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GOP Needs More Partisans Like Schumer

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:52 pm - November 3, 2006.
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The very year that Charles Schumer, current chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) graduated from Harvard Law School, he was elected to the New York Assembly. And since then, New York’s Senior Senator has always served in elective office. Indeed, he has never had a job outside politics.

And while Elizabeth Dole, his counterpart at the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), has enjoyed a lifetime in government service, it wasn’t until she was well into her 60s that she first ran for public office. To be sure, soon after she married Bob Dole, then-President Gerald Ford tapped the Kansas Senator as his running mate in the 1976 election. Twenty years later, her husband would be the GOP presidential nominee. And while Mrs. Dole, more so than many candidate’s wives, relished campaigning, she never really delighted as much in the rough and tumble of politics as does Schumer.

It’s no wonder the DSCC has outraised the NRSC this year. Schumer, a fierce partisan, really wants to win whereas Dole, not nearly as adversarial as he, just seems to want it to appear she’s doing a good job. Schumer succeeded in recruiting candidates who are giving Republicans runs for their money — even in “red” states. Dole failed to recruit serious challengers for liberal Democrats in such Republican states as North Dakota and Florida, the latter with a not very popular incumbent, far to the left of his constituents.

It is a sign of Republican strength that despite Mrs. Dole’s failures, the GOP has a better-than-even shot of holding the Senate. Yet, had Senate Republicans tapped a more aggressive partisan to match Schumer’s intensity, not only would the GOP be sure of holding the Senate, but even stand a shot of picking up seats, given the vulnerable Democratic seats in Michigan, Minnesota as well as Florida and North Dakota.

It’s not just fundraising and candidate recruitment where Schumer beat Dole. He has shown a similar fire in the belly in public appearances, easily besting his North Carolina colleague last week in a debate on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

I’m no fan of Chuck Schumer, but do appreciate his energy and his drive. He really wants to win. Republicans will need such partisans if we are to hold the slender majorities we enjoy after this fall’s elections — or win them back should our candidates not be able to overcome the dynamics of the year.

Father of Slain Hero Slams Kerry, “Misses” Joke

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:41 pm - November 3, 2006.
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This post began as an update to my earlier post on Senator Kerry’s failure to apologize for his remarks insulting the military. As I worked on it, I realized the article was too good to be included in an update to a day-old post and wanted to make sure that our readers who don’t check OpinionJournal regularly saw Ronald R. Griffin’s excellent piece on Senator Kerry’s remarks. Griffin, the father of a soldier killed in Iraq “missed” the erstwhile Democratic presidential nominee’s joke.

Mr. Kerry,” writes Griffin, “said exactly what he meant and meant exactly what he said. In those words Mr. Kerry did in fact wash completely away the facade of his support of our magnificent troops and revealed for all to see his true colors.

The Senator:

knew full well that he could not defend his remarks, so he attacked President Bush. In doing so he reinforced his now fully revealed condescending attitude towards our troops. He talked over them, as he always does, never even beginning to understand that there might be individuals who were truly and deeply offended by his remarks. The explanation for that is quite simple: He firmly and deeply believes that anyone who would be so stupid as to join the military is beneath the high moral perch on which he thinks he sits.

Even in his so-called apology the next day, Mr. Kerry could not bring himself to admit that he had made a mistake. It was not his fault that I might be offended; it is my fault because I “misinterpreted” what he said.

Griffin notes that soldiers voted against Kerry by a margin of “almost 4 to 1.” There is much to commend in this piece, but my words can do little justice to those of a man, the father of a hero, deeply insulted by the words of a Democratic leader. So, just read the whole thing!

Buy GPW’s Stuff at Yard Sale in Toluca Lake on Sun., 11/5

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:41 pm - November 3, 2006.
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One of my good friends is having a yard sale on Sunday, November 5 from 8 AM – 4 PM East side of Cahuenga Blvd at Bloomfield; one block south of Moorpark St. in Toluca Lake in which I will be participating, selling some DVDs, books, shirts and jeans. In addition to the stuff I’ll be selling, other people will be selling such items as tables, TVs, vacuum cleaners, jewelry as well as women’s clothing and framed prints andphotographs.

For more information, check this posting on Craig’s List.

Where’s Nancy? (Why Democrats Hide their Would-Be Speaker)

As the campaign for the midterms draws to a close, Nancy Pelosi, the woman who would be Speaker should the Democrats should win a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, is nowhere to be seen. Her Democrats are running a truly stealth campaign, criticizing the president and the GOP for failed policies and corruption while remaining mum on what they would do should they gain the majority at the same time as they hide the woman who would lead their caucus.

Obviously, Democrats fear that should Americans see this liberal Congresswoman as the leader of their party, they would be less likely to vote Democratic in Tuesday’s elections. Should they win by hiding their leader, the Democrats would put her in a position where she shouldn’t very well hide. As Speaker of the House, Pelosi would become the nation’s most visible Democrat. And I don’t think her angry partisan manner would play well outside the confines Bush-hating left.

Not only would her rise hurt the Democratic Party in general, but it could also hurt the Democrat’s 2008 presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton. First, she hurts the Democrats because for the past four years, since she became House Democratic leader, she has defined herself not by the policies she advocates, but by the tone of her opposition to the president. Once she is in the majority, people will expect her not merely to oppose, but to propose. Outside of her party’s thin 6-item agenda, Pelosi’s Democrats don’t have many ideas to hold their caucus together after their first few hours back in the majority.

Second, Pelosi’s rise hurts Hillary because of the similarities between the two women. Both come across as shrill partisans, neither with much appeal to non-Democrats. In the very “blue” state of New York in 2000, Hillary ran 350,000 votes behind Al Gore. As speaker, Pelosi could sour people, already cold to Hillary, on the notion of putting another partisan Democratic woman into a position of leadership. As Mickey Kaus put it:

Isn’t it possible that–if Pelosi assumes the Speakership and flops as badly as some Dems fear–she’ll perform an opposite function, namely souring the voters on the idea of a female executive? Two-years worth of saccharine robotic liberal pollster phrases about “America’s children” can do that.

(Via Instapundit.)

Given that Democrats have hidden the woman who would lead their party — and the U.S. House — shows once again that they’re running less on their ideas and their leaders than against the GOP. But, should they win a majority next Tuesday, just being against won’t suffice. They won’t be able to hide their absence of ideas — nor the shrillness of their leaders.

Before voting next week, Americans should wonder why the Democrats don’t want us to see the woman who would gain so much power should they win next week. Pelosi’s rise might certainly prevent that of Hillary, but it wouldn’t be very good for the nation to have as House Speaker a woman who has few ideas of her own and whose own party has seen fit to keep her under wraps during this all-important campaign.

UPDATE: In today’s OpinionJournal Political Diary (available by subscription), John Fund notes that Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s observations on Mrs. Pelosi. According to Fund, the former Speaker:

says that while House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is still largely unknown to the American public, recognition of her very liberal record is slowly seeping into the nation’s consciousness. Should Democrats take control of the House next Tuesday, he says you can bet she will become a leading symbol of the Democratic Party.

And while some in the comments note the relative invisibility of the current House Speaker, Dennis Hastert, that’s because he’s of the president’s party. Should the Democrats win, Mrs. Pelosi would rise in prominence as did Gingrich in 1994 when the GOP won a majority because she comes from the opposing party.

And the prospect of her leadership, according to Gingrich, has helped the GOP:

Mr. Gingrich says he is detecting a late surge of support for GOP candidates in some districts based on the recognition of just what Ms. Pelosi’s Democrats represent. He believes that’s one reason why the San Francisco Congresswoman has dropped out of public sight ever since a glowing profile on CBS’s “60 Minutes” on October 22. “It seems clear that some Americans have glimpsed a future with her third in line for the presidency, and they don’t like what they see,” says Mr. Gingrich. “She has become largely invisible as a result.”

I would recommend your read the whole thing, but since it’s available to subscribers only, I’ll just encourage you to subscribe to Political Diary — only $3.95 a month.

UP-UPDATE: The Corner reports that “Nancy Pelosi is coming out of hiding [to campaign] for Bob Casey” in Pennsylvania. But, as ThinkProgress, a left-wing blog working hard to find Nancy, reports, she’s appearing (depending on the event) in tandem with other Democrats including former Vice President Gore, PA Governor Rendell and Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

I did follow-up on the links provided by those who claimed the Nancy wasn’t hiding and could find no evidence of her appearing at any campaign events outside her hometown of San Francisco until her Pennsylvania trip tomorrow. And even in those, she’s not the headliner.