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Gays Must Look Within to Find the Real Meaning of our Sexuality

In a recent e-mail, a loyal reader noted the absence of comments to my post on the image of domestic bliss I had witnessed in the San Fernando Valley. He understood how disappointed I must have been that no readers took note of that post, at least not enough interest to comment on it.

In my mind, that was one of the most important pieces I have written since I started blogging for it gets to the essence of what it means to be gay. This is particularly important as the question of gay marriage surfaces again and again in our public discourse. We need to realize that an ordinary gay couple is not only a most beautiful image, it is quite powerful one as well, an image which may well make a stronger case for state recognition of gay unions than an argument put forward by the best debater.

In the coming days, I hope to blog more on this and other important social issues — focusing on why such images of ordinary gay couples matter so much to us. They remind us that those quick and casual sexual encounters all too readily available in our communities, while perhaps providing release, do not provide the sustenance we need to live truly human lives. That instead of focusing so much on our bodies and our beauty, we need also consider our hearts and our hopes, to look deeper into ourselves, rather than focusing continually on how “out” we should be.

That is, each of us needs to develop a gay identity based on more that outward appearances, that is more complex than a register of the places where we have come out to our family, to our peers — and to strangers. It’s time for us to look within, to ask questions of ourselves which cannot be answered in gay bars or computer chat rooms.

Many of us have already done that. And others are just beginning the process. We need to talk more openly about this. Because once we start communicating what we have learned, we might all better understand why an ordinary-looking gay couple much better represents what is best about gay people than the buff bodies so prominently displayed in posters in our neighborhoods and in the magazines and catalogues produced for people like us.

– B. Daniel Blatt (

Back in LA, but wondering if I’ll stay . . .

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 10:15 pm - October 16, 2006.
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I’m back in LA and while I’m delighted to be home, I already miss the Midwest. And it’s not just my family, particularly my niblings (nieces and nephews). Why is it that people here need to put on so much attitude? And why is it that, by and large, the people are just so much more decent to one another, at least on the surface, in Ohio?

It’s not that everyone here is snooty. I frequently encounter examples of extraordinary kindness even in LA.

When I graduated from high school, I was eager to get as far from Cincinnati as possible. And on this trip, I found the city oddly drawing me back. And it wasn’t just the presence of my family — or the cost of a decent-sized home. Or the traffic.

I think if I had a partner, one who would be willing to forsake LA, I’d seriously consider moving back. But, then there are moments when I discover the charms of the City of Angels, a person passionate about movies and ideas, an interesting street or building, the beauty of the sunset across the Pacific as its final rays darken the hills of the Palisades and Malibu.

As I told my classmates, many of the stereotypes are true about LA, the selfish, superficial people. But, that is only part of this city’s story. There are days when I truly love LA and see why this city has produced some truly outstanding movies and quality television. And other artistic achievements.

Whether I will stay much longer is now anybody’s guess. But I will note that when I was back in Cincinnati, I got together with one of the sweetest guys I ever dated. And he met his partner of seven years in the Queen City.

More Soldiers Lost Each Year During Clinton Years Than Since Iraq War




Oh, I just had to post this to get the juices flowing this morning among y’all. (Bravo to GatewayPundit on this one!)

Before Americans hand the keys of government over to the Bush-haters and allow:

* Osama to make another fatwa tape on how weak the Americans are for running from Iraq
* Speaker Pelosi to follow through with the 9-11 Commission’s recommendations after she voted them down in 2004
* Liberal democrats to spit on our soldiers as they drag them from Iraq
* Total chaos and death if Iraq is left to the militias
* Democrats to rewrite the books on this historic military campaign

Which reminds me…a liberal caller was on Hannity’s radio show last week and set forth his belief that America is so weak that we should go to Iran and North Korea to request terms of surrender.  Sadly, it isn’t America that is weak — certainly not our Armed Forces — but it is the liberals who fawn over such champions of freedom and civil rights as Hugo Chaves, Kim Jung Il, Fidel Castro, and Saddam Hussein…. and believe their own nation is the root of all evil.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)