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Hollywood Producer Slams Albright, DemsAd Deemed “Too Hot” For GOP

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Major kudos to David Zucker (of “Airplane” and “Scary Movie” fame) for having the guts to produce this outstanding political ad slamming the Democrats.   Key line: “We don’t need a party that treats America’s future like a game.”  Ouch.

I think it says more about the Republicans and their sense of “fairness” that they don’t have the spine to run this ad.  Maybe Drudge shining the light on it will change their minds.

I predict this video on YouTube will be viewed by many more folks than the Clinton meltdown with Chris Wallace.

Watch the whole thing!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Changing my Blog Moniker?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:27 pm - October 10, 2006.
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Before I joined my family for my father’s 75th birthday, I asked Bruce if it would be possible for me to change my blog moniker. I wanted something a little more creative than GayPatriotWest, something that highlighted more of my passions and which didn’t pigeonhole me as a “gay blogger.” He told me it would be possible, but then, in the rush to finish one paper and get ready for my trip, I put the idea of a new blog moniker on the back burner.

I came up with the moniker, GayPatriotWest, on the fly. You see, when Bruce first asked me to join the blog, I hesitated, first, because, at the time, I was still a little uncertain about whether I should “come out” as a conservative and later, because I didn’t know what nickname to use in my posts. Had some creative (& compelling) title come to me, I may well have started blogging on my own (albeit anonymously). So, given how much I have enjoyed blogging here, perhaps I should be grateful than no name called out to me.

But, with Bruce’s invitation, I realized I needed to take the plunge and start sharing with the world ideas I was becoming increasingly eager to share with my peers. Thus, with this decision made, I realized I shouldn’t let quibbles over my moniker prevent me from expressing my views, so since I’d been invited me to join the GayPatriot blog and since I live on the West Coast, I decided to become GayPatriotWest.

To be sure, being one what one columnist called “the most reliably conservative gay blog on the Internet,” having “gay” as part of my moniker has allowed us to find a niche in a blogosphere full of great conservative blogs. Still, sometimes I wonder if that name limits us. Perhaps, with our monikers, people assume we’re only offering a gay perspective on a given issue.

To be sure, I do want to blog on a number of gay topics, so perhaps I should remain GayPatriotWest.

I have a few ideas for a new nickname should I decide to make the switch, mostly based on mythological characters. I’ll decide in a few days whether to remain GayPatriotWest or to move to something a little more mythological, a moniker that might better represent the breadth of my interests. And anyway, no matter what my moniker I’ll still be on GayPatriot. 🙂

As I make my decision, I encourage y’all to weigh in with your thoughts. Feel free to chime in the comments section or to e-mail me.

Screenwriter Says Liberals Using Foley Kerfuffle to Take Advantage of “homophobia in the culture”

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:22 pm - October 10, 2006.
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And yet when I watch the liberal punsters on television, I can’t help suspecting that they’re taking advantage of the homophobia in the culture in order to make slightly more of this episode than it may in fact turn out to be worth. When I watch the Democratic politicians smack their lips, I can’t help wondering whether they’ve forgotten that this is the sort of scandal that can happen to either party, and there’s no evidence that Democrats would have handled it any better. In short, I can’t help thinking that the homophobia is catching.

–Nora Ephron in Huffington (Via Best of the Web).

Kolbe Did Not Know Foley’s Chats with Pages were Sexually Explicit

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:07 pm - October 10, 2006.
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A reader alerted me to this article from the Arizona Republic on how much Arizona Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe knew about the nature of the communication between his former Florida counterpart, Mark Foley, and male congressional pages.

That good Republican “says he was never shown the exact content of Mark Foley’s e-mails six years ago to a male congressional page he had appointed, and did not realize those messages were sexually explicit.” Moreover, Kolbe said he assumed “e-mail contact ceased since the former page never raised an issue again with my office.”

While some Democrats have criticized Kolbe for “not having done more to alert others of Foley’s e-mail activities six years ago,” it’s clear that he handled the situation appropriately, given what he knew about the content of the correspondence between Foley and the pages. Since he did not know they were sexually explicit, he had no obligation to warn others about Foley.

It’s clear that Jim Kolbe reacted appropriately given the circumstances of the case. The only ones who would take issue with him are those who seek to spin the facts in order to derive partisan advantage from the situation. In short, a good man the right thing, but who did not, as we’ve learned in recent days, have complete knowledge of the exact nature of Foley’s online communications.

Liberals Still Advancing”The List”, Effort Falls Flat

Byron York has a great update on liberals trying to forcibly “out” gay staffers on Capitol Hill by circulating “The List” as reported first by David Corn.

As it turned out, at least two organizations apparently deleted the e-mail, either as part of routine file upkeep or because they weren’t interested in its contents. Others didn’t open the attachment — the list was included as a separate file — fearing that it contained a virus. And some opened it up and didn’t see much that was new. “We work on the Hill,” says one conservative activist. “There weren’t a lot of surprises on the list.” So far, the much hoped-for civil war doesn’t seem to be happening.

But the campaign to spread The List is accomplishing something. It is offering clues about who is behind it.

The version of The List sent to at least some of the conservative organizations originated from the e-mail address That is the address of a California-based group, the Health Policy and Research Foundation, an organization devoted mostly to work involving AIDS, that is run by a businessman and former Democratic National Committee staffer named Rick Reidy.

A personal website,, describes Reidy as a “business and public affairs adviser based in Los Angeles and Washington.” According to the site, Reidy worked for the Democratic National Committee in the 1980s, and today “counsels corporations, labor unions, and non-profit groups in strategies involving venture capital and government lobbying by drawing upon a wide range of personal and professional relationships.”

What seems clearer is that The List, now that it is in the hands of conservative organizations, is not having the effect that its proponents hoped it would. “They have this stereotype of us, the Christian right,” says one conservative activist, “and that stereotype is that we hate homosexuals. But that’s not the case and never has been, and that is why this is falling flat.”

Mary Katharine Ham over at TownHall echoes that in her posting about my reflections on attending the Carolina FreedomNet.

Since we are on the subject of gay conservatives so much of late, I’ll pull this quote. It warmed my heart:

GP:  Lorie specifically said that if you have a unique perspective you get certain demographic and she said her audience includes a lot of gay conservatives. Then she said, “one of the best gay conservative sites is GayPatriot.” Yeaaaaaaa. And at a John Locke event to boot. And nope, I wasn’t stoned. I was embraced.

Imagine that, huh? If you’re surprised, you’re a liberal.

Finally, with regard to “The List”…. you can’t move the goalposts on this one.  There is no shred of evidence that any Republicans are behind the “outing” effort.  This is a liberal-only, politically-motivated smear campaign against gays working in government, and most likely a violation of the civil rights of these Federal employees. 

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Log Cabin Takes Stand on Foley Kerfuffle, Condemns Outing

Yesterday afternoon, I — and all those on Log Cabin’s listserv — received an e-mail from Patrick Sammon, Executive Vice President of Log Cabin on the Mark Foley “scandal.” On the whole, I thought it was a solid letter. He joins us and many others in calling the former Congressman’s behavior “despicable,” but made clear that his “sexual orientation is irrelevant to this story. . . . His behavior was shameful whether he is gay or straight.”

He noted something I feared would happen that “anti-gay groups have used this awful situation to push their divisive agenda.” And he shares my belief that “Unduly politicizing this situation will backfire on Democrats.”

But, importantly to us, Patrick has come out squarely against “outing:”

We also criticize those who are using this scandal to push heir outing efforts of gay Republicans. Log Cabin unequivocally opposes outing. I am unaware of a single forced outing that led to passage of one piece of pro-gay legislation. Coming out on your own terms with courage is a positive catalyst for change. Forced outings don’t advance our movement because they’re motivated by vengeance and they distract us from what’s really important. Those who are trying to out gay Republicans should be ashamed.

Exactly. Just three days ago Bruce noted Log Cabin’s silence on the “List” of gay Republican staffers. We’re delighted that Log Cabin has finally taken a clear stand on this issue.