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Anti-Gay Obsessions, Google-Bombing — the Politics of Hate

Whenever anti-gay social conservatives write about gay people, they focus on the most extreme aspects of our culture. They are not interested in presenting a dispassionate account of gay America, but rather portraying us as sinful deviants, incapable of making moral decisions.

Many spend hours and hours rooting through gay publications and around gay websites to find examples of the most outlandish gay behavior. Some anti-gay activists even frequent gay conclaves, seeking out those things most likely to cast gay people in a negative light.

And so would the left have us see American conservatives, particularly Republicans in tight races for reelection. A reader recently e-mailed me a link to this New York Times piece about “google-boming” how left-wing bloggers are attempting to manipulate google data so that when someone types in the name of a certain Republican in the search engine, posts and articles critical of him (or her) will appear “high among the returns.”

As I read the article, I could only wonder at the extent to which extremists go to portray their adversaries in a negative light. Left-wing bloggers are practically giddy that they have manipulated so google so that when someone types in “miserable failure,” he gets the official web-site for the president.

Rather than devote their time to promoting the positives aspects of their agenda, they would rather lurk in the swamps of hatred and vilification and spend their time finding ever more creative means to demonize their opponents. I wonder about people who spend so much time stewing in their animosity.

Eighteen day ago, when I asked why some people hate, I noted “that as with most hatred, the issue is not necessarily the object, but quite frequently the subject.” What is it that makes these people so negative, devoting so much time to demonizing their opponents? Some, including gay activists, are even taking advantage of the edit feature for Wikipedia entries in order to add disparaging comments about various Republicans, even if such information is not substantiated.

If I were to ask these activists why certain social conservatives dwell on gays, they would likely say that they’re projecting, a convoluted expression of their own self-hatred. They’re obsessed with gays because they can’t deal with their own homosexual tendencies. I don’t know that this explanation always works, but I’m sure that, in some cases, it holds true.

Beyond such projection, unfortunately some people get a certain satisfaction from demonizing others. Such people include not only the most anti-gay social conservatives but also many on the left who go out of their way to vilify those on the right and to game search engines to lead with negative information about Republicans.

It’s too bad they can’t devote their time and creativity to more positive and productive endeavors.