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White Flags Are The New Black This Season

Jules Crittenden hits the nail on the headThe anti-war movement’s big moment has arrived. The pressure for cut-and-walk is on. The moment of defeat is at hand!

While the Greatest Generation suffered 400,000 deaths in order to rid the world of Nazi Fascism, apparently America’s political leaders don’t have the stomach to confront Islamic Fascism in the same way.

The loud chorus of Kumbaya that precedes any American military unit will alert anti-American terrorists that here are people who want to understand why they hate us. Surely this will cause these heartless killers to pause, and reconsider their ways.

I expect John “Last Man” Kerry and John “Cut-and-Run” Murtha — as doves who actually have heard shots fired in anger and engaged in the American imperialist war crime that was Vietnam, but have since repented — will be leading the Doves’ Crusade. I encourage all peaceniks to climb on board for the Big Lose. When your grandkids say, “What did you do when the United States of America was humiliated?” you don’t want to have to change the subject.’

The only person standing between a major American defeat and major Islamist victory in World War III is President George Bush.  Otherwise, the spines in America have become awfully soft these days.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Former Log Cabin Chair Admits To Tax Evasion

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:05 am - December 11, 2006.
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Wow.  This is quite ugly.  I’m never quite sure how people that systematically screw the government think they won’t get caught.  I mean people are paid full-time to track down behavior like this.

A prominent gay Republican leader faces a possible 25-year prison sentence after admitting in federal court on Dec. 1 that he cheated New Jersey taxpayers and the IRS out of as much as $1 million.

Robert Stears, 51, who served as chair of the national gay group Log Cabin Republicans from 1999 to 2002, pleaded guilty to one count each of mail fraud and tax evasion charges.

Federal prosecutors began investigating Stears’ company after the head of a local taxpayers advocacy group discovered from public documents that the bridge commission appeared to be paying Strategy Group exorbitant fees for questionable services. Rick Perr, who has since become chair of the Burlington County Democratic Party, said he also discovered from campaign finance records that Strategy Group donated at least $110,000 to the Burlington County Republican Party.

Maybe Stears thought the only way to get ahead in New Jersey politics was to become as corrupt as the Garden State Democrats?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Congress Leaves Town… Many Celebrate!

Every conservative knows that the best Congress is one that isn’t in town.  Hopefully the Pelosi-Reid Congress will do more for America by staying home than by pushing their radical agenda onto mainstream America next year.  I know, pipe dream.

In any case, before the lame 109th Congress flew out of town this weekend, they finally did approve the reauthorization of the Ryan White CARE Act.   Log Cabin (Republicans) react… 

(Washington, DC) – Log Cabin Republicans praise Congress for passing reauthorization of the Ryan White CARE Act.  “We applaud members of the House and Senate for reaching compromise on this important legislation.  The bill is not perfect, but failing to pass it this year would’ve caused real harm to real people,” said Log Cabin Executive Vice President Patrick Sammon.

The bill had been held up for weeks by four Democrat senators over changes to the program that were developed as part of a lengthy bi-partisan process.  Early this week, Congressional negotiators reached a compromise on the law.  “Log Cabin joins HIV/AIDS advocates across the country in thanking members of the House and Senate for putting aside differences and getting this bill passed,” said Sammon.  “Log Cabin also praises President Bush for making Ryan White reauthorization a priority,” said Sammon.  “We thank him and other political leaders who worked to pass this legislation.”  “Log Cabin Republicans worked hard to secure passage of this legislation,” said Sammon. 

“We proudly collaborated with AIDS community groups, LGBT organizations, and members of Congress to move this process forward.” The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act is the principle federally funded program for those living with HIV/AIDS.  It provides approximately $2 billion annually for medication and other critical services to tens of thousands of Americans.

And luckily it sounds like instead of supporting a death infrastructure of AIDS, circa 1986… Congress has changed the formula to help HIV patients living in our world of 2006.  From Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), one of the strongest supporters of national HIV/AIDS funding regardless of party….

“It is unfair that San Francisco receives funding for AIDS patients who passed away decades ago while there have been reports of patients on waiting lists dying in South Carolina, Kentucky and West Virginia due to the fact that patients in those areas living with the disease are not recognized for purposes of federal funding,” Dr. Coburn said. “Federal funding formulas will now finally recognize everyone living with HIV rather than just those diagnosed with AIDS, the end stage of HIV infection. This focus on AIDS has, in effect, discriminated against patients in rural areas, minority communities, women and other emerging communities affected by this disease.”

And who was the major force in the Senate who stalled passage of the Ryan White CARE Act this year?




What DOES Hillary have against HIV patients in rural areas, minority communities and women?  I think she should tell us while she’s raising millions of dollars for her “Evita 2008 Tour.”

-Bruce (GayPatriot)