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Open Thread Redux — Best Movie Laugh

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 9:14 pm - April 8, 2007.
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Since we moved from Movable Type to WordPress, we lost the comments to a number of our posts. Some good threads, alas, have been lost to posterity. I am particularly saddened by the disappearance of the responses to my queries on such silver screen-related topics as favorite movie villain or favorite movie laugh. And given that I rediscovered that one today while searching for another post, I’ve decided to ask the question again — What, in your opinion, is the best movie laugh?

As per Bridget Johnson‘s (AKA GOP Vixen) suggestion at the time, you may also weigh in with your favorite laugh from a TV show.

As per my original post, I always thought Walter Huston‘s laugh at the end of his son John‘s movie, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, the laugh which makes the movie and secured the elder Huston’s Oscar, is the best movie laugh there is — at least in the flics I’ve seen. So, once again, today’s open thread, what in your opinion is the best on-screen laugh?