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As Year Draws to a Close, Support these (or other) Charities

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:54 pm - December 29, 2006.
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As the year draws to a close, I, like many Americans, am making last-minute charitable contributions. Given my past donations, I seem to find myself on the lists of countless non-profits, many surely worthy cases. And while most make appeals, highlighting the problem they seek to address, the hard-sell of some often annoys me. As I was tidying my apartment earlier this week, I recycled (we can recycle paper in California) four 2007 calendars that arrived unsolicited.

I have drawers full of note pads and address labels — not to mention greeting cards. Yesterday, after mailing a donation to one veterans’ group, I returned home to receive yet another solicitation, the envelope informing me that my “personalized notepad and address labels [were] enclosed.” I didn’t order such labels — and was delighted to give without such a gift.

Some groups send me solicitations so frequently that I stopped giving. Others send out “Urgent” appeals on a regular basis. When I first started donating to Project Angel Food, an LA organization which delivers nutritious meals to people affected with HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses, they would send me regular weekly mailings. I had donated to help provide food to sick people, not to receive more mail. Apparently, I was not the only contributor who did not welcome this volume of correspondence. The group has long since reduced the amount of mail they send out. And I have increased my contributions to that worthy organization — and encourage you to do the same.

Earlier in the week, Hugh Hewitt was promoting the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund which provides assistance to Marines injured in combat and training. This is another good group to support. Hugh also recommends Fisher House and Soldiers’ Angels, both of which I have supported in the past.

If your finances allow, please support one of these four groups — or other charities of your choice. If you do, you may well see an increase in the volume of your charitable solicitations. And what that may be burdensome, it may well provide further suggestions for future donations.

US Forces Rescue Iraqi Hostages Held By Terrorists

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:33 am - December 29, 2006.
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News from the frontlines of World War III….. 

CAMP AL ASAD, Iraq – U.S. forces rescued two Iraqis who were held captive by insurgents in the Euphrates River-city of Hit, Iraq, Wednesday.

Soldiers from the Friedburg, Germany-based 1st Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Division rescued the kidnapping victims after pursuing insurgents who were fleeing in three vehicles containing the captives.     

In their escape, the insurgents fled on foot, abandoning their vehicles and victims.  The soldiers found the victims under a palm tree, handcuffed near the abandoned vehicles.  No one was killed or injured during the incident.      

“This demonstrates Coalition forces’ ability to quickly respond,” said Col. W. Blake Crowe, commanding officer for the Twentynine Palms, Calif.-based Regimental Combat Team 7.      

RCT-7 is the Coalition forces unit responsible for training Iraqi security forces and providing security in communities throughout more than 30,000 square miles in western Al Anbar Province.      

A search of the vehicles revealed multiple weapons and munitions as follows:

  • (7) RPGs
  • (5) Hand Grenades
  • (6) AK-47 Magazines
  • (1) Draganov sniper rifle with magazine
  • (1) 57 mm. Projectile
  • (3) Mortar propellant     

Further investigation revealed that the kidnapping victims were relatives of Iraqi policemen in nearby cities.  Marines here say the insurgents view the developing Iraqi police forces throughout western Al Anbar as their greatest threat.      

“They (insurgents) know that well-led, well-trained and well-equipped Iraqi police will defeat the insurgency”, said Crowe.     

Since RCT-7 assumed responsibility of the region in February, more than 2,800 Iraqi men have joined the ranks of police forces and are working in cities throughout western Al Anbar.     

1-36 is responsible for training Iraqi security forces and providing security in Hit, in support of “Operation Al Majid.”   Majid is an on-going, synchronized Coalition and Iraqi security forces “clearing and holding” operation intended to disrupt and defeat insurgent activity throughout more than 30,000 square miles in western Al Anbar Province.    

The operation began late last month. The battalion deployed to Iraq in February.

Another example of true American heroes doing the jobs that liberals don’t want themselves… and don’t want our military doing at all.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)


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