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Slow Blogging & Showbiz Thoughts

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:44 pm - November 29, 2006.
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I had hoped to blog during my Thanksgiving vacation in Cincinnati where I spent time with my family who had returned (or remained) home for the holiday, but realized I needed a bit of a break from writing. And anyway, much as I enjoy blogging (and writing in general), I much preferred taking the second eldest PatriotNieceWest out for lunch and to spend time with her shopping and browsing for books. I even enjoyed helping her Dad (the youngest PatriotBrotherWest) rake leaves and clean out his garage. And bonding with her little brother who was fascinated by his Uncle’s shoelaces which, though he is just shy of eleven months, he manage to untie on his own.

I returned to a hectic schedule in LA, including a Log Cabin meeting with Marc Cherry, the openly Republican producer of Desperate Housewives who happens to be gay. I got the chance to talk to him and found him to not only be very nice and very interesting, but also quite funny as well. And I’ve been busy finalizing the details for the Holiday Luncheon for the LA chapter of my college alumni association (of which I serve as president) and trying to get caught up in reading for class.

As soon as I get back to blogging (hopefully as soon as tomorrow), I hope to comment a bit on something Marc said — about how the 2006 loss can be good for the GOP as it seemed to correspond to something I had considered as a possible blog topic — on Republican overconfidence and arrogance in the wake of our 2004 victory. I may also have something to say about Michael Richards’ who seems to have turned his hateful remarks into a publicity stunt as he attempts to secure a few more minutes in the limelight. I would say that his offensive outburst killed his career, but you can’t kill something that is already dead.

I apologize to those who have e-mailed me for not replying in a timely manner (as has been my wont), but will get to your missives as soon as things settle down a bit.