right’s favorite representatives and senators have gay staffers helping them advance their political careers and agendas”


    Joseph McCarthy, 1950: “A list of 205 people…who, nevertheless, are still working and shaping the policy of the State Department.” 

    Gay Republicans may be the first target of this gay purging (using “The List” compiled by the Gay Left), but they won’t be the last.  This is the just the leading edge of serious damage to gays in the workplace beginning in the Federal government.

    But since they are Republican staffers, it is okay to demonize and root them out, right?

    -Bruce (GayPatriot)

    Mark Foley Lucky To Not Be Muslim

    Strike one:

    Deliberate masturbation during the month of Ramadan renders a fast invalid, Iranian Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Khameini has ruled.

    Strike two:



    Masturbation and being gay will get you a quick trip to see Allah for eternity. 

    -Bruce (GayPatriot)