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Just a random election night thought…

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 11:31 pm - November 7, 2006.
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Won’t it be interesting that as near-history records this night, the biggest victory for Republicans will have been the election of a Democrat?

Hey, take it where you can get it. Oh, and remember this when they tell you tomorrow how this is a “referendum” on the Iraq war.

…more thoughts (if you can call them that) tomorrow…

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot)


Posted by GayPatriotWest at 11:03 pm - November 7, 2006.
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[Please note that since Bruce has gone to bed, I’ll be doing our live-blogging solo from now on. —Dan]

While it’s become increasingly clear now that the Democrats will take the House, it’s becoming just as clear that this is not a victory for liberalism, given the number of conservative Democrats who are picking off GOP seats. This election could well mark the return of the yellow-dog Democrat.

According to Brit Hume, the Washington Post has pulled its projection of Ben Cardin’s victory in Maryland.

Fox is projecting what most had been assuming that the Democrats will take control of the House. The Democrats have won not as did the GOP twelve years ago by running on a platform ideas, but hoping that voter unhappiness with the status quo would lead to people voting out the GOP.

Looks like New Hampshire was an unexpected surprise for the Democrats as they won both House seats there, something I had not expected.

A reader just e-mailed me to note that the LA Times called the California governor’s race for the incumbent, my man Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some bright news on an otherwise bleak night.

Just got an e-mail from Log Cabin and learned that the Governor has invited Jeff Bissiri (Log Cabin’s California director) to be up on stage with him when he declares victory tonight.

11:45 PM EST; 8:45 PM PST Small piece of good news for GOP. Republican Deborah Pryce manages to elude the “Taft curse” for her Columbus, Ohio district.

11:47 PM EST; 8:47 PM PST Mahoney wins Foley’s old district in Florida. Well, that looks like a pickup for Negron in 2008.

11:50 PM EST; 8:50 PST I’m beginning to understand how some Democrats must have felt 2 years ago. I really thought the GOP would be doing better than we are tonight. Let’s hope the Democrats are more gracious in victory this year than were some of their number in defeat 2 years ago.

BREAKING NEWS: Gay Marriage Bans Passing Across USA

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:29 pm - November 7, 2006.
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(7:34 PM) – According to FOX News: It appears that the gay marriage amendment passed 58% to 42% in Virginia. It is unclear if this projection is a combo of the exit polling data and actual vote totals. But it does make me think this helps George Allen.

UPDATE from GPW: On Fox, they’re reporting that one-third of those who voted for this pernicious proposal picked Webb for Senate.

(8:30 PM) – FOX News is now projecting another defeat for gay marriage in Tennessee by a margin of 85-15 (not actual results yet though).

(10:28 PM)AP reports Wisconsin voters have defeated gay marriage in an amendment today.

Wisconsin voters favored an amendment that would add two sentences to the state constitution to define marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

The amendment prevents the state from recognizing similar relationships among unmarried individuals, such as civil unions.

Gay rights groups such as Human Rights Campaign considered Wisconsin their best chance to defeat a gay marriage ban, and conservative Christian groups such as Focus on the Family tried to rally voters to pass the measure.

And also in South Carolina, voters have endorsed a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in the state.

GPW @ 10:35 EST; 7:35 PSTI thought we had a chance of defeating the referendum in Wisconsin. Its loss there is terribly disappointing. I wonder how much the New Jersey decision influenced voters in the Badger State.

GP (10:37 PM):  GayPatriot reader Gene has this interesting observation…..

This Democrat “wave”…interesting again how they don’t include blacks and gays. ALL the gay marriage initiatives lost. African Americans at the tops of tickets lost in TN PA and MD. Gays and blacks continue to get scraps from the Dems.



Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:02 pm - November 7, 2006.
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GP: We are now into the 10pm hour and Dan and I are still going strong. But I’m going to turn in shortly as I have to travel for work tomorrow. I’ll be here for a bit longer.

GP (10:05 PM): Okay, outstanding Republican Congresswoman Nancy Johnson (CT-5) has lost. While I don’t think there is the “massive” Democrat wave going on…. I would say that the loss of Nancy Johnson means the Democrats will gain control of the US House of Representatives. The question now is how many seats will the GOP lose?

GP (10:10 PM): Update from the Maryland US Senate race from The Corner: Steele spokesman Doug Heye tells NRO: “The Steele campaign is not conceding. Every vote must be counted.”

GPW (10:10 PM EST; 7:10 PST) Well, the Democrats will clearly take the House. Looks like I was wrong about last-minute voters shifting to the GOP. The silver lining is that it looks like some of the House Democratic freshman are conservatives, so it’s a sign that this is not a victory for liberalism. It’s too bad that Republicans didn’t hold true to their principles. Also, something else I didn’t account for. Someone on Fox made the point that 4 Republicans had resigned from Congress in the past year alone. I didn’t account for how much that count hurt my party and it seems to account for their falling short this year. No wonder that Curt Weldon lost in Pennsylvania given the investigation into his supposedly corrupt activities.

GP (10:45 PM): I’m headed to bed. My final thoughts. The House will go Dems. I think my home state of Pennsylvania looks like a GOP Congressional slaughter and that is too bad because most of the losses appear to be GOP moderates. I think Allen, Talent, Corker and Burns will win in the Senate and hold the GOP majority.

But hell, what do I know? 🙂

GPW @ 10:53 PM EST; 7:53 PST: The Governor’s races don’t look good for the GOP. So far though only one incumbent Republican has been defeated, Governor Ehrlich in the very blue state of Maryland. Except for the California and Ohio races, I have paid much attention to these races.


Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:12 pm - November 7, 2006.
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We are flopping into the 9pm Eastern hour here on Election Night 2006. Dan and I are live-blogging from Charlotte and Los Angeles. Feel free to comment at will!

GP (9:02 PM): Here’s a nice summary at CNN of the Indiana Congressional races… .all bellwether districts, all too close to call for now.

GP (9:07 PM): Since we are one of the “Foley-gate” blog resources (*sigh*)… I figured we should keep an eye on the FL-16 race. With about 50% of the precincts in, Republican candidate Joe “Punch Foley For Joe” Negron is holding to a slim lead of about 1,000 votes. The Democrat candidate Tim Mahoney was ahead earlier.

UPDATE FROM GPW @ 9:15 PM EST; 6:15 PST). Well, my favorite Democrat has just been reelected, though running as an Independent, Joe Lieberman wins in Connecticut.

GP (9:19 PM): With Ned Lamont losing to Lieberman, has Kos won anything yet?

GP (9:24 PM): I’m officially calling bull*** on the FOX News projection for Maryland US Senate. There is only 1% of the vote in for Maryland.

Michael Barone now announces the FOX is junking the exit polls!

GP (9:26 PM): House update Northrup and Chocola are toast. But these are still squeakers. Where is the “Democrat wave”?

GPW: The Northrup is a loss for the GOP, but, while an incumbent, her district was a slightly Democratic one. Hurts GOP chances of retaining House, but I agree with Bruce that this is not yet a sign of a Democratic wave.

GP (9:30 PM): Ann Althouse and the Mike from RedState are both live blogging at a cool blogger gathering in DC being hosted by CNN.   FOX should have done that.  Check it out!

GP (9:35 PM): Rhode Island US Senate seat flips from Lincoln Chafee (RINO) to Sheldon Whitehouse (D).  HRC has this reaction on their blog.

The news just broke that Sheldon Whitehouse defeated HRC endorsee Lincoln Chafee in the Rhode Island Senate race.

Chafee is one of only three U.S. senators who openly supports marriage equality. He’s been a stalwart ally. Fortunately, Whitehouse has a pro-GLBT record.

GP (9:38 PM): Back to FL-16 (ex-Foley seat)….Democrat Mahoney has now pulled ahead of Joe Negron by 2,000 votes.

GP (9:45 PM):  I guess I’m going to have to check my skepticism of the Maryland Senate projection for Ben Cardin.  FOX just called the MD Governor race for Democrat Mike O’Malley over incumbent Bob Erlich.  Hmmmm.

GP (9:53 PM): Jim Geraghty at National Review shares my puzzlement at the early call of the US Senate race in Maryland.

LIVE BLOGGING Election Returns — 8 PM

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:09 pm - November 7, 2006.
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Just got a robocall from Arnold reminding me to vote if I haven’t already. The rumors of his GOTV effort are not exaggerated.

And Republican Governor Jodi Rell, who signed Connecticut’s landmark civil unions plan, has just been declared the victor in the Nutmeg State.

Juan Williams (on Fox) says that if Democrats win, this is a big night for conservative Democrats.

Fred Barnes says not much of an ideological element to this election. And Bill Kristol sees that exit polls show a largely conservative electorate. Too bad GOP didn’t hold true to its conservative principles. (GPW 5:12 PST, 8:12 EST)

GP (8:14 EST): In a huge shocker…. Sen. Ted Kennedy won re-election in Massachusetts!

GP (8:22 EST): One of the few North Carolina races of any import is in the Western part of the state — incumbent Republican Rep. Charlie Taylor and former football QB Heath Shuler. Right now, Taylor is ahead slightly but only 7 of 282 precincts are in.

GP (8:23 EST): The Corner sez ABC is calling Penna. US Senate for Casey, Jr.

UPDATE from GPW @ 8:35 PM EST, 5:35 EST. Fox declares what most expected that Casey would unseat Santorum in Pennsylvania and Menendez wins in New Jersey.

GP (8:41 EST): Oh this is precious. I just got an email from the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force (one of my least favorite group).

Election perspective from leading national gay rights advocate

Matt Foreman, executive director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, leading national gay advocacy leader and spokesperson, available for comment and election analysis on November 7 & 8

My first question would be: Matt, are you happy that Vermont has elected our first Socialist to the United States Senate?

UPDATE FROM GPW “Taft’s curse” continues to haunt the GOP as Sherrod Brown ousts Mike DeWine in the Buckeye State.

LIVE-BLOGGING Election Returns – 7PM Eastern

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:42 pm - November 7, 2006.
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Watch this space as Bruce & I will be live-blogging the election returns.

Two expected calls. Republican Richard Lugar projected the winner in the Indiana Senate race and Socialist Bernie Sanders projected to win in Vermont. (GPW reporting at 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST)

Looking at returns from Indiana and Kentucky, but except for the Northrup(R)/Yarmuth(D) race in Louisville, not many precincts are reporting. In that race, Yarmuth initially led, but now Northrup is slightly ahead. (GPW, 4:12 PM EST, 7:12 PST)

Carl Cameron on Fox says Allen’s people are claiming higher turnout that in 2004. Call me skeptical. (GPW, 4:17 PM EST, 7: 17 PST)

Northrup has now fallen behind. (GPW 4:25 PM EST; 7:25 PST)

GP (7:29PM): Hey Dan… I’m on! PatriotPartner sez the exit polling data the networks are using are projecting Lamont over Lieberman. I think this means the exit polls are messed up again!

GP (7:45PM): I’m keeping my eyes on the two Georgia House races that are two of the few potential GOP pickups. GA-8 and GA-12. No real returns yet.

K-LO @ the Corner is reporting that Strickland beat Blackwell on Ohio. Seems to be the curse of outgoing Governor Bob Taft. Back when I was in Cincinnati for my high school reunion, my classmates who remained in the Buckeye State (& my family) reported that Taft (a graduate of my high school) was not corrupt, just inept. And Blackwell had won the GOP nomination by running against Taft and the Ohio GOP establishment. Blackwell may not be the only Ohio Republican to fall to the “Taft’s curse.” (GPW, 7:47 EST, 4:47 PST)

GP (7:50PM): I find this impossible to believe…..TKS picked up on this too….Fox News just said on the basis of exit polls that the gubernatorial contests in Vermont, Georgia, and South Carolina are too close to call. No way!!!

Oh… I can safely project my own Congresswoman Sue Myrick will win re-election in the NC-9th.

Negron leading in Mark Foley’s old district in Florida. But, we don’t know where the numbers are from. (GPW, 4:55 PST, 7:55 EST)

FIRST Democratic gain–Ellsworth ousts Hosteller in Indian (GPW; 4:59 PST, 7:59 EST) But, Fred Barnes note that Ellsworth is pretty much a conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, anti-tax increase.

First Peek at ‘06 — GOP Turnout Higher Than ‘04?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:28 pm - November 7, 2006.
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I’ve seen some reports (and anecdotal emails) throughout the day that GOP turnout is higher than 2004 levels at key precincts in key states.  Remember, the GOP vote turnout in 2004 was at a record level.

More evidence comes from people smarter than me that know how to work with math.  Hugh Hewitt reports that his GOP insider, George Smiley, is comparing 2004 and 2006 GOP turnout statistics.

(Posted at 5:47PM Eastern) Nationally tracking turnout in precincts 60 to 80 target precincts and measuring it back against the 2002 and 2004 turnout numbers.

As of this moment we have a 5% advantage compared to Dem and GOP [from 2004]. That is up from a 1/2 percentage voter turnout advantage from an hour ago.
GOP base precincts are turning out higher than Dem base precincts:
  • MD 3% higher
  • MO 2% higher
  • VA 7% higher

And, I’m hearing that the exit polling data now coming out is trash (as usual).  So once again, we have to wait for the ACTUAL VOTES to be counted!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Voting in the Golden State

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:58 pm - November 7, 2006.
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While people are dealing with flooding in the Pacific Northwest and cold weather in the Northeast, I had to put on sunscreen to vote. Now, given that I live in LA, you would expect that I would drive to the polls as they are more than two blocks from my house. But, parking near there is lousy, so I put on my sunscreen, sunglasses and my Reaganesque straw cowboy hat (needing to protect my fair skin from the California sun) and walked to my polling place. It’s in the 90s here.

It’s such a chore voting in California, given the number of offices up for election — as well as thirteen “State Measures.” I even voted for a Member of the West Basin Municipal Water District.

I actually had to “void” my first ballot because I accidently voted “Yes” on Proposition 87, a measure which would place a tax on state oil producers. The election officials were very cool about my error. They merely wrote “VOID” with what appeared to be a SHARPIE pen (or maybe a small magic marker) on my original ballot and gave me a new ballot. This time I was more careful with my ballot and double checked to make sure all the inked circles corresponded with those on the Sample Ballot I had filled out at home.

The election people reported heavy turnout at my precinct in eastern West Hollywood. Not sure what to make of that. My neighborhood is very Democratic, but has a number of Russian immigrants who do sometimes vote Republican. That may not necessarily be bad for Arnold. I talked to two friends this morning, one a Democrat and the otheer a Democrat-leaning Independent. Both had voted to give our good governor a second term.

Myself, I voted a third time for Arnold Schwarzenegger, the first time being in the recall in 2003, the second in the Republican primary earlier this year. It felt good to vote for the one-time action hero who has really succeeded in turning the Golden State around.

In the end, I voted straight Republican. I have been impressed with most of the candidates for the statewide offices, but have little stomach for our party’s nominee for the United States Senate. I had briefly considered voting for Democrat Dianne Feinstein because, while she has a very liberal voting record, she is a decent person and has worked with her Republican colleagues on a number of initiatives. I quite literally pinched my nose when I voted for Dick Mountjoy, electing him over the Libertarian alternative, seeing it more as a vote against Harry Reid than anything else.

The Party Of Tolerance, Part 346

Husband of Democrat Congressional Candidate Lois Murphy (PA-6) goes all postal….. (h/t – RedState)

Now what happened to those nice, passive flower children of the ’60s?   They sure have gotten mean as they get the gray hairs…..

PoliticsPA sources say CBS-3 has film footage of Benjamin Eisner, husband of PA-6 candidate Lois Murphy, assaulting a Jim Gerlach volunteer outside of their home polling location in Lower Merion this morning. CBS-3 has not decided whether to air the footage. Eisner was upset a Gerlach for Congress sign was in a camera shot with his wife prior to voting, and grabbed the volunteer.

Maybe the hubby was just upset because his wife’s fraud was exposed yesterday?

A Villanova University law professor accused Democratic congressional candidate Lois Murphy of committing fraud on her professional resume by taking sole credit for the published works of other authors. Professor Patrick Brennan made the charges during a phone conference organized by the Jim Gerlach campaign, Lois Murphy’s opponent in Pennsylvania?s 6th Congressional District.

On her resume, available on-line at her law firm of Heckscher, Teillon, Terrill & Sager, Murphy takes credit for a law journal article she didn’t author, followed by three other publications that she either coauthored or provided consultation. Nowhere does she give credit to the other authors.

She should consider a Presidential bid for the Democrats!  (*cough* Joe Biden *cough*)

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Hitler Speech Used in Pre-Game Soccer Rally

In some non-Election Day news, this story is the talk of the town in Charlotte, NC today.

When Charlotte Catholic’s boys’ soccer team got to Forestview High School in Gastonia on Saturday night for an N.C. 3A playoff game, the Cougars heard something over the public address system they never would’ve expected:

A 90-second portion of a speech from Adolf Hitler.

“We were warming up,” said Catholic coach Gary Hoilett, “and all of us stopped and looked up at the booth. We were just real shocked. It was obviously a Hitler speech. The voice was coming across clearly. Everybody knew.”

Forestview’s players took the field after the speech ended.

But before the game, Hoilett said, some Forestview players were chanting something in German that means “On to victory,” according to one of his players who speaks German. Hoilett, who is black, said that during the game some Forestview players directed racial epithets at his two black players.

Here is the response from the Principal of Forestview.

On behalf of the Forestview soccer team, Coach Shearer, Forestview High School, and myself I want to apologize for the playing of the CD during Saturday night’s soccer game. It was inappropriate and should not have been played.

Sometime back Coach Shearer and the team started using “On to victory” as a slogan.  We have a German exchange student on our team. He taught our students to say it in German.  Some of our more zealous students sought to capture this slogan in German and to play it on the PA [public address system].

They copied it from a speech by Hitler but could not just copy the “on to victory” and got too much of the speech.  Student intent was to only play the “on to victory” clip. Unfortunately at one time a good bit of the speech was played on the PA during the pre-game.

Coach Shearer was not aware that they had made this clip and that they intended to play it.  I was at the ballgame Saturday night but did not hear it.  I also was not aware of the clip.  This is the first time the clip was ever used.  It certainly is an error in judgement on the part of some of our students.  They indicated to me that they had no malice and no intent to hurt others.  They were using the slogan to motivate themselves.

We have conducted a full investigation and will continue to do so. We are not taking this lightly and already have in place some precautions for our next game.

I apologize for the CD playing. It should never have been played. I will meet with the team to make sure they understand the seriousness of this action. I will further work with our team and fans to emphasize proper game behavior.

Now, I can totally underestand this explanation — it passes the “sniff test” for me.  But I think this is a perfect example of how “moral equivalism” is conquering our society.  When US Senators (*cough* Durbin, Kerry *cough*) label the US Armed Forces as “terrorists and baby killers” and claim they are doing the same things as Nazis, then hey — what’s the big deal with blaring a 30-second clip of Adolf Hitler.

After all, probably only one Forestview guy (the German exchange student) knew the full translation anyway….. the rest of the kids just knew “on to victory” was in the ranting gibberish somewhere.

There is such a thing as a difference between “good” and “evil” and between “right” and “wrong”.  When the lines are blurred by our media, our elected leaders and our public school teachers, then I’m not surprised that something like this would happen.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Election Day 2006 — VOTE!

No matter what you do today, make time to exercise your most important right as an American — GO VOTE. 

This is perhaps the most important election in our post-9/11 world because of the contrast between one party wanting to take the fight to the enemy versus a party who wants to wait to respond to another terrorist attack on our soil before fighting.

If you need any more reinforcement, check out this Election message from Rudy Giuliani.

In the era of President Truman and President Eisenhower, people used to say that “Partisan politics should end at the waters’ edge.” But lately some influential political voices seem to have forgotten this American tradition. The war on terror is not about “red” versus “blue” states – it is about right versus wrong; it is about good overcoming evil.

That’s why these mid-term elections are so important. That’s why we can’t turn back. That is why Republicans need to solidify our ranks while reaching out with confidence. Because the issues that unite us as Republicans are the same issues that unite the vast majority of Americans: a commitment to winning the war on terror; a core belief in fiscal conservatism; and a faith in individual freedom. Advancing these principles, while staying on offense, can help keep the GOP a strong majority party in the United States.

I’ve been doing a morning round-up of blog reading and emailing with some fellow bloggers as well and there seems to be a trend: Higher-than-expected turnout for a “mid-term” being reported by individual voters at their precincts.  That is consistent with the higher than expected “early voting” which was seen here in Charlotte, NC and in Seminole Co., FL.

We will be blogging throughout the night (probably beginning at 7pm Eastern).  I have been made available to a variety of resources and hope to bring you some information you won’t see other places this evening.

Finally, I’ve been monitoring all of the polling data for the past several months.  Just from a lay-person perspective, I think there is a major problem in polling Americans these days.  My gut tells me a lot of individual races will not come out the way the polls have been telling us. 

My instincts were reinforced this morning when I saw that Scott Elliott at Election Projection is questioning his own modeling under the theory of “junk in/junk out.”

So now it is up to y’all.  I’ll be posting throughout the day only if there is important news.

Otherwise, come back after 7pm Eastern for full blogging coverage!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)