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What does it Accomplish to “Out” a Gay Republican Teenager?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:49 pm - June 14, 2007.
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Every now again, I come across a story which so astounds me, I’m speechless. And for those who know me well, it takes some doing to put me at a loss for words. But, this morning, when my friend Rick Sincere e-mailed me a link to his latest post, I was dumbfounded, in both the denotative and etymological sense of the word.

But, then again, given that it was the actions of gay left bloggers (and those who comment to their blogs — and sometimes even to this one) that rendered me speechless, perhaps I should have been less astounded, given their past actions and statements.

You see, these bloggers have worked themselves into a lather because an eighteen year-old conservative activist who works for the doomed presidential campaign of Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo happens to be gay. And they have determined not merely to out the teenager, but also to level the most vile insults on him.

While this story rendered me speechless (and perhaps accounted for my “brain cloud” during the better part of the day), it did spur Rick and the ever adorable Robbie to write some pretty good posts on the topic. Robbie notes how:

The gay blogosphere reacted with disdain, hatred, vitriol, and hundreds of vicious, borderline unhinged comments. From Dan Savage to Signorile to Joe.My.God, gays poured scorn, bile, and rage on an eighteen year-old fellow traveler. . . .

At what point does basic humanity take a back seat to political identity? While the justification of this mass out-pouring of hatred is (as ever) “the hypocrisy”, it is difficult not to note the deep and deeply unsettling hypocrisy laid bare in these putative guardians of the gay community.

In a prior post, Robbie had asked:

Do my fellow gays really believe this makes us look at all good? That picking on a teenager with the kind of hatred and venom of Signorile and his followers is the path to acceptance and admiration?

Meanwhile, Rick wonders:

You would think that none of these people had never gone through the anxious, raucous, frightening, unpredictable process of coming out. . . . It wasn’t that long ago that most of us — liberal and conservative alike — were facing the daunting prospect of inching out of the closet. . . .

Have any of these gloaters thought about the personal consequences for Tyler Whitney, the consequences that any one of us might have faced had we come out to the wrong person or at the wrong time? How will it affect his relationship with his parents, his grandparents — or even, perhaps, with his boyfriend (if he has one)? Could he be disowned, disinherited, sent to an ex-gay treatment facility where he would be scarred by psychotherapeutic quacks?

Rick also records some of the insults leveled on the teenager. Some of their vile and hateful remarks make some of the comments on this blog seem pale in comparison. Why do these people hate so? Why must they so denigrate a very young man with political views different from their own?

I can’t really improve on what Robbie and Rick have to say, so just recommend you read their posts (here, here and here), but will conclude this post by asking: What does this accomplish?. It seems that all these people are just looking for more means to express their hatred of Republicans. Or it is that they simply refuse to understand that a gay young man, a teenager, could have different political opinions than they? Or are they acting out some other kind of rage?

I don’t really know why they’re doing what they’re doing, so I’ll just go back to my primary question and ask again (in astonishment, curiosity and befuddlement) — What does it accomplish to out this young man? What does it accomplish?

Gay Groups Cheer Defeat of Proposal to Allow Referendum on Gay Marriage in Mass

A few days ago, I was planning a post on how, even under new leadership, Log Cabin seems to follow in lock-step to the lead of left-leaning gay organizations. Its leaders lack imagination and support the exact same policies on gay issues as do those groups who have shown a penchant for backing Democratic politicians and left-wing policies. Instead of seeking small government solutions to gay issues, Log Cabin supports legislation which expand the size and scope of the federal government.

And today, we see Log Cabin once again echoing the attitudes of the gay left leadership. No sooner do I receive a press release from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) heralding the defeat of a measure which would have allowed a popular vote on a constitutional amendment barring gay marriage in the Bay State, overturning the state Supreme Judicial Court’s 2003 Goodridge decision mandating that institution than I receive a similar release from Log Cabin, with a most disingenuous headline, praising the “Defeat of Marriage Ban in Massachusetts.” (Will provide link when available.)

Once again, in both the releases of HRC and Log Cabin, we have the same overblown rhetoric about the victory of equality and fairness and the defeat of attempts to “write discrimination into the constitution.” This time, what was defeated was not a ban on gay marriage, but a chance for the citizens of the Bay State to vote on the issue.

And given that gay groups repeatedly tout polls showing that those citizens favor gay marriage, I wonder why gay activists are so afraid of a vote. Perhaps, it’s their unwillingness to argue this issue on the merits for it seems they would rather demonize the opponents of gay marriage than engage them in a serious discussion of the meaning of this ancient institution — and why they believe the state should extend its privileges to same-sex couples.

It’s unfortunate that Log Cabin has joined the other gay groups in trotting out the same tired tropes when discussing gay marriage.


Harry Reid’s Way Of “Supporting The Troops”

In March of 2006, Harry Reid supported the troops by calling the Commander-in-Chief “dangerously incompetent.”

Now earlier this week, the Senate Majority “Leader” continued his support of the troops by labeling as “incompetent” both Joint Chiefs Chairman Peter Pace and Army Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq.

First of all, in the dictionary under “incompetence” it shows a photo of Harry Reid.

Second, how exactly do the Democrats support the troops again?  They tell me they do all the time, but their actions are the exact opposite.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UPDATE (from GPW): Reader Peter Hughes e-mails me a link to Dean Barnett’s piece detailing the many accomplishments of the general Reid labels as “incompetent.” What is it about this man that he must attack our military leaders? Is it just that he wishes to win accolades from the far left?

While many on the left (and some on the right) have faulted the president for not listening to the generals on the ground in Iraq, Reid blasts them as incompetents — and without waiting to hear from those generals, joins House Speaker Pelosi in telling the president the surge has failed. Two Washington hacks, neither of whom has any military experience, posturing as if they knew better than our military leaders. Amazing!

UP-UPDATE (again from GPW): It seems Harry Reid sees it as his task the president for the sake of opposing him. His own approval ratings have plummeted to 19%, barely half that of the president’s (which the left uses to mock him). So, as Reid wins their accolades, will they note that their hero in the legislature is far less popular than their enemy in the executive?

I guess approval ratings don’t matter when you’re loved on the left.

Writing about Harry Reid’s obstruction, George Will comments: “Democrats who control this floundering and roundly disapproved Congress are paying a painful price for the pleasure of defeating everything that could be construed as in any way an achievement by the president.

Sometimes it seems that Harry Reid is a gift to the GOP. For the more he obstructs, the more people will see that his party is not interested in governing, but in opposition. And when people realize next year that an unpopular GOP president (though twice as popular as the Democratic Senate leader) is not on the ballot, they’ll wonder what the Democrats have to offer. For now they are casting themselves as the opponents to President Bush. But, next fall, my party will be putting up someone to govern when his term expires.