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Bush Critics — Invective, not Ideas

Some of you will note that in the past few months if you post a comment, it may not appear right away. We have recently reset our spam filter and a number of comments end up in our “Moderation Queue.” I tend to approve most of the comments unless they’re clearly spam or ad hominem attacks.

As I was reviewing comments to my piece, “The Wholly Unserious and Very Superficial Democrats,” I was struck by how few of our critics took the time to defend the left-of-center legislators I was critiquing. Most merely launched into rants against President Bush, calling him the “worst President ever” or other such invective. Most insisted, as did the Democrats that his strategy was nothing new. This despite the fact that even some on the left acknowledge the shift in the strategy the president’s proposed surge represents.

I’ve explored this issue before — as have other bloggers and columnists. But, it is striking how quickly the Administration’s critics are to respond to the president’s proposals not with ideas, but with invective.

I wonder sometimes what it is about this man that so gets their goat. Is it that they believe he has never suffered in his life of apparent privilege? I’m not sure what it is about this man, but the phenomenon of Bush-hatred remains, alas, a defining aspect of our nation’s political discourse in these troubled times. And shows a whole segment of the population, particularly its “chattering classes,” unwilling to show any respect for the President of the United States.