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A Young Blogger Offers Thoughts on Gay Pride

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:30 pm - June 17, 2007.
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That Gay Conservative linked me this morning to a great piece on Gay Pride on Reality Mugged Me. It’s particularly impressive that Nate Nelson who offered these intelligent insights is only 23 years old. I dare say we have a lot to expect from him.

Perhaps it’s his Buckeye background.

Like yours truly (an Ohio native), Nate skipped out on Pride this year. Nate is similarly “ambivalent toward the whole gay pride extravaganza.” I passed on Pride two years ago as well, penning a post where I wrote: “I’ve always wondered about term ‘Pride.’ I mean, I’m not proud to be gay. Nor am I ashamed to be gay. I just am gay.

In a similar vein, Nate writes:

I am not proud. I am proud to be the man I am, a gay man, a gay American man, a gay American man in the Republican Party. But I am not proud to be a part of the gay community. I am not proud to say that the gay community’s leaders are employing intimidation tactics and anti-democratic strategies in my name. I am not proud that our leaders are destroying lives for the gain of their political allies. I am not proud that our leaders would rather work through an ideologically driven oligarchy than through a democratic legislature. I am not proud that our leaders seem remarkably like the authoritarian bogeymen in Warsaw and Moscow.

It’s a good piece where this young man reflects on the events of the day and notes those gay people about whom he is proud. Rather than compromise his words by paraphrasing them in this post, just check out his blog and read the whole thing!


I apologize for losing the comments when I accidently deleted this post. I don’t know if there’s a way to get them back. And there were some good ones.



  1. I am sorry about that. May I repost my comment from RSS feed?

    I am not proud that our leaders seem remarkably like the authoritarian bogeymen in Warsaw and Moscow.

    Please, do not believe what MSM’s are talking about situation of gays in Poland. The gay activists have gone nuts, and they are assotiated with radical left moonbats. Where there is a true, that same-sex marriages are nonexistent in our law, but the same sex couples has lots of legal opportunities in the fields of banking or tax revenue.
    The “Campany Against Homophobia”, led by moonbat Mr. Biedron, is now run out of cash, because of the lack of resonance trought gay community, and sponsors.
    The largest ruling, and opposition parties are NEUTRAL on this issue.

    The clumsy words of child’s ombudsman about POSSIBILITY of homosexual subtextes in “Teletubbies” in the press interview has been balooned by hiperventilating MSMs. The interviewer asked: “It is possible, that Tinki-Winki is a homosexual or transsexual, and is promoting gayness?”, and the answer of ombudsman: “If its true, it needs to be checked by our psychologists”. And that’s all.

    Comment by DoktorNo — June 21, 2007 @ 3:30 am - June 21, 2007

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