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Carolina FreedomNet, Part Two

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:37 am - October 7, 2006.
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Still on panel #2.

There’s a lot of discussion about the civil discourse angle and blogs with and without comments.  The time constraints, the potential liability, and the profanity are a big constraint.   But I think most of us agree that comments help gauge the readers’ interests and personalities.


Discussion now is focused on how the influence of bloggers with politicians and if any of them “get” the new media landscape or not.   (One who does, is US Rep. Jack Kingston who has posted this Foley-related letter to Nancy Pelosi from his blog on Thursday.)


We are back to talking about blogging locally.  Mary Katharine Ham rightly points out that conservatives need to watch out that we don’t concede those local issues to the Left.  I agree.   I’ve been wanting to blog about Charlotte and NC issues, I just haven’t found the time or the right issue yet I guess.


Now the discussion:  how have bloggers (esp. on the conservative side) gotten involved in political activism.   The consensus is the Lefty bloggers are better.  But as Mary Katharine points out, we are still winning general elections even with the bluster on the Left bloggers about their “impact.”


The last topic was how the McCain-Feingold and FCC regs will affect bloggers.  The room broke out into applause when someone said “let’s repeal McCain-Feingold!”   I have to wholeheartedly agree.

Interestingly, during panel #1 when the influence of bloggers on the 2008 election was the topic — Bob Owens, The Confederate Yankee, said “McCain has killed himself” with the right-leaning blog community.

As I have repeatedly said under my breath…. I work my hands to the stump to make sure McCain does NOT get the GOP nomination.

Rudy…. Rudy….Rudy!

Okay, off to lunch!  Then picking up Saxby for the drive to Richmond, VA.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Carolina FreedomNet — Greensboro

Good morning gang.  I’m live-blogging from the Koury Convention Center where an impressive collection of top-notch bloggers is debating the influence of blogs in politics and popular culture.

I was a bit late… I had to drop Saxby off at a Doggie Daycare center I found here in Greensboro.   The first panel debated a wide-ranging series of topics.  I was thrilled to be able to meet three of the panelists after the discussion:  Lorie Byrd from Wizbang (Dan….she says hi!), Bob Owens — The Confederate Yankee, and Sister Toldjah.

One of the topics from the first panel was the debate between bloggers covering local issues vs. national.  The consensus is that there is an unmet need, but the amount of information to help bloggers fact-check and or comment is limited because state and local governments don’t have a lot of information posted online.   Hmmm…. will we have a GayPatriotNC in the near future?

Another interesting topic was the demographics of bloggers.  There was a lot of agreement that Sitemeter stats help, emails provide a lot of good info, as do comments.  Lorie specifically said that if you have a unique perspective you get certain demographic and she said her audience includes a lot of gay conservatives.  Then she said, “one of the best gay conservative sites is GayPatriot.”  Yeaaaaaaa.   And at a John Locke event to boot.  And nope, I wasn’t stoned.  I was embraced.

The second panel just started with Jeff Taylor (MeckDeck — a Charlotte blog), Josh Manchester of The Adventures With Chester, Scott Elliott of Election Projection, and Mary Katharine Ham from

More to come…..

Natl. Gay & Lesbian Task Force Strongly Condemns Gay Outing Witchhunt

Bravo.  Once again, this blog frequently disagrees with the philosophy and tactics of the NGLTF…. which makes it all the more refreshing that they are doing the right thing by condemning the Gay GOP staffer witchhunt.  

I received this statement from the NGLTF last evening.

“We are unequivocally opposed to the compilation or release of such a list and it doesn’t matter to us who is doing it: It’s wrong.” — Matt Foreman, executive director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Yes it is wrong!  In fact, to try to root people out of their jobs because you disagree with their political beliefs is the most vile, anti-American tactic one can imagine.

Thank you Matt for having the courage to stand up to those in our community that are consumed with blind hatred of diversity of opinion.

Now if the ultra-left NGLTF can issue this very strongly-worded statement condemning the Outing Campaign begun by Gay Liberal Activists, can someone please explain what the hell is wrong with Log Cabin Republicans and the Human Rights Campaign?

First, here has been Log Cabin’s response so far to “The List” being compiled and used against gay Republican Congressional staffers…

”                                                                                                           .”

Nada.  Tell me how the national gay Republican organization can remain silent while their own friends and members are being picked off in a political witchhunt?   It boggles the mind.

And now here is the best the HRC could do….

No one at HRC has this infamous “list” and furthermore, no one at HRC is aiding and abetting in sending out this “list”.

But no condemnation of “The List” and nothing calling on anyone to actually cease this Gay Inquisition.   If anyone of you out there with moderate-to-right political leanings gives another penny to the Hypocrite Rights Campaign, I will personally smack you upside the head.

First they came for the gay conservatives and no one said anything because they weren’t one….

-Bruce (GayPatriot)