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Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:07 am - December 19, 2006.
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Good morning.   Sometime within the next 24 hours, that ticker at the bottom of the page tracking our visitors on Sitemeter will rollover like a Jerry Lewis Telethon tote board and hit the magic One Million Visitors Mark.

If Dan and I do not have the chance to post close to the time it happens today, I would like to thank all of our readers and supporters for making this happen.   It is an honor to write for all of you and we appreciate your comments, derisions, support and contributions tremendously.

Now, the big news…. whichever GayPatriot reader can prove he or she was our 1,000,000th visitor (or the closest to it) will WIN a $100 American Express Gift Card. The way to prove it is to “screen capture” the Sitemeter tally box at the bottom of our page when you visit our site.  Our webmaster will then check against our IP hits to verify.  Please email those screenshots to me at

Again, thank you for your support since September 2004.  And congratulations to all for our 1,000,000th visit (sometime later today or tonight!)

-Bruce and Dan