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The Wholly Unserious and Very Superficial Democrats

While my Athena was sparing in her criticism of the president today, she saved her toughest words for the behavior of Congress’s new majority party. Fearing a “power vacuum” in Washington “if the administration is, indeed, collapsing,” Peggy observes:

The Democrats of Capitol Hill will fill that one. And they seem–and seemed in their statements after the president’s speech–wholly unprepared to fill it, wholly unserious in their thoughts and approach. They seem locked into habits that no longer pertain, and absorbed by the small picture of partisan advancement at the expense of the big picture, which is that the nation is in trouble and needs their help. They are sunk in the superficial.

Just look at the Democrats’ reaction the president’s proposal for a troop “surge” in Iraq. Before he had even presented his plan to the nation, Teddy Kennedy was speaking out against it. If he had any respect for the office his brother once held, he would have at least waited until the president spoke and addressed the points he raised to show why he believed the Commander-in-Chief was wrong.

But, instead of offering serious criticism of the president’s policies, Democratic Senators have been assuming things about Administration officials and describing the plan not as it is, but as they need it to be so they can continue to make the same criticisms of the president that served them so well in the 2006 election — criticisms which, at the time, were more valid that they are today.

To show just how, in Peggy’s words, the Democrats are sunk in the superficial, let’s turn to the most celebrated unserious remarks about the new policy, those of the junior Senator from the Golden State, Barbara Boxer who doesn’t think Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice can make decisions about military given that she lacks an “immediate family” As the New York Post put it, “It’s hard to imagine the firestorm that similar comments would have ignited, coming from a Republican to a Democrat, or from a man to a woman, in the United States Senate.” Exactly.

But, Mrs. Boxer has not been the only one to level absurd accusations against the Administration. New York’s Senators claim the president hasn’t offered a new plan. Senator Clinton claims, “The president simply has not gotten the message sent loudly and clearly by the American people, that we desperately need a new course” while her senior colleague Charles Schumer calls the president’s proposal “a new surge without a new strategy.

So, instead of addressing the points the president raised, they say he’s not offering anything new so they more easily dismiss his proposal without doing the hard work of actually judging it on its merits.

Mrs. Boxer even presumes to know those from whom the Secretary of State is not seeking input: “So from where I sit, Madam Secretary, you are not listening to the American people, you are not listening to the military, you are not listening to the bipartisan voices from the Senate, you are not listening to the Iraq Study Group.”

The President and his advisors made a number of mistakes in Iraq in 2006. They underestimated the resilience of the militias and terrorist groups in the wake of the elections in 2005. He should have shifted his strategy sometime last year. But, now he has proposed a new strategy, one which merits serious consideration.

Democrats have contended that one reason we weren’t winning in Iraq was that with a Republican Congress, the Administration did not have adequate oversight. Now that we have a Democratic Congress, with Democrats in a position to offer that oversight, they would rather make juvenile assumptions and engage in partisan sniping than take seriously their constitutional responsibilities. This is not the stuff of which a serious governing party is made.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice…

….if this were the case?

[W]ouldn’t the honorable thing be for the Democrats as a party basically to say, “This administration has made tragic mistake after tragic mistake in Iraq. We oppose this surge. We don’t think it will work. But we really, really hope it does work. We will give it a year and anything we can do at the margins to help make it work, we will.”

The politics would probably even make sense with the broader public, since the Democrats would get the credit for opposing the surge if it doesn’t work, while seeming surpassingly bi-partisan and high-minded in the meantime. But, of course, I’m naïve. We are way beyond this being a possibility for all sorts of reasons, including that the Democratic base would go crazy. Never mind…

We live in times where it is easier for the now-governing party in Congress to loudly protest that they are “for the troops” and that they are patriotic… but show it by undermining the troops and the Commander-In-Chief in a time of a global war against America.

Al-Qaeda is always planning the next best way to kill American civilians by the thousands… while Democrats are always planning the next best way to subvert (directly or indirectly) our war effort against the enemy.

Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid…. as a refresher, here is the definition of honorable:

1. having personal integrity: guided by, or with a reputation for having, strong moral and ethical principles

2. deserving or gaining honor: worthy of or winning honor, respect, recognition, or glory

3. morally upright: upright and moral in intent

It is a characteristic your party seems to have forgotten beginning in the mid-1990s.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Troops In Iraq Say: “We Need Support From Home!”

Pajamas Media Network Blogger Bill Roggio has been on the ground in Iraq for two months with US troops.  Repeating — his is on the ground with troops out in the country…. not on a balcony at a hotel in Baghdad.

His reporting is excellent and provides needed insight into what is really happening — versus what the public is told is happening by the Left Wing Media.  Bill posted his latest on Thursday, following the President’s call for reinforcements to go to Iraq. 

The Greatest Enemy Is The Time –

When I talk to American troops about Iraq, their greatest concern isn’t for their safety, but they are worried the American public has given up on the war before they can complete their mission.

American troops watch the news and follow the debate in real time. They will tell you the war they see on television isn’t the war they are fighting. To the troops, the war as portrayed on television is oversimplified and digested into sound bites. The soldiers are portrayed as victims and the violence is grossly exaggerated.

Inside Fallujah, there is no U.S. Marine or Army presence, save the members of the Police and Military Transition Teams – small, 15 to 20 man teams that are embedded within the police and Army units. I embedded as a reporter with both the Police and Military Transition Teams in Fallujah.

As brave as the American Marines are, their Iraqi counterparts outshine them. The police, who are local to the city, are specifically targeted by insurgents. Since the late sumer, 21 Iraqi police were murdered by insurgents. Their families are regularly threatened with violence.

Nationwide, the Iraqi Army and Police clearly are not ready to fight the insurgents and militias on their own. Baghdad and Ramadi are clearly two cities where the police and Army would collapse without U.S. backing. But the police and soldiers in Fallujah believe they can. Pride, courage and fighting spirit are certainly traits these soldiers do not lack. They will need time to develop the capacity to fight on their own, and time is the one commodity the West seems to be short of.

If you have any sincere interest in knowing the truth, and if you sincerely do want to “support the troops” (and don’t just use that phrase as a convenient talking point), then read Bill’s whole piece.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Suddenly Confident About Iraq

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:27 am - January 12, 2007.
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Over the past few days, I’ve become suddenly confident about America’s ability to defeat the insurgents and terrorists in Iraq.

Why you may ask?

Because although it has taken a while and it has been a quiet yet constant campaign, we have defeated the insurgents and terrorists here at GayPatriot.

I think long-time readers will understand what (and who) I mean.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)