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US Rep. Barney Frank Says Bush Guilty of “Ethnic Cleansing”

Is this a product of the new spirit of partnership and bi-partisanship that Nancy Pelosi was talking about? (h/t – HotAir)

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Transcript of US Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) accusing President Bush of “ethnic cleansing”:

“And, what I believe is, at this point you’re not talking about [inaudible], but what you’re talking about is, I think, a [inaudible], what you’re talking about is when you simply, in a calculated way, refuse to do anything for well over a year … [inaudible] … and [stuttering] I, I, the policy I think here is ethnic cleansing by inaction.

“It’s not ethnic cleansing in the sense that they’re killing people or [driving] people out, but what we need to recognize here is that, they’re in this happy position for them, where the federal government does nothing, as they become richer and richer, because well not only black people needed housing assistance, but they were [predominantly poor, who did it], to simply not do anything to alleviate this housing crisis which … was being exacerbated by Katrina … [inaudible] they, they, they let the hurricane do the ethnic cleansing, because then they’re, all they’re doing is not resisting it, that’s why I call ethnic cleansing by inaction, and I know that there are people who were very happy that, as a result, … [inaudible] … [so that] Louisiana would become a more widely Republican [city] … [inaudible] … because if you lose 100,000 black voters … then you have to take a state that was prodominately Republican and made it [inaudible].”

Hey, Rep. Frank…. you are part of the thugs gang in charge now!  Back up your inflammatory statements with facts or apologize to the President and our nation.

So folks, is this what we have to look forward to with the Democrats in charge of Congress?  Even more anti-American, baseless lying on a daily basis?

If anyone is doing ethnic cleansing, it is the residents of New Orleans themselves.  Gateway Pundit reports that New Orleans has a murder rate TEN TIMES the national average.  And NOLA’s violent death rate in 2006 is higher than all of Iraq.

Call Pelosi and Reid!  We need to surrender from the War In Louisiana immediately!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Gay Groups – Defining a Social Movement in Political Terms

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:02 pm - January 5, 2007.
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For almost as long as I’ve been blogging, I have criticized gay marriage advocates for focusing more on promoting marriage rights than in talking about the meaning of this ancient institution — and why its obligations and privileges would benefit gay people. And the more I think about this attitude toward gay marriage, the more I see how it defines the rhetoric — and agenda — of the national gay organizations, including even Log Cabin, the ostensibly Republican one. They focus more on securing “rights” — and achieving them through government action — than on changing attitudes toward gay people.

Even as we see a significant shift in attitude toward gay people in America, the activists continue to seek redress in courts and in legislatures. At the same time, families across the country are becoming more accepting of their gay children (and other relatives) while private institutions are increasingly recognizing our relationships — and acting to protect us from discrimination.

In seeing the improving social conditions for gay people in America, I see why I’m not entirely comfortable with the term “gay rights.” It’s not that I oppose certain legislation which would benefit us. For, I do support state recognition of our unions — and legislation which would repeal Clinton’s Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy addressing gays in the military. It’s just that I think that most of what needs to be done is continue what has been going on since the 1970s — to change people’s attitudes so they gain a better image of gay people in general.

And this is happening despite the focus of the gay groups on judicial and legislative action. It seems to me that these groups have defined what is essentially a social movement in political terms.

Perhaps, they have tried too hard to emulate the Civil Rights’ movement of the 1960s. I believe that we’d be better served if we continue to put forward positive images of gay people in the culture. By our culture, I don’t just mean the media, but in our everyday lives.

By making this social movement a political one, gay groups see a dismal landscape — except in certain “blue” states. Yet, if their benchmarks are not laws passed or favorable court decision, but instead shifting attitudes, they might be far more optimistic about the social conditions of gay people in America.

GPW’s vow — More “T-shirt Blogging” in 2007

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:35 pm - January 5, 2007.
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Back when I used to run in road-races, I basically separated the races into two categories, those I ran for the hardware (i.e. trophies) (or to set a personal record) and those I ran for the T-shirt. You see, I determined that I could only wear the race T-shirt if I actually finished the race. When I didn’t feel I could run to my potential, I would be content just to finish — and so get the shirt.

I think I need to adopt a similar attitude to blogging. As I’ve been going through the papers in my apartment, I discover countless scribbled notes for potential posts, some which I have long since turned into actual posts, others which I have long since forgotten.

More often than not, when I come up with an idea for a post, I want to turn it into a more essay-like piece, a thoughtful examination and reflection of the topic at hand. Perhaps, sometimes, I need to write posts akin to the races I ran for the T-shirt where I just type up the idea as quickly as possible, more to get it done and out there than to express it as best I can. For even with the “T-shirt posts,” I would leave the comments section open, inviting discussion of my idea.

So, in the coming year, I’m going to try to do most “T-shirt blogging” where instead of working on turning an idea into an essay, a Op-Ed if you will, I do, as many bloggers have long been doing, and just say what it is I have to say, putting in only the effort needed to finish the post. Much as I once ran races, putting in only the effort I needed to finish.