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A Thoughtful Piece on Gay Stereotypes by a Young Gay Conservative

Every now and again, I read a short article which thoughtfully addresses the complex issues of homosexuality and gay marriage. The writers of most of these pieces tend to me men and women in their thirties and older whose life experience often informs their writing. But, yesterday, I read such a piece written by a Stanford freshman.

In his piece, “Addressing Negative LGBT Stereotypes,” Yishai Kabaker reflects on how his Jewish faith has helped him grapple with his sexuliaty. After distinguishing homosexuality from polygamy and bestiality, he turns to gay marriage and concludes by offering a theme familiar to readers of my posts, “if the LGBT community wants to eliminate the irrational fear of opening the deviant sex floodgates seen in the LGBT workshop article, it should vigorously show that it desires the responsibilities of marriage along with the rights.

To be sure, this is a short essay which only begins to explore these themes. I’m looking forward to pieces where he addresses these issues in greater depth. And it’s a good sign that it appears in Stanford’s conservative paper, the Stanford Review. That a college conservative paper gives space to a piece by a young gay conservative shows how increasingly open those on the right are becoming to gay ideas. Now just read the whole thing!