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Will Conservatives Warm to Rudy Despite his Social Liberalism?

It seems that half the time I mention that I favor Rudy Giuliani for the 2008 presidential nomination, centrists and Democrats tell me he can’t win the nomination because he’s too liberal. Despite their pessimism about the chances of the former Mayor of New York, I have yet to hear a conservative express such pessisism. Perhaps that’s because I live in LA where one doesn’t find many conservatives who would oppose Rudy on social issues.

Yet, poll after poll shows that my man Rudy leads the GOP pack for 2008, albeit with less than 50%. A libertarian Republican friend, a fellow supporter of Rudy, agrees with me that our man has a good shot at the party’s nod and takes issue with the theory that a pro-choice Republican couldn’t win the nomination. “That theory hasn’t been tested,” he said.

The former New York Mayor has been doing all the right things to reach out to the GOP’s base, campaigning for candidates to his right across the country — and raising money for state parties in very “red” regions of the nation. In the heartland, GOP faithful seem more interested in his stand on national security than his positions of social issues. According to the New York Times (via Captain Ed):

In August, at a fund-raising dinner in Charleston for South Carolina’s very conservative Republican Party, Mr. Giuliani spoke about port security. When the party faithful had a chance to pose questions, they did not ask him about abortion or gays — only reporters did that.

Sound like reporters are more interested in his differences from the GOP base than are rank-and-file Republicans. And it sounds like these Republicans have priorities not too different from my own.

Indeed, in the Times article, only the pundits seem to think Giuliani’s social liberalism will pose a problem to his 2008 candidacy. By and large, rank-and-file Republicans are enthusiastic about the former New York Mayor. One GOP pollster, Frank Luntz, is more sanguine about Rudy’s chances:

The abortion issue will hurt him in Iowa, the gun control position will hurt him in New Hampshire, but both are less important than the character and the attributes of the man . . . . In a senate race, they want to know where you stand on issues. In a presidential campaign, they want to know who you are.

With North Korea’s apparent test of a nuclear weapon and Iran’s efforts to build such a bomb, conservatives may be willing some of to forgive Rudy’s centrist policies in favor of his proven leadership. As Captain Ed puts it, “Given the terrorist threat and the menace from North Korea and Iran, we clearly need someone with significant toughness in the Oval Office.” While that conservative is not yet “sold on Rudy,” he’s “hard pressed to see anyone on either side of the aisle that has Rudy’s toughness and resolve.

If the test for the 2008 nomination was character and leadership, Rudy Giuliani will have no trouble becoming the next GOP standard-bearer. I have a higher opinion of my party than many and believe that enough social conservatives will overlook Giuliani’s social liberalism and support his bid for the White House. With his record — and his resolve, the former New York Mayor will be able to quiet their conservatives, winning their support, uniting the party and then going on to win the election in the fall of 2008.

UPDATE: Roger links Reliapundit who thinks Lieberman’s lead over Lamont is good news for our man Rudy.

Will Bush Rise from his 6th Year Slump?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:16 pm - October 9, 2006.
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Whenever President Bush’s poll numbers tumble into the 30s, Democrats and their allies hoot and holler in glee at the apparent unpopularity of this man they love to hate. But, we should not let this snapshot of the president’s approval define his record of leadership. Despite his middling poll numbers, he may not be the failure they insist he has become.

Today, most Americans (including this Republican) consider that Harry S Truman was one of the better presidents of the last century. And yet in 1951, his “approval numbers fell to some of the lowest levels ever recorded by Gallup, staying below 30 percent and cratering to 22 percent in February 1952.” The incumbent’s numbers “cratered” about ten points higher.

In a piece in the latest Weekly Standard on the president’s “Sixth Year Slump” (via Wizbang Politics), Noemie Emery writes:

that sixth-year pain is nothing but normal, and has been shared in some way by all two-term presidents; that the judgments made of presidents in their sixth years of office (and in their seventh and eighth years, for that matter) have not always stood up over time.

Emery looks at a number of presidents, not just Truman, but also Reagan and Franklin Roosevelt, widely regarded today as successful leaders, but whom pundits had written off at similar junctures in their second terms.

Whether or not George W. Bush follows in their noble footsteps has yet to be determined. He can still create a lasting record of success provided he deal with a number of pressing problems facing our nation. If he can continue to correct some of the mistakes in Iraq and complete the victory there, securing that fledgling democracy, he will have done much to promote stability and peace in the Middle East. Success in Iraq will weaken its neighbor Iran, compromising its ability to threaten the region.

And he needs deal with the latest crisis created by North Korea’s apparent nuclear test.

On the domestic front, it would be nice if he could enact immigration and Social Security reform. And do more to hold the line on federal spending.

Not only is the jury still out on George W. Bush’s record as President of the United States, but he still has 2 years and 3 months to correct his flaws and build on his accomplishments. Noemie Emery shows how other presidents rose from difficult sixth years to compile impressive records, improving our nation — and their own reputations. The president — and his advisors — would be wise to study his predecessors’ records as he looks forward to the second half of his second term.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest)

Kolbe “Personally Confronted” Foley on Communications with Pages

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:37 pm - October 9, 2006.
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In my first post on Foleygate, I regretted that this story brought to light the sordid affairs of another unhappy gay man. As I wrote:

He . . . let down gay people. You can be sure social conservatives will be exploiting this to show how people like us prey on teenagers.

More often than not, it seems that when the sex lives of prominent gay men come to light, we see only those with bizarre obsessions. And their behavior helps paint a negative picture of gay male sexuality in the minds of American people. It would be as if Woody Allen or the pop-star Madonna served as the representative of straight people to American society.

Via a reader, I learned, however, of the gay Republican who should be more in the public eye, a retiring Congressman, a man I’ve met, who, on coming out publicly, focused on the same issues he always had before he was publicly identified as gay. And we learn via today’s Washington Post how this gay man, outgoing Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe, had “ppersonally confronted Foley” about his Internet communications with pages “as far back as 2000.” That’s right, one gay man took issue with the irresponsible behavior of another gay man. He showed the level of responsibility adults should show in such situations.

Through Jim Kolbe’s actions, we learn that it’s not a Congressman’s sexuality that’s the problem, but how he handles it. And while everyone knows of Ex-Rep. Foley’s immature conduct, even the Washington Post article on Kolbe devotes only a few paragraphs to the Arizona Republican’s conduct. It’s too bad this good man is not getting more media attention. Jim Kolbe, not Mark Foley, should be the public face of gay Republicans. For he is closer to us, far closer, than the disgraced Florida lawmaker.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest)

Top Democrat Activist Caught On Tape:Bob Beckel Says “Gays Among Boys” Are Like Bank Robbers

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 12:01 pm - October 9, 2006.
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As referenced last week, top Clintonista and Democrat pundit-extraordinary Bob Beckel said gays in the presence of boys was like a famous bank robber hanging banks.  So far the MSM has ignored this bigoted comment by one of the premier Democrat spokespeople.  Oh and so have the DNC lapdogs, the Hypocrite Rights Campaign.

Here’s the proof! (Many, many thanks to Robbie at The Malconent for putting this up on YouTube for me!)

YouTube Preview Image

And for those who claim to have “never heard” of Bob Beckel (*snorts*), here’s his own biography on his website.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)


Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:46 am - October 9, 2006.
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Great news to wake up with for a Monday morning. 

StopTheACLU has a roundup and a picture.


This event is the result of the Clinton Adminstration’s “solution” with the Korean dictator as well as President Bush perusing the “international test” of John Kerry by taking the Democrat’s “Let the World Solve It” approach.  Once again, as Bill Clinton admitted to Chris Wallace, the liberal policies of tackling terrorism have “failed.”

UN Security Council to meet at 9:30AM.  Great.. what do we have to look forward with that… a UN “Nukes For Food” scam in the making?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)