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Why Do They Hate?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:16 pm - October 11, 2006.
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Shortly after 9/11, Newsweek ran a cover story, “Why They Hate Us” about Muslim animosity to Americans. The very title suggested that there was something about us, something about America, that was detestable. For, it seems that to many on the left, the natural assumption is that if there is a problem is the world, it is caused either by American directly or by reaction to our supposedly imperialist politics.

Just as so many hate Americans, they often hate those of us who wear our patriotism on our sleeve. Those of us who love our nation (even as we acknowledge its flaws) and defend its values. They seem to concur with Samuel Johnson’s observation that “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

And then there are those who hate Republicans not so much because of what we stand for, but because of what they believe we stand for. Sometimes, it seems, to your humble bloggers at least, that many gay leftists reserve the greatest amount of contempt for people like us, gay Republicans and conservatives. All too frequently, they comment to this blog, misrepresenting our ideas, drawing our words out of context and repeating the same stock phrases that we are self-hating, the equivalent of Jewish Nazis.

There was a time when their words of scorn and animosity would upset me. Now, I found them more amusing than irritating. I have learned that as with most hatred, the issue is not necessarily the object, but quite frequently the subject. That is, when we ask the question Newsweek posed, Why Do They Hate Us, it might help to focus on “they” rather than “us.”

To be sure, there are times when hatred is justified. It’s easy to hate terrorists and others who would kill us just because we’re Americans. Or to hate a rapist or other such scum who would take advantage of an individual for his own pleasure.

I expected that when I finally posted my piece on Changing my Blog Moniker that someone would comment offering a nickname which would define me not as I am, but as our angriest adversaries see us. Fortunately, only one person offered such a comment.

As I read his words, I wondered why he hated so much. I realized that I serve just as the object for his animosity, not its justification, nor its explanation. I hope he will take the time to look within and wonder what it is that makes him hate so.


Bush Economic Recovery Policies Cut Deficit in HALF

Many thanks to GP reader John for reminding me to post on this topic. 

John points out the biased media scoffing on Bush’s promise to half the deficit by 2009 (here and here).

AP/CBS News – Dec. 2003: “President Bush’s goal of cutting in half a projected $500 billion federal deficit within five years is being dismissed as too timid by conservatives, unachievable by analysts and laughable by Democrats.”

CNN – Jan. 2004:  “Like a cowboy-boot wearing David Blaine, President Bush has promised to perform an amazing feat of prestidigitation: he’s going to saw the whopping federal budget deficit in half in just five short years.

But some observers warn the budget proposal he will submit Feb. 2, which will include projections of a greatly reduced deficit by 2009, will be little more than smoke and mirrors — unless he and Congress can show a lot more fiscal discipline than they have recently.”

Um, Bush has met the goal…three years early!  But where are CBS and CNN on reporting that milestone?

*crickets chirping*

It is quite amazing that the Reagan and Bush 43 tax cuts have both been proven to stimulate economic and job growth.  Yet, Nancy Pelosi promises to repeal the tax cuts if the Democrats with the House.  Remarkable and scary.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Conservative Bloggers Uniting to Oppose Outing Witchhunt By Liberals

So far, The AnchoressThe American ThinkerMacsMindGatewayPundit …. Roger L. Simon…. Mary Katharine Ham…. and now Liz at GOP Progress have joined GayPatriot in condeming the “outing” campaign by Liberal activists targeting gay GOP Congressional staffers.  (There are actually many, many more who have stated their opposition!)

I haven’t seen ANY liberal bloggers opposing this outing campaign.  Not one.  In fact, they are behind the attempts to rout out these staffers with their Sexual McCarthyism.  Can you just imagine the howls from the Left if “The List” was compiled by James Dobson and being used against gay Democrats?

Hypocrisy, thy face is of an American Liberal.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)