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Remembering Winston Churchill on his 132nd Birthday

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:11 pm - November 30, 2006.
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Today marks the 132nd anniversary of the birth of the greatest man of the last century, Sir Winston Churchill, who, in the 1930s, was a lone voice in the wilderness warning his fellow Britons of the dangers of the rise of Nazism in Germany. While some have compared our era to that desolate decade, I should note that those warning today about the threat of Islamofascism are not nearly so isolated as Churchill once was.

Let us hope that people today heed their warnings. While the Britons of the 1930s did not heed those of Churchill, they did make him Prime Minister in 1940, allowing him to lead the free world against the evil he had understood while others were complacent. He rallied his people — and the free world — to victory against that menace, but at great cost.

On this his birthday, let us be inspired by Sir Winston, cognizant of the threats to our freedom and of the power of a great man to lead and inspire a nation with an understanding of his nation’s history (indeed of world history) and a commitment to its traditions, values and freedom, a recognition of the enduring legacy of Western Civilization.

In honor of that great man, I bought Stephen F. Hayward’s Greatness: Reagan, Churchill, and the Making of Extraordinary Leaders while I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday. And encourage y’all to read Victor Davis Hanson’s piece from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, remarks he delivered last year at the Claremont Institute‘s dinner in honor of the greatest man of the last century.

I offered this tribute to Churchill last year.