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Gay Holocaust In Iran. 4,000 Killed…. And Counting….

GP Reader Calarato suggested posting this video.

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GatewayPundit has more.

An estimated 100,000 Iranians have been executed under the mullahs of Iran…including 4,000 gays.

From Jerusalem Post column:  The Democratic Party’s victory in the November 7 Congressional elections convinced Iran and Syria that they are on the verge of a great victory against the US in Iraq. Iranian and Syrian jubilation is well founded in light of the Democratic leadership’s near unanimous calls for the US to withdraw its forces in Iraq; Bush’s firing of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his appointment of his father’s CIA director Robert Gates to replace him; and Bush’s praise for the Congressionally mandated Iraq Study Group charged with revisiting US strategy in Iraq, which is being co-chaired by his father’s secretary of state James Baker III. …As far as Iran and Syria are concerned, the game has already been called.

And, this means that the hangings, stonings, and beatings of political prisoners, adulteresses, and gays will continue in Iran.

Yet the American Gay Left still believes the enemy is our fellow Americans who disagree with them on policy issues; not a world-wide movement looking to make gays extinct.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)



  1. And the link…

    The Word of Life Christianist Arsonist:

    Comment by sean — November 30, 2006 @ 1:02 am - November 30, 2006

  2. Again, sean, having failed to actually read the thread, has chosen to embark upon the very tactic we’ve all expected. React first, think later (if at all).

    No surprise here, huh?

    Comment by HollywoodNeoCon — November 30, 2006 @ 1:12 am - November 30, 2006

  3. sean whines…

    “Evangelical arsonist attacks mainline Protestant churches for what he claims is their heterodoxy. Church. Fire. Wrong beliefs. Oh, please, please, please defend the guy. I’ll sell tickets to the oration.”.

    Have you been drinking young man? Your syntax coupled with the incendiary emotion displayed, leads me to assume you’ve been imbibing tonight. Is this the case?

    Otherwise, I have no choice but to assume you’re just a complete moron. Wouldn’t want that, now would we?

    Comment by HollywoodNeoCon — November 30, 2006 @ 1:21 am - November 30, 2006

  4. Actually, HNC, sean’s posting the church-burning event rather works in our favor.

    In the case of the young man, his actions have been universally repudiated, even by his own school and church, and he has been turned over to the law for the full punishment. He is quite clearly the only one who thinks that what he did was in any way right.

    Now contrast that to the behavior of the Iranians cited towards gays and anyone else who doesn’t share their beliefs; not only is violence and destruction against these people overlooked, it is encouraged and supported, both by the government AND the co-religionists of those carrying it out.

    The more desperately that Chase and sean flail and cite cases like this in trying to rationalize their anti-Christian hatreds and bigotry, the more obvious they make it that their concern is not with the actions of those involved, but with the ideology that they don’t like.

    And sean, whether you like it or not, the key to acceptance of gays in the Middle East is the promulgation of democracy, enlightened thought, and giving people a choice in their own destiny, rather than subjugation to theocratic and Islamic-pandering dictators.

    Bush stands for that and has put it into practice.

    Your own party has made every excuse not to do so — and has used the anti-Christian bigotry of you and yours to justify it. You have made a practice of bitching and whining over every perceived anti-gay slight when it comes from Christians — but have done nothing but rationalize and make excuses for Iran’s treatment of gays.

    Comment by North Dallas Thirty — November 30, 2006 @ 1:59 am - November 30, 2006

  5. NDXXX, thanks for the intel;ligent and insightful post, my friend.

    Next time yer in LA or Chicago, drop me an email – I’ll owe ya a REAL Chicago hot dog! 🙂

    Hey…wait – JUST the food, dude! ROFLAMO!!!!

    Shit, didn’t THAT sound self-involved, huh? LOL

    Comment by HollywoodNeoCon — November 30, 2006 @ 2:03 am - November 30, 2006

  6. #41 HNC, I’m afraid I do not have the answers, but I’ll try.

    First, with regards to Iraq, I would lean to getting out of there as soon as possible. I can’t say for certainty that that is the right answer. When Bush first decided to have Iraq invaded, I honestly couldn’t say whether that was the correct strategy. Because, in the past, Presidents have not been forthcoming with the information regarding military actions (i.e., probably lied) for me to make an informed decision. And if Bush had said that we could topple Saddam’s regime immediately, but be mired in a conflict for several years, with thousand’s of soldiers dying, I sincerely doubt that he would have gotten support from the Americans and Congress to carry out the war, at least in the way the Administration has done so. Frankly, I think Bush has lied about the war, and had motives for doing so. I normally don’t say in this blog that I think Bush lied, because I can’t prove it to my satisfaction. All I can say is that my bsdar pings wildly when Bush speaks about Iraq. For the record, my bsdar pinged wildly as well when his predecessor was President too.

    Whatever decision we make on Iraq, it cannot simply be because we think terrorists will behave and act a certain way. In other words, it has been suggested if the U.S. cuts and runs, that will increase terrorist recruitment. But recruitment has apparently increased during the war as well. Also, terrorists seem to fare pretty well in fighting on multiple fronts, so they can continue to terrorize in Iraq, while possibly continuing to plot terrorist activities in the U.S. The Administration really needs to make an honest assessment as to what is in the U.S.’s best interest.

    As for the GWOT, don’t have too many good solutions either. I don’t see terrorism ending for at least 50 years. It seems to occur when the U.S. invades countries, or doesn’t invade countries. In other words, as long as we don’t submit to Islam, terrorism will continue, at least for the foreseeable future. Whether it’s Republicans or Democrats, despite the differences, I am happy to say that they have much more in common in terms of philosophy. The terrorists clearly don’t like Western ideals, and they don’t like Israel’s existence. One thing to help end terrorism is to try to broker a real settlement to the Israeli-Palestinean conflict. But we don’t to give away the store just to make terrorists happy, just as I do not want to give up Western ideals, freedom, etc., just to make terrorists happy. I give both Clinton and Bush credit for trying hard to have peace in the Israeli-Palestine conflict. In the meantime the U.S. must come up with honest policies that benefit American interests, and come up with ways with preventing terrorism as much as possible. Part of this will have to come with quality intelligence and interrogation. Not the garbage that apparently happened at Gitmo (a topic for another discussion, I’m sure).

    Other things that have to change is the socioeconomics of future potential terrorists. The situation as it appears to me is that the top terrorist clowns have the money and power, and ironically have a lot of what people in the Western world have. But they don’t want to share it with their own people, and make sure that as many people are subjugated as possible. It seems to work for them. But they are able to recruit the poor and indifferent, and some how make them see that their pathetic way of life is better than ours. And then have them risk their own lives to try to kill as many of us that they can. I am not sure how the U.S. can change these conditions. Diplomacy may help, but to keep in mind that even many of the governments of our “allies” in the Middle East are perfectly content with the conditions of their citizenry.

    Anyway, that’s my thoughts, for now at least, for what they are worth.

    Comment by Pat — November 30, 2006 @ 12:21 pm - November 30, 2006

  7. Your first problem is to talk about the GWOT as if it’s a real thing.
    It’s the biggest lie since the war on poverty.

    What does it even mean? What the hell is victory? Nobody knows.
    Of course there are folks out there who want to kill not just Europeans, Americans or non-Muslims but everyone who gets in their way.
    Should those bad people be stopped? Sure. But you can’t do it by going around in Airplanes, helicopters or Humves and destroying infrastructure, torturing innocent people or stacking POWs into human pyramids.
    Your only hope is to marginalize them until their goals become universally unacceptable.
    The GWOT plays into their hands by creating instability, fear, and it has become a showcase to show how weak the US has become.

    Comment by keogh — November 30, 2006 @ 5:07 pm - November 30, 2006

  8. keogh said…

    “Your only hope is to marginalize them until their goals become universally unacceptable.”

    And just how do we go about doing that? Dialogue? Advertising? Blogging?

    Secondly, do you seriously think these people give a sh*t about being “marginalized?”

    Keogh, radical islam doesn’t concern itself with feelings of self-worth or acceptance; only the US does that, and how do you think that’s been working out thus far?

    Until you glean some deeper understanding of just what it is the islamists want to accomplish, your continued rants against all things Bush come off as nothing short of infantile.

    Eric in Hollywood

    Comment by HollywoodNeoCon — November 30, 2006 @ 5:23 pm - November 30, 2006

  9. keogh also said…

    “The GWOT plays into their hands by creating instability, fear, and it has become a showcase to show how weak the US has become.”

    I’m sorry to correct you, but I believe you meant to ay the following:

    The dhimmicrats played into their hands by creating instability, fear, and have become politically correct lapdogs to the islamists, showing how weak the american left has become.

    That’s right, isn’t it?

    Comment by HollywoodNeoCon — November 30, 2006 @ 5:26 pm - November 30, 2006

  10. Your only hope is to marginalize them until their goals become universally unacceptable.

    And how exactly does your defense of Hizbollah firing rockets at Israeli citizens play into that?

    The only country that we can depend on you and your fellow Democrats to criticize unfailingly and unflaggingly, keogh, is the United States. Even as you pay lip service to how bad Hizbollah is for doing such things, you blame the US’s support of Israel for provoking them. Even as you ask Iran to stop making nuclear weapons, you tell them their actions are justified because they see us as a threat.

    What terrorists have figured out, keogh, is that you and your fellow Democrats are incapable of marginalizing them — because you are so steeped in the belief of American inferiority and Americans always being wrong that you cannot make any request without qualifying why we have no right as a country to make it.

    Frankly, Democrats remind me a lot of the parents mentioned in this story.

    Comment by North Dallas Thirty — November 30, 2006 @ 6:11 pm - November 30, 2006

  11. Hollywood – many of the detractors to Clinton/Blair’s IRA peace process said the same things as you are now saying now.

    “What terrorists have figured out, keogh, is that you and your fellow Democrats are incapable of marginalizing them”

    It was our good pal Bill Clinton who really got the marginalization of the IRA going. He was on the way with the Palestinians but had some set backs. If Bush would have been more hands on with that process, something good might have came from Clinton’s groundbreaking marginalization process.
    Instead he choose ignore them and then create biggest joke of all time, the GWOT.

    An NDT, you are the worlds biggest offender of “putting words in other’s mouths” Just as you once called me an Anti-Semite you now lie and say I was defending Hezbollah…

    Comment by keogh — December 1, 2006 @ 11:16 am - December 1, 2006

  12. keogh, while I certainly respect that you wholly detest the GWOT, I can’t really see any parallels between the IRA and the islamists, other than the fact that both entities killed innocent people.

    As I understand it, the IRA’s grievances primarily concerned Irish independance. The islamists, on the other hand, are on record as saying that nothing short of worldwide submission to sharia is acceptable to them.

    In other words, the IRA wanted Ireland for the Irish. The islamists want the world for Allah. They are convinced that Allah wants us destroyed. How on earth are we to marginlize THAT worldview, when it’s proponents aren’t listening to anyone but their own warped perceptions of God?

    Comment by HollywoodNeoCon — December 1, 2006 @ 12:32 pm - December 1, 2006

  13. I don’t want to try to side track this thread, but where did that figure of 100,000 people have been executed in Iran over the past 23 years?

    That comes to over 10 people executed a day for 23 years. Which seems kind of high, even for Iran.

    I’m not trying to defend Iran, but that figure seems awfully high.

    Does anyone have any further information about where that figure came from?

    Comment by EFG — December 3, 2006 @ 7:08 am - December 3, 2006

  14. You marginalize them the say way as the IRA was marginalized.
    Through undercutting their support not stoking it through toppling govs.

    Comment by keogh — December 3, 2006 @ 11:38 am - December 3, 2006

  15. I have yet to hear a single lefty explain how to win against the death cult that is Islam.

    Comment by Bostonian — December 8, 2006 @ 10:56 pm - December 8, 2006

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  17. My heart goes out to these young men–and we want to negotiate with Iran and countries similar to them? Disgraceful.

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