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Mary Cheney & “The List”How the Left Uses Gay Individuals in an Attempt to Divide the GOP

It seems that the left has torn a page from the Kerry-Edwards 2004 playbook. Back then, the Democratic nominees for the highest offices in the land attempted to make an issue of the sexuality of the Vice President’s daughter Mary in order to pull social conservatives away from the Bush-Cheney ticket. In successive debates each candidate, first Vice-Presidential nominee John Edwards, then Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry mentioned that Mary Cheney was a lesbian. They thought that many social conservatives wouldn’t vote for a ticket when one of the candidates had a lesbian child.

Despite the failure of this tactic two years ago, leftists are trying to make it work this year, only instead of bringing up the sexuality of a candidate’s child, they’re threatening to “out” gay staffers to prominent Republicans. As Bruce reported earlier today, various gay leftists have been sending copies of the “List” (of gay staffers to leading Republicans) to a variety of social conservative organizations, political allies of the GOP who have a less-than-favorable opinion of homosexuality.

It seems clear they’re doing this to weaken the support of those organizations for the GOP as the mid-term elections approach. If these groups show less enthusiam, Republicans won’t generate the turnout they need in order to hold onto Congress.

Without any concern for the lives of these gay men and women — or even any knowledge of whether these staffers have attempted to lobby their bosses to change their stands on gay issues — gay activists are doing something they believe will hurt the party they love to hate — and so help the real object of their efforts, electing more Democrats.

They’re not concerned so much about helping gays as they are about securing political power for the Left. How ironic that they want to help the Democrats rise to power this fall by doing something, which they believe, will hurt individual gay men and women.

Some on the left will stop at nothing to promote their political interests.

But, their tactics, which will likely backfire, show how incredibly narrow-minded they are and show as well the assumptions they make about social conservatives. To be sure, many social conservatives have some pretty backward and inaccurate ideas about gay people. But, I highly doubt that all but a handful will abandon the GOP because some top Republicans have gay staffers. They will support candidates based on their stands on issues of concern to them. And social conservatives have more concerns than blocking legislation beneficial to gays.

Given how long left-wing organizations have had access to this information about Ex-Rep. Foley’s indiscretions, it’s clear they timed the release of it to maximize political damage to the GOP. Why else would they wait until the last day Congress was in session, barely five weeks before the mid-terms?

For the left today, it’s all politics. And they’ll do anything to get power — even if it means compromising the lives of individual members of an supposedly “protected” class. Two years ago, John Kerry’s only interest in Mary Cheney was how he could use her to hurt his political adversaries. Today, it’s gay activists themselves who show little concern for the lives of gay individuals.

Are we ever to find a gay leader bold enough to challenge both the anti-gay policies of social conservatives and the indifference of Democrats and many gay leftists to individual gay conservatives?

My Second Blogiversary

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:31 pm - October 6, 2006.
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Today marks my second blogiversary. It was sometime in September 2004 where I discovered Bruce’s post telling Log Cabin to stick it for failing to endorse President Bush in that year’s election. I e-mailed him, telling him of my background in that ostensibly Republican organization and agreeing with his criticism. We started corresponding with one another, engaged in a number of IM chats about politics and soon he asked me to join him on the blog.

In my first post I quoted one of my favorite essays, Albert Camus’s, “The Century of Fear,” written just over a year after the end of World War II, and do so again today:

Something in us has been destroyed by the spectacle of the years just past. And this something is the eternal confidence of man, which has always made him believe that one could draw human reactions from another man by speaking to him in the language of humanity. We have seen lying, debasing, killing, deportations, torture, and each time it was not possible to persuade those who were doing it not to do it, because they were so sure of themselves and because one cannot persuade an abstraction, that is to say, the representative of an ideology.

The long conversation of mankind has just ended. And, of course, a man whom one cannot persuade is a man who frightens us….

We live in terror because persuasion is no longer possible, because man has been delivered entirely to history and because he can no longer turn to that part of himself, as true as the historical part, which he discovers in front of the beauty of the world and of faces…

Here is another translation of that essay.

When I posted those words, I had little idea how much Camus’s words would apply to some of our critics. I regret that too many of our critics won’t even open themselves up to our ideas, even to understand them. They remain content to bash their idea of what we said, not the actual ideas we expressed.

That said, I have appreciated the controversy our posts have generated, the chance they have afforded to engage with people with whom we disagree, those willing to listen to our ideas. I’m honored to have been able to help provide a forum for other gay conservatives, individuals who don’t often find outlets for their views. And I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to meet a number of our readers from across the country.

As I begin yet another year blogging, I want especially to thank my friend Bruce, THE GayPatriot, for inviting me to join him here on this blog. It has been a tremendous opportunity from which I am only beginning to realize the benefits.

-B. Daniel Blatt (AKA GayPatriotWest)

On The Road With PatriotPooch

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:30 pm - October 6, 2006.
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Saxby and I are taking a road trip tonight.   Our first stop:  Greensboro, NC for the Carolina FreedomNet 2006 blogger conference tomorrow.

Then after the conference we continue north to Richmond, VA where Saxby will interview the candidate to become his new sister — Shadow.   If all goes well, there will be two PatriotPooches again on Sunday as we head back to Charlotte.


“Ummm….. Dad.  Did you just say something about a sister?”

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

CONFIRMED: Gay Liberals On Outing Witchhunt

First of all, I can’t believe I’m breaking Foley-Free Friday.   I promised myself I wouldn’t all day…. but this latest news can’t be ignored.

David Corn, liberal columnist for The Nation, outer of Valerie Plame, and holder of “The List” has an update.   It is Gay Democrats who are using “The List in their three-year old game of harassment, outing and blackmail to rout out Gay Republican Congressional staffers.  Here’s the latest from Corn.

Copies of The List (see below) have been sent by gay politicos to a variety of social conservative groups that look to the Republican Party to make their religious right dreams come true. The recipients include the Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, the Alliance for Marriage, Concerned Women of America, the Eagle Forum, and the Southern Baptist Convention. Officials at most of these groups have had something to say about homosexuality and gay rights in the wake of the Mark Foley scandal.

What’s the point? The senders–gay people of a non-Republican bent–seem to be hoping to set off a civil war within the GOP, to turn the anti-gay social cons against the GOP’s Velvet Mafia. These Washington gays have been seething for years about gay Republican staffers who serve a party that opposes gay rights and that welcomes the support of people who demonize or dehumanize gays and lesbians. “Maybe now the social conservatives will realize one reason why their agenda is stalled on Capitol Hill,” says a gay politico. Another says, “The inherent inconsistency of a coalition that shelters both gay loathing ‘Christian’ conservatives and conservative gays will soon suffer its final rupture.”

Will it? We shall see, as the Foley scandal continues to unfold, and The List continues to circulate.

I wonder what the Hypocrite Rights Campaign has to say about this?  I wonder if they are helping to circulate The List?  Yesterday, Corn confirmed with a source that an HRC official had a copy of The List.

In a very heated series of emails last night with yours truly, two officials from the HRC angrily denied any knowledge of The List.  I responded that their issue was with David Corn who, as I put it, is the “professional journalist” in this equation.  I promised that if he modified or retracted this statement that I would follow.  I even offered to pull off the side of the road during my drive today and connect wireless to do so.

So far Corn has not changed his statement on HRC having The List, nor has the HRC called me yet.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you had read Corn’s initial posting carefully (as I did) you would have seen he chose his words closely.  He never suggested that it was GOP folks who were compiling and using The List — he only said GOP folks were upset to learn of a possible gay network.  Corn has clearly maintained throughout the past few days that it has been Gay Liberals engaged in compiling and using The List.  (I know liberal readers here have a hard time with nuance.)

The only remaining questions now are:  Who are they?  And are any of our national gay organizations helping them with their Gay Outing Witchhunt?

**UPDATE** — This quick reply came to me from an official at the Human Rights Campaign:  No one at HRC has this infamous “list” and furthermore, no one at HRC is aiding and abetting in sending out this “list”. 

I guess that means the HRC thinks David Corn is lying or “misinformed.”

My response to the HRC is…..

At this point, I hope you understand that I trust David Corn’s source (he says it is a fellow reporter) more than I do your organization. 

Why?  Because I have closely watched your gay “rights” organization stand by in relative silence and permit this List to be compiled and used in order to drive people out of their jobs on Capitol Hill.  In addition, the people compiling this list have on several occasions specifically said they were getting help from the HRC… and now David Corn specifically reports that an official at HRC has “The List.”

If these were gay DEMOCRATS on Capitol Hill being “listed” by James Dobson, you would have been pouring out of your offices on Rhode Island Ave. until the practice stopped.

Of most interest to me… this is the only time in the two year history of the GayPatriot blog that I have ever gotten any reply from the HRC on any topic.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

CA Court Decision Suggests (once again) New Direction Needed in Gay Marriage Debate

Three months ago, when New York state’s highest court ruled that that state’s law did not allow gay marriage, I wrote:

I’m not as upset by this decision as are many gay activists and organizations. I believe they have picked the wrong fora to make their case for gay marriage. They should be going to legislatures instead of courts.

With this post, I repeat that point in response to the California Appeals Court decision yesterday to uphold the Golden State’s ban on gay marriage.

As I mentioned in my update to Bruce’s post on the ruling, I see the decision as a good thing. Had a state court imposed marriage on a state whose citizens voted in 2000 by an overwhelming margin to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, we could face a another backlash at the ballot box.

Randy Thomasson, executive of the Campaign for California Families, a staunch opponent of gay marriage, failed to muster enough signatures to put a referendum on the Golden State ballot this fall banning gay marriage. People weren’t willing to sign a petition to place such a gratuitous measure before the voters. With Governor Schwarzeneggger’s veto of legislation mandating gay marriage (legislation in direct opposition that 2000 referendum), there was no reason for further laws.

This would have changed, however, had a state court mandated gay marriage. It has been the fear of such decisions that has helped ensure the success of referenda defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman in state after state after state. But, with this court decision, Thomasson and his allies won’t be able to get Californians behind them as they seek not only to block gay marriage, but also to overturn the state’s landmark domestic partnership program.

With yet another failure at the state level, it’s time that gay activists do what I have been saying even before I started blogging — and focus on making a strong moral case for gay marriage to the American people rather than on framing legal arguments to state courts. If they’re serious about gay marriage, they should have the confidence to take their case to the American people.


New Front in WWIII Exploding: FRANCE

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:15 am - October 6, 2006.
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“We are in a state of civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists. This is not a question of urban violence any more, it is an intifada, with stones and Molotov cocktails. You no longer see two or three youths confronting police, you see whole tower blocks emptying into the streets to set their ‘comrades’ free when they are arrested.” — Michel Thoomis, the secretary general of the Action Police trade union of France

Who can be surprised?  The Islamic appeasers and liberal immigration laws of the French are coming back to haunt them.  I have been saying for a while that France will be the first Western European nation to suffer with the kind of violence the Islamists have been spreading throughout the Middle East and Asia.

Chickens are roosting.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)


Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:20 am - October 6, 2006.
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We are a Foley-Free Zone here today at GayPatriot.   Barring some bombshell news that completely changes things today…. there will be no postings about L’Affair Page here today.

I just can’t stand it anymore.

So talk about something else…. please!!!!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Arnold the American

I just returned from a fundraiser for the Guv I luv, the chief executive of the Golden State, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was a great event, not only because I got to see my friend Craig, but also because I got to meet other supporters of the Governor who were as diverse as the state itself. I ran into an acquaintance who was native to Switzerland — and his stunning wife, native to Canada. I chatted with a very friendly Armenian man (who showed me a picture of his adorable daughter–as cute as my nieces!) and an aspiring actor from Slovakia.

I saw men in yarmulkes, African-American couples, an Asian man with hair past his shoulders as well as assorted Hollywood types. In short, it was an American gathering. And it seemed that the most American person there was the star of the show, Ahnuld himself. One could feel that good man enter the room. He has an energy and an optimism that just radiates from his presence. That presence reminds me a little of another great governor of the Golden State — Ronald Reagan.

When Governor Schwarzenegger spoke, it struck me how quintessentially American is this Austrian native. He was optimistic and forward-looking. He talked about his accomplishments and how he plans to build on them in the next term to improve our state. He wants to see cranes everywhere repairing our state’s crumbling infrastructure. And wants to hold taxes down to keep business booming, creating jobs.

The only time he talked about his opponent was to poke fun at him for wanting to return to the failed practices of the Governator’s predecessor. And he wondered at his ads focusing on President Bush and the Iraq war. “Talk about California,” he said. And while he belittled Angelides’ policies and campaign tactics, just like Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger never attacked his opponent personally.

Governor Schwarzenegger’s energy, his optimism, his good humor, even his smile showed him to be a true American, a man grateful for the opportunities this great nation has given him and optimistic about its future — and that of its people. In that way, he was so like so many of us in that room, those of us born here and those who came here to pursue the American dream.

Though born in Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger embodies the best of the United States of America. It’s why I’m proud to have made a large contribution to his reelection campaign and encourage you to do the same.