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Don’t Be A Cut & Run Conservative!

PatriotPartner (John) has joined Rush Limbaugh in howling at “Cut and Run Conservatives” who may sit out the upcoming Congressional elections.  So here he is, guestblogging for a Saturday morning….

-Bruce (GayPatriot)


Well I’m tired too….tired of having to fight the terrorists and even more tired of having to fight the terrorist supporters that do indeed exist on the Democrat side of the aisle. Lefties will call that demagoguery, but certainly their actions speak louder than their words.

But any battle worth winning will take LOTS of energy and time and will be tiring. That doesn’t make it worth less of a fight. It means no matter what, you do what you must to win.

I have been distressed by the President and the Senate over the past two years myself. There is no question that they have turned their back on those of us who have been fighting for the conservative cause for decades. This all started with Harriet Meirs, by the way. It was the stupidest mistake of this presidency and it is when Bush’s approval numbers finally started heading south big time.

Still, I will be voting the GOP ticket this year again. If you have problems with the party, you had your chance to rebel in the primaries and state conventions. That is when you get to spank the party leadership, not in November.

Those who think that two years “in the wilderness” will do the GOP good better hope the can live with that for 40 years because that’s what happened the last time. The Democrats took over the House unexpectedly during Eisenhower’s administration. Hell, the Democrat House leader expected to be turned out 2 years later, so he never even moved into the Speaker’s much larger offices. It took 40 YEARS for the Republicans to finally win the House majority back. There is no way that the disgruntled mob can guarantee a mere two-year hiatus.

If you are willing to risk that and all it entails, including the terrorist-coddling and cuddling that will ensue, sit this one out.  But if you think that you, your family, your friends and your country are still worth fighting for, stop whining, suck it up and get the hell out there and vote for the Republicans again. Then be prepared to hold the party’s feet to the fire afterward. Of course if that party is the Dems, count on your opinion truly no longer mattering to Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid (or whoever) and Chairmen Kennedy, Rangel, Conyers et. al.

This election is critical. So now is the time for Conservatives and those who think that the idea of America still matters to decide if they are winter soldiers or “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots” (Thomas Paine, American Crisis).

-John (PatriotPartner)