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Why Is This Man Smiling?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:54 pm - January 21, 2007.
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You would too if you were now raking in $4 million.

I remember the good old days when top-notch journalists truly were “one of the people.”   I don’t begrudge Anderson for any of his success.

I just scoff at the faux blue-collar values that the American news media pretends to have while looking down on those of us who don’t make a million dollars a year… or in a lifetime.

Congrats Anderson….. from ABC’s Mole-hill to CNN’s Mountain.  (Lies about Katrina devastation notwithstanding.)

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Thoughts on an Interview with Dr. Laura

Back in the late 1990s when I lived in the Washington-D.C-area, I used to listen regularly to Dr. Laura Schlessinger‘s radio show. I didn’t always agree with her, but found she often offered good advice. I thought gay people could use a voice like hers, an ethical voice to balance the “(almost) anything goes” attitudes prevalent in our community.

I had heard that she was anti-gay — and was aware that several gay leaders had criticized her (this was before Stop Dr. protested against her TV show). But, I had never heard her utter a word which I could construe as anti-gay. To be sure, she didn’t always says things I liked on gay issues. But, her conclusions did not seem to be driven by animus.

One time, a woman called in asking if she should invite (as she wanted to) her lesbian sister and her (the sister’s) partner to her child’s birthday party even though her father had vowed not to come if she did so. Dr. Laura said she should include her sister and her partner and recommended the caller her father that she really wanted him to attend, but he’ll have to accept that those two would be there. That is, Dr. Laura stood on the side of inviting the lesbian couple.

It was exactly the advice I would have given. While I have listened to Dr. Laura’s show recently, I am not as devoted to it as I once was. I found that while her advice was often sound, she was too dismissive of emotions, writing them off as if they were impediments to the issue at hand. I do appreciate Dr. Laura’s commitment to ethics, but have always beieved, at least in the sexual/human relationships realm, ethics (or morals) exist to balance our emotions, not obscure them.

In its latest e-newsletter, Log Cabin of California linked an interview with Dr. Laura that I found so fascinating, I had to link it — and comment on it (below the “jump”). And once again, the woman intrigues me. I agree with some of what she has to say, surprised by other things and am convinced that where I disagree with a number of her conclusions, I don’t think she’s motivate by hatred or bias.

She doesn’t hate gay people, indeed, she claims her “best friends in the world are—shock!—gay men.” Anyway, I highly recommend that you read the whole thing. It offers space for commentary — as does this blog, so feel free to take issue with her ideas, but try, please try, to use a civil tone. She’s not always right, but I do believe her ideas merit serious consideration. And, if you want to know more of my thoughts, just click on More below where I address some of the points she made in the interview.