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Goat versus Turkey – A GP Media Production

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:24 pm - January 1, 2007.
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Someone has some new toys … and it isn’t just the PatriotPooches.   Of course it took the better part of two days putting this together!   Enjoy.

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-Bruce (GayPatriot)

GPW — Pack Rat

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:02 pm - January 1, 2007.
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About ten days ago, I woke up in my cluttered apartment and realized one thing I could do to reduce the amount of junk here was to throw away the bottles of cologne I had on my bathroom countertop. While I once liked to wear cologne from time to time, I could not remember the last time I put some on. Once I got rid of those bottles, I started work at cleaning the bathroom counter, finding other stuff to discard.

Since then, I’ve been working pretty diligently — at least one hour every day and getting rid of stuff. It’s amazing how much I have accumulated. I found notes for blog posts, printouts going back as far as the election of 2000, even articles by Andrew Sullivan that I had saved because I had agreed with them so strongly.

Today, I recycled two whole wastepaper baskets full of paper — as well as one bag of shredding. I have created space where once there was clutter and consolidated the papers, files and magazines that were once in three storage boxes into two.

I do need to learn to throw things away. As I took a break from sorting through papers to call a friend, he suggested that it is a sign of depression when you live with too much stuff. I’m not entirely sure if he’s right, but he does have a point.

I do think we tend to take comfort in our things, buying something sometimes not so much because we need it, but because the excitement of the purchase helps us forget a momentary anxiety or the difficulty of the day.

Perhaps then it’s a good sign that I begin the new year by focusing on ridding my apartment of the junk that has accumulated over the years, looking briefly into the past as I review these papers, saving some, trying to gather together what I have observed and then, to reflect on what I have learned and to move forward with less stuff, but more space, determined in the future to act on some of those ideas I had written about in the past.


Posted by Bruce Carroll at 12:01 am - January 1, 2007.
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Many happy wishes to all of our readers, their family, friends and pets!

And a special shout-out to our awesome men and women in uniform serving all around the globe in the struggle against Islamic fascism.   You are the true American heroes for 2007 and for always.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)