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The Media, Ted Haggard, Hypocrisy & Human Emotion

Given that I’m a gay conservative blogger, everyone seems to expect me to write something about Ted Haggard, who, earlier this week, resigned his position as president of the National Association of Evangelicals when an escort accused him of paying for sex and buying drugs. I would really rather not write about yet another man with apparent homosexual tendencies engaged in behavior that is clearly wrong.* Why does it always seem that those with the most unusual gay proclivities are those who get the most media attention?

It would be nice if the media paid more attention to the gay men involved in monogamous relationships — or those choosing to forego sexual relations for a time while they pursue such relationships. Oh, but those stories aren’t particularly interesting to the scandal-mongering media.

My first thought when I read the story about Haggard — after he had confirmed that he paid a prostitute for massage and drugs — was how terribly lonely this man must be. Married to a woman, with a family and having reached the top of his profession, he still sought out sex and drugs, trying to fill some hole in his life.

I might have more compassion for this man were he not married. In marrying his wife, he vowed to be faithful to her. And by seeking a sexual relationship outside that relationship, he cheated on her, likely causing her much pain.

The media has focused on Haggard’s hypocrisy as it that were his only sin. To the MSM — and others on the left — it seems that whenever they learn of the sexual shenanigans of a social conservative, particularly one as outspoken as Haggard, they focus on the hypocrisy angle, as if this one individual’s hypocrisy proves that all such conservatives were hypocrites and their values empty moralizing. Yet, with the media’s narrow focus leaves out so much about the values of evangelicals and the emotions of the alleged hypocrite.

Most evangelicals are very sincere in their beliefs — and their values. Just because one man violated his own marital vows — and acted contrary to his words does not condemn the entire evangelical enterprise.

Yet, Mr. Haggard’s actions show that when one has a strong sexual/emotional attraction to members of his own gender, that attraction is not easily overcome, even by those of strong faith. It’s too bad Mr. Haggard didn’t realize that when he married his wife — or take his own experiences into account when he spoke out against homosexuality.