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Twenty-five years with the Changes of Twenty-five Springs

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:53 pm - October 13, 2006.
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Five years have past” wrote William Wordsworth in one of my favorite poems, “five summers with the length/Of five long winters” as he revisited the banks of the Wye a few miles above Tintern Abbey. And I multiply his five by five as I return to Cincinnati for my twenty-fifth high school reunion.

To be sure, unlike that great Romantic, I have returned multiple times to the subject of my writing. And my memories of my high school years aren’t nearly as sweet as were his of the rugged riparian region. Indeed, as recently as ten days ago, I was not planning on returning. But, a call from a classmate prompted me to reconsider my decision and realizing that a trip to the city of my birth would also afford me the occasion to see three of the PatriotNiecesWest, one of whom joined me for breakfast this morning — and to see as well the infant PatriotNephewWest (whom I am now watching). Just seeing these two was well worth the increased price of buying a plane ticket so close to my departure — and the aggravation of a red-eye flight from Los Angeles.

As I prepare to join my classmates tonight for our first event of the weekend, I reflect on the changes of the past twenty-five years. I knew some of the people I will see tonight in my earliest childhood, having started at this private school when I was in kindergarten. One man I have seen occasionally over the years. Another woman I haven’t seen in a quarter-century. And yet I had seen her nearly every day from when we were five years old until I graduated from high school. I remember when she came over to my house when I was five or six; everyone says that we made such a cute couple.

I am certain tonight that I will bring up this blog and those who don’t already will know I am gay. I was certainly aware of my feelings for men when I was in high school, but I had not then made the link between those feelings and the word “gay.” The world has changed so much since then.

I recall the last time I was in the Buckeye State, six months ago, when I returned to celebrate Passover with my family — and to speak to my oldest nephew’s high school, presenting a conservative view of gay rights. It struck me then, as it strikes me again today, how meaningful was that talk exactly twenty-five years after my own senior year.

At my nephew’s high school, there was something unheard-of when I was a teenager, a school Gay-Straight Alliance with an openly gay teacher as faculty advisor. Not only did I attract a standing-room only crowd, but I learned later that even the high school principal had come to hear me speak. What moved me more than anything was that the second eldest PatriotNephewWest, a very straight young man, not only came to hear his gay uncle speak,* but had brought along his best friend. It didn’t phase him that he had a gay uncle.

So has America changed — and changed for the better — in the twenty-five years since I graduated from high school. Instead of trying to explain away their feelings (as did I), gay teenagers can begin exploring their sexuality at the same time as do their straight peers. And let us hope that such exploration includes a moral education as well as the liberation of coming to terms with one’s own feelings.

What I learned when I returned to the Buckeye State this past spring is that today’s teens, unlike those from when I was in high school, are more accepting of their gay peers. This current social environment makes it possible that a young person coming to terms with his attraction to members of his own gender no longer feel ashamed of his attraction. While that attraction may distinguish him from his peers, acknowledging it need not make him a pariah. And young straight people don’t distance themselves from gay relatives as once they did.

Something to celebrate as I prepare for my own twenty-fifth reunion.

Bear in mind that these changes have taken place in a period when Republicans served in the White House for all but eight years. While my party certainly is less pro-gay than the Democratic, this gradual social progress has continued despite its political prominence. Something to ponder as we look forward to the next twenty-five years. It is not politics, but from the good will of the American people and our private institutions where we can expect to see the greatest social improvement.

-B. Daniel Blatt (

*Unlike his older brother, this nephew was not a member of the school’s conservative club sponsoring the lecture.

US Rep. Jim Kolbe New Target Of Witchhunt Against Gay GOP’ers

This is absolutely ridiculous. 

Clearly now it is inappropriate to be a Congressman who happens to be gay who also happens to be in the company of anyone else of the same sex.  Well, that is the result of the “shock and awe” campaign by Gay Liberals to “out” gay Republicans.  Now the victim is US Rep. Jim Kolbe.

Federal prosecutors in Arizona have opened a preliminary investigation of a camping trip Congressman Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz., took 10 years ago that included two teenage congressional pages, a Justice Department spokesman told NBC News.

A spokesman for the Justice Department in Washington said that the U.S. attorney in Arizona has started a “preliminary assessment” of the trip, after an unidentified source made allegations about the congressman’s behavior on the expedition.  (GP Ed. Note – I’m sure we will never know that source’s political leanings…. but I can make a safe bet.)

NBC News interviewed several people who were on the trip, and their accounts vary. One participant, who requested anonymity, said he was uncomfortable with the attention Kolbe paid to one of the former pages. He was “creeped out by it,” he said, adding that there was a lot of “fawning, petting and touching” on the teenager’s arms, shoulders and back by Kolbe.

However, Gary Cummins, the deputy superintendent of the Grand Canyon National Park at the time — and who also was on the trip —  said he did not see anything inappropriate take place.

NBC also interviewed the two former pages, who are now in their late 20s. One of them said that Kolbe was a gentleman and never acted in an improper fashion. He recalled that the pair spent time in Kolbe’s house at one point — and briefly were alone with him on the trip — and that Kolbe always acted professionally and decently.

The other would not comment on Kolbe’s behavior during the trip or characterize it in any way.

“I don’t want to get into the details,” he said. “I just don’t want to get into this… because I might possibly be considered for a job in the administration.”

However, the former page — who is the one to whom Kolbe allegedly paid special attention — said he had a “blast” on the trip and did not report anything improper to this parents or any House officials after the trip. He said he has a favorable impression of the page program to this day and likes Kolbe.

So now “anonymous sources” are enough to have scurrilous accounts develop into Nightly News-leading stories?  Good God.

Why do I think this is designed to breathe new life into the Foley scandal as it has begun to recede?  Thanks to the Gay Liberals’ own hatred, gays are now the target of any slight level of innuendo and scorn.

Brilliant move.  (/sarcasm off)

I wonder what the Hypocrite Rights Campaign has to say about this?  Or were they the ones that called NBC in the first place.

**UPDATE**AJ Strata at The Strata-Sphere wonders why the Democrats and MSM were okay with it when Gay Scoutmasters were on camping trips with boys, but are upset when a Gay Republican Congressman does the same.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Nutcase’s Nuke No Good

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 4:31 pm - October 13, 2006.
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Kim Il Dud.

Two U.S. government officials with access to classified information tell CNN that the initial air sampling over North Korea shows no indication of radioactive debris from the event Monday that North Korea says was an underground nuclear test.

The U.S. Air Force flew a WC-135 Constant Phoenix on Tuesday to collect air samples from the region.

A third official reiterated that at this point “there isn’t information to allow confirmation it was a nuclear test.”

The intelligence community and the military will continue to fly satellites and collect air samples in the region to try to collect radiological data that would provide confirmation of a nuclear test, officials said. But as time goes on, it will be increasingly difficult to achieve confirmation.

Officials emphasize this is preliminary data, and it provides no conclusive evidence about the North Korean event.

It is possible there was no radiological data. That could be the case if: the North Koreans successfully sealed the site; it was such a small detonation and so deep underground there was no escape of nuclear debris; or the test was actually conventional explosives.

Aside from getting a big laugh, this is still a serious development.  Either they tried a nuke yield explosion and it failed — and they will try again.  Or the faked out the international community and once again made the UN look like the foolish group that it is.

Hey, Saddam convinced the world he had WMD….. Kim is probably using the same playbook.  Maybe he wants kickbacks from the UN to support killing his people, too?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)