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With Murtha’s Defeat, Will Pelosi Continue Catfight with Harman?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:21 pm - November 16, 2006.
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With the defeat earlier this morning of her choice for House Majority Leader in the 110th Congress, House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi suffered her first setback since Democrats won congressional majorities in last week’s election. Not only did Pelosi publicly back John Murtha, she lobbied on behalf of her septuagenarian Pennsylvania colleague and even nominated him in today’s balloting. Despite her efforts, the current House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer defeated Nancy’s man by a comfortable margin, 149-86.

While Hoyer’s victory is good for the Democrats, it’s not all that great for their leader in the House. We now know that she does not have all that much control over her caucus. Jim Moran’s words notwithstanding, this is not an era where “when the Speaker instructs you what to do, you do it.” House Democrats will know that they can defy Pelosi and not only get away with it, but possibly also bring a majority of their fellow Democrats along with them. And they will know that there won’t be a great cost to reaching out to compromise with Republicans.

The next question for Pelosi is whether she will continue her catfight with her California colleague Jane Harman, in line to serve as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, but whom the incoming Speaker wants to sideline for Florida Representative Alcee Hastings, impeached and removed from office as a federal judge for taking bribes. Editors of the New Republic as well as the New York Times have taken Pelosi to task for preferring as disgraced former judge over a widely respected liberal Congresswoman for this important position. As Captain Ed puts it, she opposes Harman not because of her qualities of leadership but “strictly for personal reasons.”

Tammy Bruce thinks Pelosi’s behavior is “typical of what I witnessed within the Democrat Feminist establishment for so long“:

petty personal animus dictating policy with extraordinary effort put into projects to destroy other women who did not confirm or pay allegiance to the status quo.

This cannibalistic approach to politics and society has doomed the feminist establishment, far too often keeping remarkable women from being able to make a difference. Jealousy, envy, and projected anger drive women in power on the left. All the talk of empowerment, fairness and justice, is just that–talk. Dems and the average American feminist are going to see the ugly underbelly of leftist women who see other women as competition and nothing more than something to move out of the way.

No wonder columnist Robert Novak described Harman as Pelosi’s “rival diva.”

Perhaps, Murtha’s defeat will persuade Pelosi to move beyond the petty politics of personal animus as she prepares to take the Speaker’s chair. Thus Murtha’s defeat, while a temporary setback for Pelosi, could end up benefiting both her — and her caucus. The real test will be to see how she handles the House Intelligence Committee. If she overcomes her animosity and taps Harman, she could become one of those rare politicians who learns from experience. Time will only tell.

But, now we do know that Nancy Pelosi is a politician who often lets personal considerations shape her policy choices. Hardly the mark of a leader capable of cleaning up Congress and providing a “new direction.”

Nancy Pelosi – Not MY House Speaker

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:31 am - November 16, 2006.
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You may recall that after the 2000 Election, where the rule of law was followed despite Al Gore’s request for a selective recall, those on the Left immediately began protesting the legitimacy of President Bush’s election.

“Not My President” became the rallying cry of the Loony Left.

Well, since Nancy Pelosi and her team ran a deceitful campaign of “moderation” and now show their liberal stripes….. (below is from email column by Dick Morris)

The results of the ’06 election are in. The left wing of the Democratic Party has taken over Congress. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is the Speaker. Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) is the new chairman of the Ways and Means panel. Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is majority leader, and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) runs the Environment Committee. The left is empowered.

But how did it achieve these majorities? It did so lifted by the wings of moderate, centrist Democrats who mastered their GOP opponents throughout the country.  

The irony is that the expressed will of the American people has been so radically ignored in the shaping of the 110th Congress. The fact is that the elevation of Nancy Pelosi to the speakership is no more a legitimate expression of the voters’ will than would be the retention of Dennis Hastert. The seniority system, rigidly applied by Pelosi in violation of the spirit of the Gingrich reforms of 1994, has ordained that a liberal establishment will run Congress, whatever the voters say.

… and on November 7, 2006, all throughout the day, there were repeated reports in the media of voter fraud in many states.  But mysteriously all of those reports vanished when the Democrats won.

So I say that the election of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House will be completely illegitimate.  Not every vote has been counted, there were reports of fraud, and there was a campaign of “bait and switch” on the American public.

This is what the Radical Left has brought on us with their anti-American crusade during much of this decade.  Only true moderates can check the political climate we have lived in since 2000.

Nancy Pelosi – Not MY House Speaker

-Bruce (GayPatriot)


Housekeeping Notes!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:10 am - November 16, 2006.
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Hey gang… there’s lots going on here at GayPatriot this week.

The coolest news is that this week we’ve been featured as “The Blog of The Week” at Powerline.  So a hearty welcome from Dan, Nick, John and I to all of our new readers this week.  And a huge thanks to the guys at Powerline for choosing us.

At nearly the same time we were linked by Powerline on Sunday, we had a massive spam attack which brought the site down.   The bottom line is — all is fixed, but we had to switch “Spam Killer” programs.

As the result, we are back to basics with commenting on the posts.   Please bear with me as it may take a few hours for comments to be approved.  But the more you comment, the less likely it will be blocked.   It may just take a while to “get there.”

-Bruce (GayPatriot)