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Mailroom Error: Misdelivery of Left- and Right-Wingers’ Talking Points

Disgusting (albeit unfortunately unsurprising) goings-on in the Leftist blogosphere at the happy news of the birth of Mary’s new baby boy (that Dan mentioned yesterday).

NDT is keeping track of some of the hate being spewed toward the lesbian parents by the rabid gay-bashing far right-wingers tolerant and loving gay left. One in specific truly turns the stomach. Can’t beat North’s own comments, so I’ll invite you to read over there.

If Dick and Lynn Cheney were as evil as the Gay Left wants us to believe, they’d take this opportunity to come out and make an example of how wrong they think homosexuality is and their abhorrence for homosexuals having babies. After all, what better platform from which to speak, a baby born to lesbians in their own family? Quite the contrary, they are proud and happy grandparents.

On the other hand, if the Gay Left were as dedicated to forwarding the message that gay and lesbian parents are just as loving and deserving of rights because they’re just like any other family, they’d be praising the birth and looking for fans of the Vice President and his family to follow his loving example.

Crickets chirping, by the way, over at HRC. Perhaps they’re taking a tip from their own mothers, and saying nothing if they have nothing nice to say?



  1. Actually, truth be told, Wonder Woman believes in “DE MINIMIS LEX.”

    Translation: “The law ignores little things.”

    Peter H.

    Comment by Peter Hughes — June 1, 2007 @ 10:32 am - June 1, 2007

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