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Non-Traditional (for a gay dude, that is) Views On Gay Marriage

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 11:31 pm - November 2, 2006.
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Well, today I did it…I dropped off my absentee ballot on its way to what we call my “HOR” to be counted with the other suburbanites in Metro Denver. I’d have mailed it off sooner, but struggled with one particular referendum.

I know, by virtue of the fact that I’m a gay man, I’m obligated to oppose defining “marriage” as being between one man and one woman. Yes, yes…shudder at the thought.

But then there is Referendum I, into which super-dooper rich Colorado gay dude Tim Gill among others have poured tons of money and effort.

The beauty of Ref I is that it allows gays and lesbians to enter into “Domestic Partnerships” that, ostensibly, are the same in a civic sense as marraige. Ultimately I did the “right” thing and voted against amending the state Constitution (Amendment 43), and for Ref I. Thank Heavens, I’m sure to be welcomed with a warm reception back into polite gay company.

However, Referendum I is harder to vote for than the Gayarazzi wants you to believe…that is, if you believe in anti-discrimination. But then again, if you believe in what the gay community stands for (or used to say they stood for), most of this is moot anyway…

I’m sure to face the wrath of not only lefties who lurk in the comments section of GP, but also (surely a much more respectful) disagreement from my fellow bloggers here when I say this, but I’m against gay marriage. But that comes from my libertarian roots.

What I’d like to say to both sides of the marriage debate is: “You’re both wrong”

It’s like this, you see:


Kerry Fails to Apologize, Lashes out at Bush & GOP

I’m certainly not the first one to say this, but it’s quite clear that John Kerry has not yet apologized for his remark Monday suggesting that if students didn’t work hard in college, they could end up in the military, “stuck in Iraq.” Captain Ed called it a “non-apology apology.”

While Kerry issued a statment where he claimed that his “poorly stated joke at a rally was not about, and never intended to refer to any troop,” he suggests the problem was not so much his “verbal slip” as that his “my words were misinterpreted to wrongly imply anything negative about those in uniform.” Note his use of the passive here. Suggest that the issue was created not so much by his words, but by others who “misinterpreted” them.

Given that his comment on Monday mirrors what he said in 1972 when he was “convinced a volunteer army would be an army of the poor and the black and the brown,” it doesn’t seem that the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee was attempting to make a joke at the president’s expense, but instead expressing what he really felt about our armed forces.

What strikes me more than anything is that even in this statement of clarification, he has to lash out at Republicans, claiming that the GOP “would rather talk about anything but their failed security policy.” If he were truly expressing regret for a “botched joke,” he would issue his statement, make his clarification — and not issue any other attacks. But, making such attacks is second nature to John Kerry and his ilk.

Indeed, his words notwithstanding, he hasn’t provided much evidence of what the “change of course” he offers nor the “winning strategy” he has in store for our troops. He just attacks the president, wallowing in his own bitterness over his loss two years ago.

There is much that this latest brouhaha says about John Kerry — and those Democrats who refuse to criticize him.* Every time someone takes issue with something he says, he, like other Democrats, lashes out at President Bush and/or the GOP.

I don’t know that Kerry’s comment and failure to apologize will have the effect on the elections that Republicans would like it to have, but his comment does put another nail in the coffin of the Massachusetts’ Democrat’s presidential ambitions.

* To their credit, a number of Democrats have taken issue with the remarks of their party’s erstwhile nominee including its current nominee for Governor in Mr. Kerry’s home state.

UPDATE: So toxic has Kerry become that Deval Patrick, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in the Senator’s home state, has cancelled a series of appearances with him. Guess the erstwhile 2004 Democratic presidential nominee has become toxic even in the only state that went for George McGovern in 1972. Patrick must fear that Kerry’s presence alongside him might cut into the 20-point lead he enjoys over his Republican opponent. (Via Dean Barnett at Hugh Hewitt.)