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Massachusetts: Never Ending Gifts To The GOP

Here’s another great column from Jules Crittenden at the Boston Herald!

Every two years, bluest blue Massachusetts sends in the clowns. We show America what could be and America generally sees it and acts accordingly: runs in the other direction.

From Kerry’s insulting jibes at our troops, to the efforts by Kennedy and others in our delegation to undermine a wartime presidency and give Euro-style socialism a foot-hold in the New World, Massachusetts gives America its bogeymen.

With the likely election of Deval Patrick as governor, we’ll give America a brave new Dukakis, not to mention an advance glance at an Obama administration. Watch and learn. It is perhaps the best 2008 gift we, Massachusetts, could give the GOP.

More Kennedy. More Kerry – no way he’s going quietly; his Web site now sports a Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial saying his dumb troops-dumb Bush joke was “right either way.” A rasher of Patrick. Frank in the Democratic House leadership. What more could a Republican candidate in 2008 ask for?

Speaker-hopeful Nancy Pelosi, suddenly faced with the prospect of actual responsibility, is begging her minions to keep a lid on it. You know they won’t be able to. As they engage in the destructive practice of investigating every spurious claim of rights-trampling that already has been hashed over repeatedly, we will get a sneak peak at the Democratic vision for America. 

An America eager to ingratiate itself with the world and embrace any bizarre fringe cause that emerges. This is what we live with in Massachusetts.

Oh yeah, and gay Republicans were lucky enough to have been given the gift of Patrick Guerriero from Massachusetts.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Iraqi People Celebrate Saddam Verdict

The images on TV this morning once again say it all:  Iraqi adults and children dancing in the streets to celebrate the death sentence of Saddam Hussein.

Mohammed and Omar Fadhil from the groundbreaking blog, Iraq the Model, have this reaction at PajamasMedia:

I was overwhelmed with joy and relief as I watched the criminals being read their verdicts. For the first time in our region tyrants are being punished for their crimes through a court of law.

This is the day for Saddam’s lovers to weep and I expect their shock and grieve to be huge. They had always thought their master was immortal so let them live in their disappointment while we live for our future.

This is a day not only for Iraqis but a historic day for the whole region; today new basis for dealing between rulers and peoples are found. 

No one is above the law anymore.

We are living a new era where there’s much hope despite the difficulties…our sacrifices have a noble cause, that is to build a new model that obviously terrifies other tyrants.

I believe it wasn’t Saddam alone who was shaking and shouting in hysteria when the verdict was read; I can see hysteria takes over all of Saddam’s followers and apologists.

Today we had turned a page that was full of pain and ugly crimes that were committed by the same criminals who were shaking in the hands of Iraq’s new justice.

Right now volleys of bullets ring not far from where I sit, some are fired to express joy while others are fired in a desperate expression of denial but I have no doubt who is going to prevail.  Although the road is long but we are walking forward and will not look back.

I salute the honorable special tribunal that challenged threats and risks and insisted on keeping up the work until the end, and today it brought back the pride of the land that wrote the world’s first laws.

I salute the witnesses who risked their lives to reveal the truth and expose the crimes of the dictator.

I salute the brave men and women of the coalition who came to this land and made this day possible.

Congratulations to all my Iraqi brothers and sisters on this glorious day.

Americans can be proud that we did the right thing and toppled the evil dictator.  Everytime the Iraqi people have the chance to express themselves (tearing down Saddam’s statue, voting three times, and celebrating the dictator’s guilty verdict), they do so in support of our nation’s goals of freedom and democracy.

It is fascinating to see the parallels between how the American/world news media focuses on the negative and promotes the insurgents and against the Iraqi people just as the news media focuses on the negative and promotes the Democrats in our own nation.  They repeatedly ignore the true intentions of the American and Iraqi people.

Folks, we are in a war against a global terror threat.  Saddam was, at the very least, a terror-enabler.  He repeatedly mass murdered his own people and threatened war against America multiple times.  In a post-9/11 world, no responsible American president should have let the potential threat of Saddam’s intentions and weapons programs/materials (all documented) go unchecked.

Today is a great day for the Iraqi people and for our heroes in the US Armed Forces who are taking World War III to the front lines, so that the streets of America remain safe.  I only hope that the leaders of the Democrat Party celebrate this day as much as they did when they celebrated the anniversary of the Abu Ghraib abuse revelations.

[RELATED STORY:  NY Times says Saddam was one year shy of an atomic bomb.  Kind of blows the whole liberal mantra out of the water, eh?]

-Bruce (GayPatriot)