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TSA Agents Need Some Valium

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:46 pm - January 16, 2007.
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Heard by GayPatriot at Charlotte-Douglas Airport, Security Checkpoint C/D at 3:15 PM on Tuesday:

“Son of a bitch!  I’m tired of working this damn checkpoint.”

Those words of welcome were shouted by a female TSA agent who had been very nice to me just seconds before while she scanned my CPAP machine.  But obviously the meds had worn off. 

The most amazing part of this was that despite 30 passengers hearing the loud outburst, the TSA Supervisor just 10 feet away seemed to be deaf.

Trust me, I didn’t do it!   But it does appear to becoming a pattern!  Maybe the CPAP machine sucks brain cells out of government bureaucrats.  (I feel an oxymoronic joke coming on…..)

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Could It Really Happen?

Those of you who watched 24 last night know that “hour 4” ended with a suitcase nuke being exploded by terrorists in the Los Angeles metro area.  And there are four more suitcase nukes still in the Islamic terror leader’s control.  (Photo courtesy of Blogs4Bauer)


Given that the Tom Clancy book, Sum of All Fears, foretold of an airplane crashing into the US Capitol (which nearly happened on Sept. 11, 2001)…. I’m wondering if any of you think this scene from 24 is close to happening in real life?  And if so…. how soon?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)