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A Reason To Smile

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 6:06 pm - May 19, 2007.
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For anybody who’s wondering whether we’re doing the right thing these days vis-a-vis foreign policy (and many other matters as well), this ought to put things in perspective and hopefully inspire a sigh of relief.

Surely disappointing certain people is the best sign you’re doing things right…kind of like Rosie telling you that you should lose some weight.

UPDATE (from GPW): Once again, Jimmy Carter shows a total absence of class. He seems to give President Bush the title that he himself earned while matching interest rates climb past 20% as the economy tanked and our image around the world became increainsgly tarnished, with a one-time ally (Iran) falling to Islamic radicals and emboldening terrorists. Yeah, Nick is right, Carter lecturing us on foreign policy is like Rosie lecturing on losing weight — or promoting decorum in public discourse.

Carter has just become a bitter (and miserable) old man, still smarting over his landslide loss to Ronald Reagan twenty-seven years ago. Yes, his bile is unprecedented. Because most prior ex-presidents have had the grace to express their criticism via private channels and/or with less vitriol or hyperbole..

Carter is little more than a laughingstock, an old crank who would be ignored by the media if they did not have their own axe to grind with the Administration.

For Jimmy Carter to lecture any successor on foreign relations is like a man offering driving lessons after completing a court-mandated course in traffic school. For him to fault the Administration for not engaging in peace talks in Israel after publishing his own dishonest screed on Israeli policy! This peanut farmer’s criticism is not only dishonest, but it also ignores the nature of the Palestinian regime which supports kidnapping, launches rockets at schools and refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

And Carter’s comments also ignore the change of governments in two major European countries, much more favorable now to the United States, with the new French foreign minister (Bernard Kouchner) having defended the U.S. operation in Iraq.

Yes, Carter’s comments do give us a reason to smile for they show how out of touch this unhappy man is with the state of the world. It’s unfortunate that the media does not wonder why this president who failed would level such mean-spirited and unsubstantiatd accusations. Perhaps they just want to show some sensitivity to the senile.